Blade and soul IS a social life

Ohh ouch u got that thing that i had last time. No point submiting tickets. Bots will reply u if u do make u do all sort of silly stuff. Just wait for 3-5 days coz ur ip got blocked.  I cannot login on the forums, but am very interested in when you will be updating the forums at all so I can send my items to my old main to my new main (outfits). A ticket of some kind was supposed to be added, so im interested Blade & Soul Gold .

damn, already? I didn't play before work like I normally do because I thought was still gonna be updating, I deleted the game since its borring for now . its next to impossible to collect items for pvp since i have no time . its totally borring to set and farm. Because you have no time it's boring since you deleted it good 1 less noob to worry about. I thnk the blackwyrm is still stronger than all of the boss including jinsoyun in silverfrost mountain.

Hell yeah do the body counts couple hundred dead body's every time. Expansions coming to fast! Going to set a pattern and once Korean content is used up people gunna get bored. Your last name is my maiden name. Your full name is my brother's name. Now we can farm costumes, accessories in 6 man Buy Blade and Soul Gold bsh/naryu/blackram finally now that 4 man is removed. Thank you team.

To bad I'm at work, can't play. Once I get home, good bye my social life. Here I come BnS!  Blade and soul IS a social life.I call it be antisocially social.  Hurray! Although I wish big things like this was on a weekend. I'm sure many would agree. While I was updating the game, was time to clean the keyboard and I found Mordor. Ive been hearing people talk about the wardrobe being account bound now, is this true?. Be that as it may, it would still be nice if large expansions were on weekends while the majority are all home to get on and play upon release.

No. They now sell stamps that allow you to mail specific costumes from one character to another on the same account. well it will take untill 6pm pst to send them out according to twitter.. remember they work from american times..


Blade and Soul patch

No time no effort needed people just don't understand..... you run in a party ..... All through the game a ran with my clan even on main quest we ran 4 man until there's a solo quest ..... get yourself a good supportive clan and the weak support each other stop putting all the pressure on yourself team effort works best. & Blade and Soul Gold ;Alvin Lee such foolishness. You don't need gears to fight. Go arena n fight. You complaining about content update is like someone complaining about health benefits or raise of pay. Heck u probably don't understand the reference.

Christie is right. The current path is easier for people that actually have a life beside the game. They should give more notice between patches.. I mean it's not about teamwork or who can get there the fastest. It's bad time management on their part seeing as they have JUST released a new class. They encouraged users to rush to 45 with their event so that they have time to 'somewhat' gear, but it's just too much too soon. Once this patch is out, unless they have anything else hidden away, we will be on the same patch as KR and slightly behind CN and they have nothing new either right now except a gender and race change ticket.

Actually we are just getting around half of silver frost in this update ~ so we are not in same level as Korea ~ Could have given us more notice like you guys have with the other major upgrades.... Now I probably won't have my gear where I want it to be to avoid all the extra costs.. cheap Blade & Soul Gold The way some people complain here means that they never knew the game had been actually out for years and we're just trying to catch up. Despite all the complaints I have with the game's problems, I'm pretty hyped for this. Pretty cool they're getting us caught up with the KR one really quickly.

I think it's stupid that people is really complaining about they gear is not up to par. News flash !! Nobody is rushing you , just because I have true pirate with all true siren accessories and the best soul shields you can have in the game don't mean you need to be there. I'm sure there is alot of people ready for this patch.


Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains expansion

We're live right now showing off the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion! Someone with the same mistake as mine, Error 200 failed to Connect autentication failed , I'm this , I supporte the procedures of NCsoft however not given any results but when I changed my ip and open the game it works Blade & Soul Gold in another country works , however lose broadband with it , I did not want to keep changing my ip every time I play , after all the game does not have ip block for our region , if anyone knows how to fix please share with me and with others with the same problem.

We preview the three Heroic dungeons—out of the eight total dungeons—coming in the Silverfrost Mountains expansion. why does my account has suspecious activity?and how can i contact support if i can.t log in..? Bloody hell! You guys cant even keep your dam words! You post about the level challenge for warlock and people get their rewards at dates YOU wrote on your website March 10,17,24 and yet you only give rewards to those at the first date! Shame on you! Even your crap support says people has to wait AFTER the last date to get the rewards.Damn liars!

Rewards for the 17th should be given out by 6pm PST today since today is the 17th. (in March 17 at 6pm PST.) FOR all you guys, Its not 6pm in PST yet. So STOP COMPLAINING, USE UR BRAIN BEFORE U TALK SOMETHING ok the game is great i luv everything about this game but i had like now bad feeling i moment in the game 1 there many errors that have to fix there any GA for help and in the forum now the problem that i have i has been death2 time from a mobs cheap Blade & Soul Gold but when i try too relife the game jump out close so if this fix does not want fix i have create a new chara again im lvl 11 now i always send good expense from the game in but i need help now sorry that i send this report in here.

Julius Cesar Bañes if you took exactly a week you would have got to lvl 45 after the first round was given out. I'm in the same boat we are meant to be getting them today but i haven't had time to check yet.


WTF in Blade and Soul

WTF is with this game? Can't even turn it on now, (game guard 4049 error) wtf ?! I couldn't solve the 4049 error problem, can anyone help me please... Unbalanced crappy game, 2 months wasted playing this F* game. How about fixing the issue that people can't play on windows 10 because of GAMEGUARD? srsly wtf is your problem. Been several months. Cant connect to Server? SystemErr 1000 Bullshit! Everytime I press the Start game button Blade and Soul Buy Gold on character Selection Scene.

 I cant get in to the game client say`s error while running. shuting down the game client? please help! Please let me get serpent out fit I fram it to many times still nothing. Run it with a friend. Maybe the drop has higher chance than solo. I got mine after few runs with a friend. Nope it just faster with more people. Solo is just more efficient for the odds that only you can get it. And the fact that this outfit can take hundreds of runs to get makes going solo just more viable.

Where can we buy premium membership in Philippines for US/NA Servers? i have some problem with my account. can u reply my ticket please. Could I ask you guys for some help? I'm not a player, but I need to get at least 100 responses for this survey for my senior research project. It shouldn't take too long and you can leave it anonymous if you'd prefer to. Just click or paste the link below. Thank you in advance~

I'd watch the livestream recording, but not long before writing this I decided to stop playing the game. I went from seeing spam bots, to dungeon spam bots, now see bots in quartz , bosses and in field. I've played MMORPG's off and on for 10 years and never seen such a poorly managed bot situation, even while BNS Gold playing an MMORPG that the developers left players to fend for themselve, for 4 years! I heard a co-worker liked it for a while, but liked the previous version. I would comment on any of the other MMORPG's I've played over the years, but they're rather old or have worse support.

Another reason why, I stopped playing this. They're not fun anymore to me and this game slowly declined, when I invested real money. Same with the last one I played, it sucked the fun out of everything.


A Realm Reborn and Heavensward of FFXIV

I've paid for the game n i'm not very happy, still cant play it. thrs no real solution in the web except to wait, this is a p2p game these problems should not have happen. ive try uninstall antivirus, redownload n reinstall game n such still give me ''lobby connection error 2002'' my internet just fine, my gw2 & other games work just fine, my sis playing wow n diablo 3 just fine. i will try login for few days but i don't Blade and Soul Gold expect much anymore, those paid sub days will be just gone. dont expect any refund as this is not steam, i will just go with it as just got scam.

You will get the time back from them they always compensate for lost game time l. And as I said this is due to people constantly coming to this game every days it's player base gets bigger and bigger. So they are constantly having to increase server space.

My PS4 says "Cannot launch ffxiv please enter registered promotion code included with your package or download". I downloaded the game for free on my ps4 and never got a promo code. Why? Do I need to buy the game for 19.99 even though i got it for free months ago? Super confused. Thinking of getting into this-- waiting on free demo to download for PS4. A couple questions: is it cross platform? Do I need (should I) to buy bother A Realm Reborn and Heavensward right away Blade & Soul Gold ? Thanks, everyone. smile emoticon . i'd buy ARR and then buy heavensward after you complete that, as you need to do all of ARR to get into heavensward, but it is worth every penny for both mate.

It is cross platform, there is a version of the game that they sell that comes with both in one purchase. Yeah it's cross platform (ps3, ps4, pc). Like Adam said, wait to get heavensward. There's an actual main story in ARR that you have to get through before you can even get into the expansion. Wait for a sale, i picked it up the lot for around £25. It's subscription though. Its not cross platform, as far as I know, and you have to get on the best server for you. You can get a fair way on the demo to decide if you want to carry on and wait for the sale.


BNS Warlock Leveling Challenge

Pekste (Rift) ala Nort Amerika, stous amerikanikous server exi kozmo stous europe nekra paratisa megala lvl roque dagera . ego pezo exo full lvl 2 mage alt main melee dps dagera 2 dps telos panton kante me grapste afto akrivos opos to grafo k to onoma mou (Mpint) name. (/Tell). / / next pezo k Blade & Soul EXO KOUNFOU MASTER karatista , ala gousta ine protimou Rift EXI MEGALA MAP WARFRONT SC DILADI PEZI KSILO ME POLA ATOMA K PERNIS exp K APO mOP'S K apo PvP , K Drop's diafora, Free game , ALA AGORAZIS MALIA MOUNT 155% MOVEMENT SPEET cOSUME gia emvatisi na fetete oti opla i rouxa 8es exo nofos ala px pou den sou aresoun i ta vare8ikes open rvr exi instant, Dungeun's k ala pola to Rift TO (Blede &Ssoul pola apo aftga den exi) k to Rift exi ana 2 3 i 4 meres EVENT Quest GIA tOP KITEM'S Mount k ala pola mpite k kante me (/Tell mpint) afto grapste k mou stelnete minima na milisoume tetatet for Help i erotisis diafora, A ine k to (EOS) diladi Echo of Soul, ala to paratisa ala kalo ine dokimaste ta pio diasima game mmrpg game online Game gia liosimo trelo leme osi pezoun tetia dikomaste ta to (wOw) ine kalo exi ateliotous server ala den lei palio k grafika ala san game kalo

Complete our Warlock Leveling Challenge before March 23 to earn some awesome rewards, including the Temptation costume! How I'm supposed to level up when the weapon upgrade is so damn unfair?, I've been doing the Darklimpse dungeon 20 times by now, I'm not exaggerating, I counted them, Blade and Soul Gold 20 times, and I have not get the razor. I got now 4 freaking lyn swords, 2 bangles and more repeated weapons but not a single razor and if I want to buy it in the marketplace it cost 2 gold, 2 freaking gold for a level 22 weapon!

You should have set the drop rate taking into account the number of warlocks with the update and even if you didn't do that the rate should be so much fair, I mean, 20 freaking times and no weapon for my class?, users level 45 are farming the dungeon and selling the razor in such an unfair price and dumb people are purchasing it making it stay in that price.

It's free, and it took me around 35 runs to get my Summoner's Staff. So... Get over it. lol First of all, you can buy your weapon in 3 silver but the razor is in 3 gold, so, It is not a fair comparison at all, second, the game it's free but your time is not, at least mine, you can do the same dungeon 30 times if you want Buy Blade and Soul Gold (I don't know why you would do a dungeon 30 times for a blue weapon when you can buy one in 3 silver, but sure, I believe you) but I've spent more than 3 hours in the same dungeon just for a blue weapon. I would not be surprised if you are one of that level 45 users that farm that dungeon, seriously, I don't know how you can agree with that...