Why not just go play D2? They still support it and all. No need to come and complain about things.

 i dont play video games anymore.. d3 account was the last straw for my video game attention span...
 So if you don't play, why are you here just causing drama? Sounds really sad I feel sorry for you.
drama? are u 12? i was saying how much i missed the old blizzard team and what amazing time i had playing a well made game.. foo
You weren't saying that you're missing the old Blizzard team, you were saying that Diablo was better before Diablo 3 items buy.
You were complaining.
Complaining even though you're "not playing video games anymore", and that is just really sad, no matter how you look at it. You are a "FOO"! This game is amazing. Can't wait for expansions and they will come only a matter of when. So "FOO" get over yourself!

Least we have Path of Exile. The witch can carry on the necromancer's legacy of owning an army of darkness against a greater darkness diablo 3 account sale.

That was pretty much the only reason I hate D3: D2 had an AWESOME summoning system in place with skeletons strong enough to kill the main bosses as a collective. What do you get on D3? Cannon fodder zombie dogs! Only minion you get thats worth its weight is the gargantuan, but you only get one.


runescape music event

As long as it's recognisably the RuneScape theme, anything else is fair game: a capella renditions, hip hop remixes, 80s rock ballads - we want to hear them all! The important thing is to make your mark on this iconic piece of music and impress us with your creativity. There are just a few points to bear in mind: • Make sure your piece is no longer than 5 minutes • If you play as part of a group, that's fine, but we can only offer the prize Runescape accounts for sale (all parts of it) to one person • The winner's composition will make its way into RuneScape itself. With this in mind, ensure that you send us the highest quality mp3 file that you can Submit your masterpieces to competitions@jagex.com, with the subject title RuneScape Music Theme Competition. Don't forget to include your in-game display name in the body of the email! This competition closes on the 6th of June 2013, and we can't wait to hear what you come up with cheap runescape gold.
buy rs accounts

Giving out 50 spins and 1000 runecoins should really motivate a lot of people.

Well for the type of competition and effort required I'd say those rewards are rather appropriate when buy rs accounts.

Good luck to all who enter.


This is an X360 Walkthrough PC players

Since ancient times, the ongoing eternal battle between heaven and hell. Among the endless battle of angels and demons, there is an individual named anxious Parliament (Charred Council): anxious Parliament by the ancient bound by the law to maintain order and balance, counterbalance excessive force to maintain the existence of the universe, bound to heaven and the hell hard-fought, does not result in loss of control of the universe.

However, in heaven and hell, there is still a third country, that is, the human world. Parliament of anxiety predicted that mankind will break the balance of the universe, so the and mythical two sides set a contract, locked the seven seals: When the human world ready to face of Armageddon, the the seven seal will unlock a pioneer in anxious Parliament ─ ─ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will come to earth, the three country will launch a final war to reshape the balance of the universe.

Today, angels and demons suddenly appear in the human world, the earth into a sea of ​​blood purgatory. At this point, the war led by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I do not know why also came to our world ...

The beginning of the game, armed with a sword, fell from the sky Minion War encounter a few overconfident. X key waving muddy sword swallower (Chaoseater), press the B key in a timely manner after executing them, the huge Trauma animation titles will jump into the battlefield. Players can clash with it, or Follow the on-screen prompts to press the LB button and RT Right Trigger turned into a chaotic patterns (Chaos Form) to get rid of it easily  diablo 3 account sale.
After the overthrow Trauma, from out the front of the bus wreck, out of a road. Move on, players will find the distance a huge rock giant; these giants named Tormented Gate, in the future, there are many opportunities to meet with them. Move forward some distance on the ground there will be a huge red crystals to block the escape route, the air will have a helicopter flying towards the player, if the player is War (re-press LB and RT right into a man-type launch button) grabbed the roadside vehicle, with the B button, and then depress the The Right Analog lever aim at the helicopter shot down, you can unlock the "Open Air Parking" achievement.I usually write guides for d3 players about d3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

To lift the players of the Open Air Parking can be archived in this place (the red crystals first place) just in case your selling Diablo 3 account get cheated.

Continue to move forward, the distance Suddenly the sound of the trumpet, and they took the War transformation ability (to forcibly release chaotic patterns), and let him become weak. Down with the devil and the angel of the blocks the road, there will be a mass of disgusting brown substance (Demonic Growth) climbed the walls of nearby buildings, players can jump to the top, climb up. Way climbing can press A to jump, or fast-moving with the RB button. The rooftop after arrival, and then jump on the roof of the cable climbing to the other end of the building.

Over the building, mopping up the demons to unlock the enchantment, jumped out of the elevator shaft to continue to move forward, to jump on period of Xiegua the cable back to the ground. The ground Angel is at war with the devil, all down the two sides, and forward toward the red skull icon on the map, it will enter the game screen, ready for the first boss battles in the game.

Unusual street, has been turned into angels and demons rage battlefield War extremely surprised to find that the archangel Abbadon deputy, Uriel also human; astounded War whom questioned why no figure of the knight colleague. Abbadon see War is equally surprised and exclaimed final seal does not unlock, Knight should not have come here. At this point, is a burst of sound of the trumpet, the War suffering kneeling on the ground; the huge demon Straga sprang from the ground, grabbed Abaddon into the palm, and began to attack the nearby Angel Knight War.


How to Add Feed to Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages recently got lot of attention for its public nature. Unlike facebook profile pages which need visitor to be logged in to be able to see the page fan pages are visible to all.

Adding your website feed to Facebook Fan Pages automatically posts your content to Facebook Fan Pages. I have 4 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 account sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 accounts skills training and d3 gold making. I earn thousands of dollars per month. I like this job so much and I willing to write some blogs about SEO and SEM.

Here are the steps how you can add a feed to Facebook Fan Pages:

Sign in to Facebook's home page.
Click on the "My Notes" link from the navigational menu. If you previously entered note you would see it on the menu.
Click on the "Import Blog" or "Edit Import Settings" link in the Notes Setting section.
Enter the URL for the RSS feed in the box. Check the checkbox next to the statement that you actually own the content.
Click the "Start Importing" button. Now Facebook will show you the preview of the content. If you are happy with it click on "Continue". Thats it, now your content would get pulled to the Facebook Fan Pages automatically via the feed.


Something unspeakable is brewing beneath Lumbridge Swamp

Something unspeakable is brewing beneath Lumbridge Swamp! Cleanse the evil and earn Prayer XP doing so!

buy cheap rs gold

Thank you jagex for the awesome work you put in to makeing the content this up dates ftw yes high lvls like me enjoy it!
Andrew Dela Pena- It is only members, but that is the teasing part about it!
It was clearly stated from Runescape staff it was meant for players for low level prayer. But I can see what you meen.

there is even low levels at eoc? i think you can make maxed account in 1 mounth or so。

Its only good for low levels, they made such a big deal out of it and it turned out to be a huge tease

RuneScape music event

If you could completely change the musical format of RuneScape music, what genre would you choose? Orchestral? Dubstep?

Folk would be cool, just look at the movie Serenity. Future themed with folk music actually made it different and cool.
Like · Yesterday at 12:52am

cheap rs gold

Nickaloi Rampersaud y not some dub step in some places and like mettle / rock in other and maybe jazz in some thing like when its in a scary place some rock or when fighting boss


Diablo 3 not as good as expected

Honestly I don't get why Blizzard doesn't allow characters to be created specifically on a "No auction house" realm where you and everybody else you play with can only use items you acquire through trading the good ol' fashion way.

That would fix a huge problem with the game. The next major hurdle though would be making a much more randomized campaign and not such a harsh linear story driven one where the only level randomization is a few dungeon rooms being shifted around.

They didnt kill most sc1 units. they killed most diablo 2 characters. i think they are blind with love of money. they have extremely different attitude against Diablo fans and Starcraft fans. i saw diablo 2 was popular than sc1 in skorea. everyone played diablo 2. even koreans insult blizzard about diablo 3. it was not short. diablo 2 was always first ranking game for years. yeah you made money quickly but you betrayed fans. you will pay for that in the future. you must care of the future than the present seriously. they always say "we are not going to make same old shit". but people want that. even japanese developers make a mode people can play old characters. other developers respect old gamers. but you don't. you had chance to make more money and sell more. you just threw it away.