Levels required to complete RS quests

Name: Completionism (Elite)
Description: Kill all monsters, open all doors and deplete all skilling resources found in the dungeon on a Large floor.
Levels required to complete: Varies, (none if you let your team do everything, actually)
Other content required (if known): buy runescape accounts

Name: It glows!
Description: Use a ring of kinship on a fire. (Gives a special message currently)
Levels required to complete: none
Other content required (if known): -

Name: Building up (elite)
Description: Create a Promethium Full helm from scratch.
Levels required to complete: 90 Mining, 95 smithing.
Other content required (if known): - sell rs accounts

Name: -
Description: Buy or recharge a chaotic weapon
Levels required to complete: 80 Dungoneering
Other content required (if known): -


07scape is already losing players

I could go on and on and on about so many different things but, I will keep it short. Runescape needs to evolve to live on as you can see numbers in 07 scape have dropped. Wanting to go back to 2003 would be even worse but not going to be a dead horse. All the new quests and content sell runescape accounts has pulled me in more now that ever with what is going to happen in the 6th age of runescape with all new lore that the players get to help create  well more like be a part of >.> You do not need to not have a life to enjoy runescape. It is good to want to be the top and have the best gear ect ect. But, just slow down and enjoy runescape, make friends, relax from school/chores/stress and just have fun.

07scape is already losing players due to it being too simple. I have a job and a life and I very much enjoy playing runescape. buy runescape accounts Going back to 2003 would be a HUGE TRAIN WRECK holy crap were there so many things wrong in 2003 .   i bursted out laughing when i read that.  I will release my inner elf when the quest of the crystal city comes out, i believe the city is called : Pfiffarndinas or something..


 I'd rather not join content that hasn't been updated in years...or somewhere that actively places trip wire traps that 99 Agility doesn't get you past. Sounds like a horrible place...


i completed the quest Bringing Home the Bacon

i completed the quest and got some teeth. but when i went to make some pouches. the interface showed i didn't have the required summoning level, even though i'm level 99 summoning. is this a glitch to sell rs accounts?

"The addicts? They uh... Blew away in a storm." I think I noticed a spelling mistake. At the part where you take your pig (a war pig in this case) to Lumbridge Court, a random Man says: "It's porcine power Runescape accounts sell is too great!" while it should be "Its porcine power is too great!", no ? Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm not English by nature. So while I was doing the beginning of the new quest, one of the Bacon Addicts walked outside of the pig pen through the fence, and not even through the gate, but through the actual -fence- itself!

Everyone who worked on this quest deserves a medal. I don't know how good the rewards are, but I won't be disappointed if they're terrible because this is like the most entertaining quest I've ever played. Does anyone know if the spirit pack pig is aggressive? does it make monsters attack you? I'm not 96 summoning yet and war tortoise can be annoying when it gets you a lot of unwanted attention from bosses. I was hoping that this was going to be for F2p also. I wonder if the Cooking sound is from the RSC from Andrew's mom.

Call me a bit cynical but i do not think jagex have thought about the release time of this quest especially as we are now in to buy runescape accounts the holy month of Ramadam this is a celebration that is celebrated through out the world by the Muslims who might i add are not aloud products that contain pork.


I like Shpikey idea to unlock through magic

I like Shpikey idea to unlock through magic. remember specifically saying on a thread a few months ago that Jagex would be idiots to sell runescape accounts add more lodestones.....

You put loadstones under the task system so you would think it would require tasks to unlock such an amazing reward.1st of all you are moron who don't know what spirit of Runescape is to sell rs accounts 2nd why your and other supporters oppinions of bad updates is more important than those who disapprove? It's like Jagex decided that everyone who don't agree with them are wrong and they should gtfo."When considering game-changing decisions such as this we always hold our players' ultimate game experience firmly in mind," said Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO. "We have released a host of new content which provides a comparable PvP experience to the old Wilderness and mechanics to allow increased trade limits with long term friends but we are still regularly told by players that they want more. We want to find out whether the passionate voices we hear on this topic are truly representative of rs accounts for sale the entire community or just a vocal minority. If the vast majority of our players support the campaign then we will restore these features to the game as quickly as possible."

And before you go on about how the free trade/wildy vote was a success and shows how important the vocal minority is, allow me to remind you that there are still wide-spread complaints to this day about how that vote was handled that calls its legitimacy into question: the combination of the two issues (couldn't vote for one without voting for the other) and no log-in required to vote (calling into question the legitimacy of the votes themselves). And one only has to look at how little the wilderness is used today as well, and the problems created by this change with spamming, gambling and the like.

And yes, I know I'm part of the vocal minority. But that doesn't mean my opinions gel with yours.


some questions about RS3

Can I still play RuneScape 2/HD?
As with RuneScape HD, RuneScape 2 has evolved into RuneScape 3. This is a continuation of the current game, not a different product rs accountts selling.

Can I still play RuneScape using Java?
Yes, everyone will have a choice of client (HTML5 or Java) and your existing shortcuts and downloadable client will still work.

Do I need a new account? Will I have to restart my character?
No, everything is a continuation of the current game, with all of your existing progress, achievements, items, etc.

Can I play on mobile devices?
While the HTML5 client will technically work on some mobile browsers, it will not be optimised nor will the control runescape accounts sell scheme be updated for touch screen at this point.
Will the HTML5 client be completely finished for the launch of RuneScape 3?
The HTML5 client will be stabilised with performance improvements for the launch of RuneScape 3 but we're going to keep it tagged as a BETA for the coming months as ongoing optimisations are made.
There are also other factors beyond our control which will cause issues for some, such as the incomplete or not fully optimised support for HTML5 and WebGL from web browsers and graphics drivers.
Having said that, the majority of you should find that the client works well and you will suffer no performance issues from using it.


Lodestones are convenient

I realise that this will help out a lot of low leveled players but really, it's not that hard to walk. This game is supposed to be 13+ but I feel like it's become easy enough for primary school children to play Runescape accounts selling.

I would however suggest that you have to do maybe the medium tasks of that area to activate them. It makes it a little challenging. How will you be able to click previous destination to the wildy, if you never activated it in the first place.

I will not be using the wildy lodestone. If everyone can use it, I will not be using it when I have items on me, it's too risky.Can we get a confirmation that the Isafdar lodestone will require completion of Regicide sell runescape accounts?

Preferably Mournings End Part 1 as well, to bring it in line with the teleport and bank access unlocked through that quest, but that's just me being picky. I mostly just want Regicide to remain challenging. rather than introduce "lazy sedate things" why not inrtroduce a world for peng hunters where u dont get mauled by PK morons who camp at the likely spots runescape accounts for sale?

I get really fed up of having to run to say the lava maze 10 times to find 1 peng!First moment in a very long time that i think that i don't like an upcoming update... Lodestones are convenient, but at the same time they lower the value of quests. Why bother unlocking fairy rings, since you will be able to go almost anywhere with lodestones? I'm sure that you can counter the potential loss of amulet and ticket teleports by improving the location a bit, but that won't work for fairy rings i think... Anyway, maybe i'll hold on until i see the lodestones in action. Then i'll be able to give a better judgement


d3 pc version

Should of come out with content for the d3 pc version shuts getting boring with the same maps bring back mephy or Baal. And a new class d3 items!

Yeah thats exactly how I'd phrase it "Evil Reborn". Shittest game ever.uch a shame im stuck here in New Zealand. Looking forward to release already on pre order! Go go Diablo.I don't have a problem with D3 being on consoles. I have a issue with them being able to play offine and we on PC can't. That with the claim that it was necessary just bugs me.It's "necessary" because of RMAH, which is critical for getting through the higher difficulty levels (i.e. Nightmare onward) because of the disgustingly bad gear and loot drops at those difficulty levels. They don't want the RMAH that nobody either buy d3 gold asked for nor wanted to suffer inflation from dupers, which wouldn't be a problem if loot drops were the same as in D2 and there were no RMAH.

Notice something about every picture? No smiling faces. Because this fame is garbage. Diablo II. And that's all there will ever be. If only they spent half the time and effort adding another two levels to D2 it would have been magic.


my DH guide

 my DH is now lvl 36 and i dont have any problems with her. At the beginning i thought it was weak but now its imo op, cuz she has nice mass attack skills and single unit skills. Just be out of range of ur opponents and shoot them dead, then u dont need any armor ;) i agree with you on that one, i have a lvl 51 Female DemonHunter, i was with a monk last night slitly a lower level then and when fighting izual who served as Tyrael’s lieutenant in nightmare mode we was constently buy d3 items getting one shotted bye the adds and himself. disappointed in this nerf TBH…

any suggestions? I played with my lvl 55 DH last night on hell i was with a monk and a wizard I was always the last one to die and even sometime I didn’t die at all while they were all dead …. it’s not a weak char if you know how to play with it …..
Okay i guess its your opinion, i like wizard’s look more… Propably because of the way they stand, DH’s posture is always looking down like he’s back was curved or something… But still its very cool looking character. If i was to make female character it will be witch doctor.It seems like i’m the only one who has male DH and Wizard, personally i’m very pleased of that change of gender decision - selling Diablo 3 account As i feel weird, and cannot empathize playing as a female character.

My demon hunter is only 30lvl at the moment, and wizard 52. They feel like quite similar to me… And even if everyone on buy d3 gold the forum complains about difficulties of melee classes, i kind of envy them since boss fights are (in my belief) harder if your soloing on a ranged class, since bosses like rakanoth can teleport and 1-2 hit kill you


I report people that use bots in Diablo 3

Dear Diablo,
You are full of crap, I report people that use bots and what do you do? Nothing! Your ban policies are retarded just like the console status of the game.Order from worst to best. D3 d1 d2... Good job blizzard you took everything that kept people playing d2 for over ten years out had a horrible story and ruined the franchise.As far as modern day video games are concerned diablo 3 gold for sale, that is actually a very small number.

That statement is so original and new, please tell us more.Guess what blizz, no one cares about you banning anyone. The people who operate bots to farm items for retail on RMAH have made wayyy more from this game than the 50$ you took from them.You guys really gotta start making addons, since all kind of 3rd party applications are forbidden.Sorry to break it to you chaps Diablo 3 items for sale. But if you sub to the official Diablo FB page, to say the game is for tools, I'm afraid you've missed the irony there.

Selling 7,000,000 copies of a game is failure? I should hope I fail that badly at some point.Did they not put the page up to obtain input? If blizzard has fallen so far down the slope, then I'm afraid for the futureee!


Seismic slam is terrible

Kind of a silly guide when I read 700+ resist for act 3, 1k+ for act 4. THIS IS SO WRONG, 700ish ALL RESIST IN ACT 3 INFERNO IS SUICIDE. Have you done either of these acts on inferno?  If not, don't make a guide about it.

You need at least 950+ all resist for act 3, 9.5k+ armor d3 items, and 1000ish life on hit.  That said, Act 4 is not significantly more difficult than act 3.  You can probably do act 4 as well with similar stats.

Seismic slam is terrible, and ignore pain is not 100% necessary.  Seismic slam (shattered earth) will only help you with trash, it does practically nothing vs elite packs (which your build should be designed around).  If you can't tank and spank the trash mobs, then your gear is not sufficient for that act diablo 3 account sale, and thusly you shouldn't even be attempting it.

Ignore pain is not a bad skill, but there are simply too many better barbarian skills to justify picking it up when you're soloing.
Warcry, Revenge, and Frenzy are 100% necessary.  Leap (iron impact) is essentially a better ignore pain (if you're at 9.5kish armor, then it'll bring you from 75%~ reduction to 90~%, which is 60% reduction for 4s every 10s).  However, leap is far better due to 1) 10s cool down vs 30 2) mobility and 3) the ability to disjoint projectiles/freezes.  There is literally zero reason to take ignore pain over leap.

Threatening shout is amazing, as it's practically a flat 20% damage reduction.

This leads you to your last skill, which could be ignore pain, but I find furious charge (dreadnought) to be much better  diablo 3 gold for sale.  Here's why: say you're facing an elite pack that you can't tank and spank.  If you chose ignore pain over furious charge, then you'd leap (wait 4s) --> ignore pain --> leap for roughly 15 seconds of immunity.  However, after those 15s you're probably surrounded and dead.  Alternatively, you could leap --> ignore pain --> leap out and then kite for 30s and repeat.  This feels extremely inefficient, especially if the pack is nightmarish/frozen where you may not get in much damage in 11s.

If you took furious charge, then you could leap (4s) --> fight until you're low/surrounded --> furious charge out (for a full heal usually).  Now you can kite for a few seconds, and leap in again shortly and repeat  selling Diablo 3 account


SoF number 17 promotion will start over a few hours

OMG luv this so much that Jagex made so far 12 promotions in a row and they said they will make less frequent. for details: http://www.runescape2-accounts.com/news/202.html

:| *sarcasm*

Jagex why is it possible for you to make over 310 SoF and SGS promotion items in 6 months but you can't make for once a awesome event for F2P and P2P so atleast we can have some of OUR YEAR you promised also don't blame that you are way to bussy with RS3 cuz buy runescape account otherwise you couldn't release that amount of promo items into the game.

12 promotions of SoF in a row is just... just... ****ing **tarded! Also that you really don't give a **** about the feedback of your LOYAL COMMUNITY, that you don't even release a few pieces of your loyalty shop update already in the game so we can spend our points. Players have over 200k points from the loyalty shop only cuz there is nothing to spend on cuz to  buy runescape gold it's all junk and left overs of the RWT promotions that didn't worked out well.

Jagex i will give you some advice!


the BlizzCon 2013 Original Art Contest

I didn't see anything about physical size restrictions in the rules and regulations. I realize the winner will be showcased at Blizz Con, but I didn't want to make a really big painting or sculpture that they wouldn't be able to ship/display/etc. Unless they are just intending to display the JPEGs we send in.

And I may have missed it, but does it specify if there is a submission restriction? I.E. 2 submissions per person, or 1, etc.
Simply submit an original work of art (Photoshop manipulations don’t count!) based on the Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universes—or a mix if you’re in a Blizzard All-Stars kind of mood—by August 23, and you'll be entered d3 gold in a global contest for a chance to win great prizes and have your artwork showcased at BlizzCon 2013.
buy diablo 3 account

Can i create my own version of a character but looks like it could be in wow or d3, or i can only draw character that are based on the games?

You can use photoshop, you just have to draw the art yourself.  You're not allowed to take an existing image that someone else drew and manipulate it with photoshop. But you can use photoshop to modify your own buy d3 gold image that you drew. Blizzard can't stop you from using photoshop on your own work that you created yourself anyway, because how would they even know?


I get the fun by setting goals in D3

Not every game needs an open world, D3 is fun the way it is, combat is extremely bloody, fast. Personally that's my favorite part i always get into it at least for few hours every week, also you not seeing it as fun doesn't mean others see it that way as well buy Diablo 3 account, crazy i know.

Asking what the point of playing this game is to ask why people raid Heroics in WoW and any end game content in any game. To get a good jump on new content on the next expac. Its a really silly Question OP. When new stuff comes out, Do you want to be 1 of them players that are broke and left out? No. I already have 14 billion saved for walking into the new expansion. Are you ready?

Don't think you got the question I asked why the people who grind 24/7 literally mainly streamers play when there's no money in the game like there use to be, I already know the game is fun I enjoy it myself and it's nothing like WoW so don't compare it to WoW.

I get the fun by setting goals in D3. In Hardcore that's easy: get every buy D3 items class to lvl 60 HC and kill Diablo in Inferno.

Others may set for grinding keys and constructing Hellfire Rings or create über avatars with über gear. Be that HC or SC cheap D3 gold.

The key word is "fun" and it is up to the player to find it in ANY game.

The last few days I also played with little cyclists to simulate the Tour de France or some cycling classics in a boardgame ...

I guess 99% of the people won't understand it, but the problem is that no one can define "fun" for each individual.

And Diablo 3 offers spades of fun for 3 million people per month apparently.

No need to try to counter this with useless posts.

D3 is there and liked by those who play it (be that from time to time or every week, day or monthly).


Why should I choose rs to play

Well, not screaming at the drop of the hat (like many here are doing), for one. Not TYPING IN ALL CAPS and using excessive use of exclamation marks is another.

"Who is the one lacking in respect?"

Why should I choose. Lack of respect on one end doesn't make lack of respect on the other any better. But I'm not going to act all high and mighty on my side. When people act like children, I will treat them as children because putting effort into trying to reason with them cheap rs gold 
  is a waste in my time. Sometimes people need some hard, honest medicine.

You're communicating in an adult fashion, so that's why I'm talking like an adult to you. You are using punctuation, capitalization, and proper grammar like someone who actually seems to care. But to those who don't care enough to properly type in an adult manner, don't expect to be cheap runescape accounts taken seriously.

And that's the biggest thing. I know my statement are mocking and demeaning to those who are on the receiving end. I am not going to hold and wave this flag that I'm this grand, magical person who is any better for giving them the same thing. Could I type in a less sarcastic manner? Sure. But why should I? It's obvious the other person couldn't take the time to behave like one. Why should I take the same to treat someone like an adult when they can't behave like one? Honestly, should I waste my time trying to reason with someone when it's obvious it's going to go from one ear to the other runescape accounts selling?


Improved armor brings noticeable plating

Improved armor brings noticeable plating that’s carefully crafted and form-fitting. With superior materials, even the most pragmatic hunters make minor concessions to ornamentation on their legplates and capes.

Demon Hunter becomes total crap past ACT1 inferno. It has NO skills there to stay ranged. Monsters are so fast and can counter range with teleport or vortex or throwing fire balls constantly (even from OFF screen so you don't even see the movement incoming) you can't even get their health down.

You're basically just running away and oh wait i cant shoot behind me when i'm running so i'm doing no dps... and never mind in close range you are basically one hit by ANY mob, let alone ELITES and NEVER MIND THE BOSSES.

It's in essence a support class for DPS if you have a close combat partner (forget about the templar follower, he's basically ignored by  cheap d3 gold any mob and if he does tank, he stops and FOLLOWS when you try to get ranged. :p

The only combination of skills I think that could work is caltrops AND smoke bomb, but ofc THAT you cant have at the same time (never mind you'd run out of discipline in no time at all). The awkward moving mechanics that are extremely counter-intuitive to a class that needs to cheap Diablo 3 items stay moving constantly, mostly useless passive skills, and mostly eye candy active skills basically add up to an unplayable class at inferno level. Act 1 is OK if you're decently geared, Act 2 is hard and I die a bloody lot because i can't get/stay ranged and about half the elites i can only kite into some corner and leave them standing (or i even can't do that so i start a new game), and act 3 (which i can enter to die immediately) has elite mobs with 3m + health. I'm really not gonna bother to try and find out what act4 is like. I'm playing a game to HAVE FUN and overcome difficult challenges if i so choose, not to be a puppet of some sadistic game designer's IDEA of fun.


purchasing diablo3 on console than pc

Diablo 1 wasnt the only one to appear on console either. Starcraft and Warcraft 2 also appeared on consoles back in 1995 and 2000.

So I'm pretty upset that Playstation and Xbox owners/players will have more benifit for purchasing diablo3 on console than pc......

smitty, there is nothing wrong with the pandarens!  Blizzard created the Pandarens back in 95-96 the movie Kung fu Panda wasn't created until 2008.  Blizzard has all the rights to put the Pandaren in their games.  the Pandarens made their first ever world wide appearance in Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and Frozen throne.

But for the most part i agree to sell diablo 3 account.  all these goodies does seem like a bit of a rip off :P  hopefully they will at least make the crimson Angel wings available for PC users.

SO you guys get cool crimson wings if your on ps3 a grip of sick gear no AH no DRM. While pc players get boned with AH/RMAH DRM and horrible drop rates. thanks blizzard... you had better realease an expansion for pc only that fixes all of these issues diablo3 account.

Also why didn't you think to patch some of these items in to your loyal pc fans that bought the collectors edition. Thanks for the USB the angel wings and screwing us with the AH... I'm seriously considering buying a ps3 just to play a better game....Super sad dude.

First you thrashed WoW with freaking panda people and now you are basically saying that you don't give a crap about  diablo 3 items buy your customers that supported all of the god awful decisions Jay Wilson approved.

Idk if I'm ever going to buy a blizzard product again. And I was a fanboy that defended the crap out of you guys too....../dissapointed

The PS3 exclusive items are awful and complaining about the auction house is like whinging about someone else's favourite food; if you don't like it, don't use it.


Blizz did do a ladder reset for D3

Plus if Blizz did do a ladder reset what difference would it make for u guys? You still would only play for about 50 hours then u would find something else to complain and cry about cheap diablo 3 items.....

Play the game and quit quitting lol and maybe just maybe u guys will catch up to all the godly players u envy :)
Hey bud did u find ur own upgrades in D1 or D2? No u didn't, u found a item u could trade for high runes then u would trade the high runes for diablo 3 accounts

I think u got this game confused with WoW brah, Diablo series has never been about self found upgrades lol its been about grinding and trading!! Wow sure was though, and fallout and skyrim, maybe u should go play those games? instead of complaining about Diablo? hmmmmmm? maybe?? hmmm???

not taking a side on the debate but...would you really like blizzard's lovely servers to add yet another service? i'm not sure they can take much more abuse without blowing up. already laggy and glitchy, i'm just worried about more stress and bandwidth use Diablo III items for sale

those of you asking for ladder why don't you just delete all your characters and salvage all your stash? go to GAH and spend all your gold then salvage all those items as well.


Hurt boxing level for Monk

Hurt boxing + back without three days or blinding high

A: Just look at the panel, then indeed higher than three boxing back to the days to come, plus low, for example the monk foundation DPS265382, four boxing 437,965, while the three boxing + back to the days can reach 458,404. Less for a whole 2W. But to give up punch, it means put back into Demon Days. (Go Demon no objection to it? Ponley Volkswagen flagship, plus 18% off the air cheap d3 gold , one hundred crack 15%) Demon with 3 seconds 10% damage bonus, the head will be hit the strange purple marks diablo 3 gold. This 10% bonus damage is outside of the panel, and convicted empathy. And Demon has two debuff: Less enemy attack speed and movement, and the Demon's attack range, the number of multi-strange.

And then to think about, we are at the head, ring pursuit ponley or breeze a bonus, even willing to go in exchange for reducing the DPS, the purpose is because of this injury is not displayed on the panel. Now, let ponley, winds, and even all the skills injuries have increased 10%, why instead?

Some people say that only three seconds, the time is too short, and very egg pain. It is not. When the skill full damage after skyrocketing Qing strange very fast. Demon and was hit enemy attack speed is very slow, for ultra-high dual wielding attack speed are concerned, there is still flies like a general. You can instantly destroyed ~ 3 seconds is enough time to destroy mobs buy d3 items.
Conclusions, the panel can not believe all of this build is definitely more than three boxing brush map, but to deal with BOSS, this build is really not three boxing back to the days fast. Advantages and disadvantages ~ Why is it so? For some reason left the crowd to think it ~


Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day joined Archon

Recently game designers Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day joined Archon the Wizard in his anniversary stream on TwitchTV to chat about the game, address some popular community topics, and answer questions live from viewers diablo3 item.

In case you weren't able to tune in on May 15, you can catch the full discussion here。

Sure, a tad to short, content patches should have been in the plan but hey its still a game that had kept me playing where to sell diablo 3 account and I still enjoy it with friends... I think the thing I like the most is the lack of PVP. Patch 1.07 was a sad day. Its not D2, its actually more like D1 (this is a good thing to me).

What strikes me are all the morons that spend time trolling thread after thread. I play the game so its normal for me to spend time on where to buy Diablo 3 account it but for the rest, not so much...

people don't play this game anymore. why do you keep posting stuff?Actually a lot do, way to look STUPID with the assumption that since you don't like a game, NOBODY in the world does. WHAT AN IDIOT.
Haha, 90% of all the people who pre-ordered this have quit. This game is an epic failure of the series. I am sorry you care for this game, very sad since its so bad.


HTML5 graphics

Sir Legacy, i can actually answer that first question for you, they are planning a FULL BLOWN construction rework from the ground up that is being worked on now. it was actually mention in a recent frontpage post.
What applications do you use for your 3D modelling & with your graphics tablets? Are they tailor made applications, contracted/outsourced. Or are they off-the-shelf products you can purchase?

What tools/approaches would you recommend for someone starting in the digital art-world?

While working with HTML5 graphics, artwork, etc., what have you found to be a big challenge?

Thanks and hopefully I'm not too late.

Why don't you listen to the females in the game?

We are complaining for almost a year about the awful beta characters and horrible stance in the game.
It even ruined my third-age legs buy runescape money.

And now you even ruined the last item to get the old stance back.

The yawstick was the only reason*le item to wield for getting the old stance
and you decide to ruin runescape gold cheap that too?

I really don't understand why the devlopers give me a reaon to finaly quit this game too.

It doesn't look like you will have time to answer this one, but I'll ask on the off chance you get a few extra minutes. This is further to my other question regarding Saradomin which was very kindly answered buy cheap rs gold.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read the questions.


join RS 3 for 12 month membership

If you purchase a 12 month membership package from now until 16th June 2013, you will be able to choose one from the community inspired selection runescape gold

the 1st step to micro-transactions in 07..  
hey you guys, i'm in a tight situation with finding members to help me form a clan. I only need 3 more players and I was wondering if any of you might be interested. If so, please meet me at the clan camp tomorrow between 12am and 2:30pm.I bet the guy who did 'into the white city' doesn't even play runescape money, just paid one of their friends to do that and got free stuff.
REASON: Those people were riding horses, and it has been confirmed many times there are no horses, and there never will be Runescape accounts for sale.  


Why not just go play D2? They still support it and all. No need to come and complain about things.

 i dont play video games anymore.. d3 account was the last straw for my video game attention span...
 So if you don't play, why are you here just causing drama? Sounds really sad I feel sorry for you.
drama? are u 12? i was saying how much i missed the old blizzard team and what amazing time i had playing a well made game.. foo
You weren't saying that you're missing the old Blizzard team, you were saying that Diablo was better before Diablo 3 items buy.
You were complaining.
Complaining even though you're "not playing video games anymore", and that is just really sad, no matter how you look at it. You are a "FOO"! This game is amazing. Can't wait for expansions and they will come only a matter of when. So "FOO" get over yourself!

Least we have Path of Exile. The witch can carry on the necromancer's legacy of owning an army of darkness against a greater darkness diablo 3 account sale.

That was pretty much the only reason I hate D3: D2 had an AWESOME summoning system in place with skeletons strong enough to kill the main bosses as a collective. What do you get on D3? Cannon fodder zombie dogs! Only minion you get thats worth its weight is the gargantuan, but you only get one.


runescape music event

As long as it's recognisably the RuneScape theme, anything else is fair game: a capella renditions, hip hop remixes, 80s rock ballads - we want to hear them all! The important thing is to make your mark on this iconic piece of music and impress us with your creativity. There are just a few points to bear in mind: • Make sure your piece is no longer than 5 minutes • If you play as part of a group, that's fine, but we can only offer the prize Runescape accounts for sale (all parts of it) to one person • The winner's composition will make its way into RuneScape itself. With this in mind, ensure that you send us the highest quality mp3 file that you can Submit your masterpieces to competitions@jagex.com, with the subject title RuneScape Music Theme Competition. Don't forget to include your in-game display name in the body of the email! This competition closes on the 6th of June 2013, and we can't wait to hear what you come up with cheap runescape gold.
buy rs accounts

Giving out 50 spins and 1000 runecoins should really motivate a lot of people.

Well for the type of competition and effort required I'd say those rewards are rather appropriate when buy rs accounts.

Good luck to all who enter.


This is an X360 Walkthrough PC players

Since ancient times, the ongoing eternal battle between heaven and hell. Among the endless battle of angels and demons, there is an individual named anxious Parliament (Charred Council): anxious Parliament by the ancient bound by the law to maintain order and balance, counterbalance excessive force to maintain the existence of the universe, bound to heaven and the hell hard-fought, does not result in loss of control of the universe.

However, in heaven and hell, there is still a third country, that is, the human world. Parliament of anxiety predicted that mankind will break the balance of the universe, so the and mythical two sides set a contract, locked the seven seals: When the human world ready to face of Armageddon, the the seven seal will unlock a pioneer in anxious Parliament ─ ─ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will come to earth, the three country will launch a final war to reshape the balance of the universe.

Today, angels and demons suddenly appear in the human world, the earth into a sea of ​​blood purgatory. At this point, the war led by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I do not know why also came to our world ...

The beginning of the game, armed with a sword, fell from the sky Minion War encounter a few overconfident. X key waving muddy sword swallower (Chaoseater), press the B key in a timely manner after executing them, the huge Trauma animation titles will jump into the battlefield. Players can clash with it, or Follow the on-screen prompts to press the LB button and RT Right Trigger turned into a chaotic patterns (Chaos Form) to get rid of it easily  diablo 3 account sale.
After the overthrow Trauma, from out the front of the bus wreck, out of a road. Move on, players will find the distance a huge rock giant; these giants named Tormented Gate, in the future, there are many opportunities to meet with them. Move forward some distance on the ground there will be a huge red crystals to block the escape route, the air will have a helicopter flying towards the player, if the player is War (re-press LB and RT right into a man-type launch button) grabbed the roadside vehicle, with the B button, and then depress the The Right Analog lever aim at the helicopter shot down, you can unlock the "Open Air Parking" achievement.I usually write guides for d3 players about d3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

To lift the players of the Open Air Parking can be archived in this place (the red crystals first place) just in case your selling Diablo 3 account get cheated.

Continue to move forward, the distance Suddenly the sound of the trumpet, and they took the War transformation ability (to forcibly release chaotic patterns), and let him become weak. Down with the devil and the angel of the blocks the road, there will be a mass of disgusting brown substance (Demonic Growth) climbed the walls of nearby buildings, players can jump to the top, climb up. Way climbing can press A to jump, or fast-moving with the RB button. The rooftop after arrival, and then jump on the roof of the cable climbing to the other end of the building.

Over the building, mopping up the demons to unlock the enchantment, jumped out of the elevator shaft to continue to move forward, to jump on period of Xiegua the cable back to the ground. The ground Angel is at war with the devil, all down the two sides, and forward toward the red skull icon on the map, it will enter the game screen, ready for the first boss battles in the game.

Unusual street, has been turned into angels and demons rage battlefield War extremely surprised to find that the archangel Abbadon deputy, Uriel also human; astounded War whom questioned why no figure of the knight colleague. Abbadon see War is equally surprised and exclaimed final seal does not unlock, Knight should not have come here. At this point, is a burst of sound of the trumpet, the War suffering kneeling on the ground; the huge demon Straga sprang from the ground, grabbed Abaddon into the palm, and began to attack the nearby Angel Knight War.


How to Add Feed to Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages recently got lot of attention for its public nature. Unlike facebook profile pages which need visitor to be logged in to be able to see the page fan pages are visible to all.

Adding your website feed to Facebook Fan Pages automatically posts your content to Facebook Fan Pages. I have 4 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 account sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 accounts skills training and d3 gold making. I earn thousands of dollars per month. I like this job so much and I willing to write some blogs about SEO and SEM.

Here are the steps how you can add a feed to Facebook Fan Pages:

Sign in to Facebook's home page.
Click on the "My Notes" link from the navigational menu. If you previously entered note you would see it on the menu.
Click on the "Import Blog" or "Edit Import Settings" link in the Notes Setting section.
Enter the URL for the RSS feed in the box. Check the checkbox next to the statement that you actually own the content.
Click the "Start Importing" button. Now Facebook will show you the preview of the content. If you are happy with it click on "Continue". Thats it, now your content would get pulled to the Facebook Fan Pages automatically via the feed.


Something unspeakable is brewing beneath Lumbridge Swamp

Something unspeakable is brewing beneath Lumbridge Swamp! Cleanse the evil and earn Prayer XP doing so!

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Thank you jagex for the awesome work you put in to makeing the content this up dates ftw yes high lvls like me enjoy it!
Andrew Dela Pena- It is only members, but that is the teasing part about it!
It was clearly stated from Runescape staff it was meant for players for low level prayer. But I can see what you meen.

there is even low levels at eoc? i think you can make maxed account in 1 mounth or so。

Its only good for low levels, they made such a big deal out of it and it turned out to be a huge tease

RuneScape music event

If you could completely change the musical format of RuneScape music, what genre would you choose? Orchestral? Dubstep?

Folk would be cool, just look at the movie Serenity. Future themed with folk music actually made it different and cool.
Like · Yesterday at 12:52am

cheap rs gold

Nickaloi Rampersaud y not some dub step in some places and like mettle / rock in other and maybe jazz in some thing like when its in a scary place some rock or when fighting boss


Diablo 3 not as good as expected

Honestly I don't get why Blizzard doesn't allow characters to be created specifically on a "No auction house" realm where you and everybody else you play with can only use items you acquire through trading the good ol' fashion way.

That would fix a huge problem with the game. The next major hurdle though would be making a much more randomized campaign and not such a harsh linear story driven one where the only level randomization is a few dungeon rooms being shifted around.

They didnt kill most sc1 units. they killed most diablo 2 characters. i think they are blind with love of money. they have extremely different attitude against Diablo fans and Starcraft fans. i saw diablo 2 was popular than sc1 in skorea. everyone played diablo 2. even koreans insult blizzard about diablo 3. it was not short. diablo 2 was always first ranking game for years. yeah you made money quickly but you betrayed fans. you will pay for that in the future. you must care of the future than the present seriously. they always say "we are not going to make same old shit". but people want that. even japanese developers make a mode people can play old characters. other developers respect old gamers. but you don't. you had chance to make more money and sell more. you just threw it away.