FF14 Heavensward was AMAZING

Christopher Wright By which we mean, with Early Access, you probably got through them just in time for Moogle beast tribe quests...  Grinding all the new classes that first night with everyone else in Eastern La Noscea was epic.  Thank you SE!! And here's to another year with you FFXIV Gil!  Love it! Just recently came back and realized I'm bored of my bard so considering leveling another job.never really learned much so choosing a 2nd job that's easy enough to pick up and learn dungeons and whatnot with is becoming quite difficult lol. Try Black Mage if you like DPS classes.

ARR was great, Heavensward was AMAZING! The Dragonsong War finale in 3.3 solidified this game as my top MMO ever, and my 2nd fav rpg of all time (under Chrono Trigger.) Epic game, epic story, so much fun! Thank you! The cutscene just before fighting Nidhogg made us all look like complete badasses lol replayed it like 5 times.  Lol definitely. Then don't even get me started on the actual Nidhogg fight or the scenes afterward... so many feels. I actually teared up lol. It's so good. Oh and the music.... wow.

Yea they did way better with HW than ARR, even though both were fantastic.  I just came back to the game and just bought the expansion last weekend. Buy FFXIV Gil I still haven't made it to level 50 yet so I got plenty to keep me busy. And then 100 ish quests AT 50 to get you to the starting point of HW. dont get confused about the amount of quests that suddenly pop-up when you get to HW content - all of us were like: dafaq?!.

 I have a better solution: don't wipe. That works just fine. After you've had all the mandatory "experience this phase then die" runs. As pretty much every savage / extreme tends to go. It's somewhat irritating to sit around for 3 minutes after someone accidentally derps out first thing, and dies 10 sec after the pull.


BnS Hunter Dietzel

Hunter Dietzel just finished that? Me playing 2 - 3 hrs a day since release, im at true scorpio w/o spending a cent on the game or events, so yeah the problem seems to be you or well players like you. But the needed item for upgrade are so damn plenty and expensive. plus server error lag delay always hit me.

 Yup, Buy Blade and Soul Gold that gearing really made me frustrated. I was okay with it until the requirements started getting insane. After that, the game simply didn't have as much appeal as launch, and there was no reason for me to spend 3+ hours every day trying to get upgrade stuff.

Actually the upgrade r not that expensive. U guys r exaggerated & impatient. Seeing other players r more powerful than u, made u wanna rush. Well, it took me 1 month to upgrade from True Breeze to Awakened Scorpio weapon. I forgot how long did i take for those 5 accessories & Blade and Soul Gold 5 of them r awakened oath breaker. My attack power is 595 now & I'm very satisfied with it.

 I'm newb player I could care less if there are other players way ahead of me so don't be trying to say things on my be half. You obviously have a lack of skill with your character and you're just totally salty about it. Pay some money You want to play games that highly skilled people create and all you do is cry. ffs gtfo. the issue here the game is already too much hardcore, that almost you need to throw your life just to do the dailies and hunting materials, i already quit long time ago, I got a life and not to play almost more than half of my day like just only doing daily quests on each char u have. RNG is bad. Last thing, if you don't like this game, easy answer is just quit and find a new one. No Arguments with people and etc. 


FFXIV Tank gear

Unfortunately, I don't think SE will ever give a crap lol Not enough people are outraged. You are just one small piece. Only when enough people come together and say.. HEY GMs, stop treating us like crap.. will they even care to say something because I feel that by then they will get tired of banning people for feedback. lol Or just hanging up on them like in your chat link. I already pulled my sub, I will be speaking to a GM after this suspension is up.

Sure sounds like a great idea for Tank gear! You should get on it before someone steals your idea!! Been hearing alot of negative stuff about 14 ever since I stopped playing after the Alexander content, at first there was nothing but it has steadily building up, they may want to address their issues FFXIV Gil now instead of just letting them pile up and up. I agree. I can't wait to end up in GM jail tonight when I log on, I found out there was a 20+ minute window between leaving the instance I was reported in, and the logs from the second dungeon run that were used to suspend me. Even though those logs were not offensive to the parties in that run and everyone got a laugh.

Well i was thinking about getting FF14 but if thats how there GMs are and there customer services seems as bad since they are not getting back to you then i think ill pass thanks for saving me like 100$. Steven LaBarge Also it turns out that in the instance I was reported... I didn't even USE PROFANITY! We checked the profanity filter with FC members. The 4 letter 'S' word is not filtered. And out of 143 words total, it was used twice!  i hope some people design tank gear like tera.....you know having barely any clothing at all.

how about a chicken outfit for all those who give up on tank. Alex Antuna too bad you don't play this I'm sure you could come up with some cool armor.  idk but i know you like armor so i thought you'd like to know about it. Patch 3.3 is live! Have you had a chance to try your hand at the new content Cheap FFXIV Gil?  everything is great except for the fucking giant red arrows on the maps. they look awful and completely ruin the map. and seriously, who can't figure out how the area connections work? please give us an option to disable it because god damn yoshi, this is hideous.


BNS Transformation Stone Crafting

 If you are spending a few hours you should be able to easily knock out 40 dailies with part of it being the daily challenges. On top of that there is Transformation Stone Crafting thats worth 10-20 gold every batch you make over what you spend to make it. True, right now I'm saving up to get True Breeze so afterwards Blade and Soul Gold I'll be doing it again. I would like to point out that KR has cat ear headband accessories so no its not what lyns are for anymore. yes in path notes it showed cat ears being released here.

Come run the new Vengeance Breaks dungeons with Babbletr0n and liinxy tomorrow at 10am PDT! I don't know if anybody else has this problem but every time I try to go into a dungeon I get disconnected from the server. It's mainly on cross-server dungeons, which I have to use since nobody else is doing dungeons I need. I don't know if it's my computer or the game but anybody have any suggestions? if only i could login the game and get my verification code in the mail.....so if anyone from support see that here, ticket  I would like to point out that KR has cat ear headband accessories so no its not what lyns are for anymore #6734554 i would like to play sometime today....

you must be the smart one, and how do you login your account to change your email if you dont have the code to login? enters the game and this message appears: Disconnected from server. SystemErr-(300: Server Authentication Failure). help  Hmm... a bit slow to gain some gold, mainly due to diluded game economy Cheap Blade and Soul Gold (Dochun server), but so far, it is nice, the effort you put pays off, it could pay a bit more, but it is not that bad. The daily quests could give more soulstones, as, if nobody has already noticed it, there is a certain purple quest that gives two of them that is the most visited... I wonder why...?  AA was just like Bns in the beginning lol. Bns is going down the same path of money grab.

  Not my first mmo hunny I know the grind game it's really not hard. If I wanted an easy game I would stick to hello kitty online. (Seems like you enjoy the instant gratification so I recommended that game to you) Got my pet, got to finish the story and also fed my cat. Now Nya is oversized and fat but makes a nice mount. IF ONLY.Mounts when :^) Vanity is my endgame, I couldn't care less about progression