Is there going to be any new Zodiac weapon quests in FFXIV?

I am very close to the community, I like helping others. I only had one bad experience with a user in the game who tried to claim I wasn't healing when all I done was heal. Besides that I've had nothing bad although I've seen tanks be assholes to other people. Yes, I play as DPS far range and I can tell the healer class seems hard to play. I help whenever I can if my dots are all posed on mobs. As for tanks, they can be rough sometimes indeed. Well I take my place, though. Laugh about it when stuff like that happen, take a deep breath and remember that it is a game where we should enjoy FFXIV Gils ourselves smile emoticon

Oh and another thing that "helps" is saying you are new to the instance when it starts, and if any advices, you will be glad to listen. And the videos too, they help. I also do it before every instance. There will alwayz be ppl to rage, yell and show off...Everywhere smile emoticon Who cares ? Let them be and keep smiling smile emoticon. I love running with my FC, but they are all post 60 and I am starting over after being away a year.  I play by myself. I enjoy freedom. Although I got a couple of IRL friends that are playing and I also made new friends in game.

Is there going to be any new Zodiac weapon quests? I've heard people in game say stuff about it, but have not seen anything official.. D: lol takeo.....when he's not killing zombies waiting for his role in BO3 xD. I'm in the same boat Lillith. I get so nervous that I'm not doing a good enough job. My main is a tank so I have to watch the videos before hand which only helps a little bit. I get lost sometimes and then worry even more Buy FFXIV Gil . I have anxiety irl and these dungeons don't help with that. My next dungeon is Sohm Al and I can't force myself to do it. Oh, and everyone in my FC is inactive and I'm too shy/scared to ask random people to help me through it. I've only been yelled at once in Thornmarch because I didn't know the adds. I knew how to do the boss, but the other tank had to do the boss (for whatever reason). So, we wiped and he instantly started yelling at me. I even told them beforehand that I didn't know the adds, but still got yelled at. So, I logged out. Sorry for the rant, but know you're not alone out there.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

I'd love to play, but since the HoT update I crash instantly, tried everything, spoken with devs. Will that mean you will fix the bug with the prologue bug in HoT that is preventing people from finishing it and progressing into Magumma? Skip all cutcenes in prologue asap. You miss out on cutcenes but your game GW2 Gold doesn't crash. They fixed already. You're late in exactly 24 hours to suggest it smile emoticon.

I still want a discount on the expansion because I pre-ordered the original. frown emoticon I'm not purchasing HoT until they put it on sale months down Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the road. Already paid for 2 accts., one of which was banned as a "hacked acct". After dealing with support for 2 months, I just initiated a chargeback because they refused legit ownership verification.

Friend of mine tried G2A months ago,dont end up well.
People sell used codes so you get banned after a week,G2A refunds the money if you win the case though. Since it's launched today my sound is completely gone in the game. I didn't buy the expansion but I don't think it would matter? How many did you piss off by giving a full game price for an expansion. I love GW2, but they want us to pay twice for the game, an expantion should cost at the very least half the original game. Have you seen the content that have been released? You all losers for not buying it, just means less whingers running around in game.

Congratulations, ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2! This game, community and dev team is something to be ferociously proud about! Go us! In 3 hours and 15 minutes I am outta school and into the game!!! and half of that other half have been banned. Try to get support from them on forums and here and they ban you from both sites as well.


play GW2 for years

I think it's kinda cheap for what u get in return. hope you fixed al the bugs and and stuff we found bad with the classes.  I hoping to play druid, hopefully they Cheap GW2 Gold fix staff skills 1 and 2, and the celestial avatar skills and recharge.  Lol, the pet Ai didn't get reworked. And it's not going to. If it was as good as it should be they'd be so OP in PVP that people would whine so hardcore that the Ranger would end up removed from PVP. This is the first I've herd of bugs from the beta, how bad was it?
Guild Wars 2 Gold

They have changed the druid, read it up. William Goff well the fact we couldent play raids untill after the weekend sucked, other than that i dident experience so much. Still not sure if i'll get this (mainly because i was hoping for another race :'< ), will it be the same price after it's released? Yeah I had really hoped/thought we would be getting Tengu or Koda...I had what I thought was a great idea of how to make a Skritt work as well, but alas nay... I was hoping for Koda myself, Skritt would be interesting though! I put in for leave for the first 2 weeks of November.  hows the "healing" is my water/air/arcane ele going to see any life, or is it going to be the same old zerk fest.  I rather have a zerk fest than a ele fest... 3 years too many eles..

 thanks for telling me about healing in the new xpack, instead you told me something I already know.. well considering the ice bow was the only thing op with elementalist, its not deserving more nerf. they ripped me off just b4 gw2 came out so i aint buying nuffin from these idiots. Looking forward to it. BUT I think that it was a poor decision to release the Halloween festivities on the same day. I foresee many crashes... halloween or not, the servers would pretty much fill up all the same, and the f2p players gets to enjoy halloween while we enjoy expansion grin emoticon and halloween offcourse.

Which time is the release in Swedish time? you will know whenever they announce the time. ~plays music~, bash the dragon, bash the dragon, Mordremoth has chosen the wrong place to invade!! we are dragon bashers! i feel like dragon bashr as a class name is too high concept for me.


GW2 behind legendaries

After reading the article and seeing that you have to have HoT in order to make any of the next set of Legendary weapons, does this mean that this set is going to be account bound and not able to be put on the TP?  they already told us the new legendarys are unsellable when they first talked about them months ago, sorry :c  I thought I read something about that, just making sure.

 its great to see legendary gear that isn't "acquirable" though the TP. All three are gorgeous and varied, so different! I love the effects each one has, and especially that staff will go perfectly with my Druidvari! (Though now tempted to make a Norn druid.....) Massive congrats and thanks to the team behind legendaries, this new process sounds fun and more attainable (did I mention fun?) I can't wait to see the longbow (ranger main since beginning) but it'll be worth the wait Cheap GW2 Gold ! Why am I still liking this page, sigh, guild wars 2, it was fun while it lasted, and it didn't last to long.

Also the fact that gift of might and gift of magic(both quite expensive to make or take a seriously long time to grind T6) are not being used is quite ridiculous... There legendary they've always been a grind if u want them.. Yes they were always a grind, but it never took more than a month to 6 weeks for myself and at the same time I had multiple options of ways to grind the mats needed. These seem like it'll be 10x more grind as you'll now have to grind pvp and wvw which a lot of players(myself included) don't enjoy. As well as map specific mats being included we'll be forced to grind a single map which no one enjoys doing. There'll no longer be various ways to grind so it will feel like more of a chore than something fun and worthwhile in the end which is never a good thing in a game where people come to enjoy themselves.

Speaking of grinding parts ofthe game GW2 Gold you dont enjoy to gain gear: crafting >. I guess you won't be able to get a new legendary if you don't want to do what it takes to acquire it. My buddies iRL have a saying that goes "sounds like a personal problem"... Perfect application here. Fact of the matter is a legendary should push you to do things you don't like and aren't necessarily good at that's what gives them prestige. Currently the legendarys now don't offer that, because anything you can buy isn't difficult to obtain.


acebook has an option to target posta at regions GW2

Sigh. I am aware they are account bound. I am aware that you can put them in your bank and switch Characters, that is the problem I am suggesting get changed. Yes it is a 1 time purchase but I know people who decided that it was a lesser of evils to buy multiple of them just because they cannot be split onto other characters. If it is acount bound then what would stop them from making it rightfully so. Just like dyes used to be people bought multiples of the colors for diff toons and in the end lost out because they were all made account bound.

Well these are already account bound but you have to annoyingly store it in your bank just to change characters and then have to go to a bank or use a bank item to retrieve it. The amount of logging you would need to do to even make up for 1k gems is insane!! I couldnt imagine buying multiple tools. What wopuld be awesome is if you purchased these mining tools that they be maybe available maybe a side tab where you can store those and have them readily available for any character on your account that way there is no need to go to a bank you have it unlocked in the tab bar and can slide one onto every toon if u wish to do so.

Nothing against other languages, but i didn't know that ArenaNet, Inc. had become all german all of a sudden.....
It's because the Germans Buy GW2 Gold own the Gold Tier in WvW.  Sarah Hogan I understand that, but they should use the universal language, but i see they already fixed that. Should? Fixed? There are many people playing the game. They use 4 main languages. There's no should here. Hangman clothing set and more now available in the gem shop!  Was hier wieder abgeht ist ja zum weinen.
Mimimimi ich kann kein Deutsch!
Mimimimi ihr seid schuld am WW2!
Mimimimi Deutsche sind so arrogant GW2 Gold und lernen keine anderen Sprachen!

Facebook has an option to target posta at regions. They must havr mixed smth up... Jeez chill ppl... on speaks german except germans. why is this even posted on an international page? 

Was hier wieder abgeht ist ja zum weinen.
Mimimimi ich kann kein Deutsch!
Mimimimi ihr seid schuld am WW2!
Mimimimi Deutsche sind so arrogant und lernen keine anderen Sprachen!
Facebook has an option to target posta at regions. They must havr mixed smth up... Jeez chill ppl... non speaks german except germans. why is this even posted on an international page?  c'mon lady. read what you just posted. You know less than 100m is so little compared to the billions who speak english. Its not really how many that speaks a language that matters here. Its about english is widely used. Even the Chinese speak english ffs. why? it does not give me any advantage. i have no plans to visit Germany like forever. So no thanks. And yes i am mad. Its arrogance like this that started WW2. and no i am not from the US or england.