Square Enix gives us FFXIV

Thank you Square Enix for giving us FFXIV and DQ heroes. he yogscast still exists? Didn't they rob all their kickstarter backers? How are they still a thing?

Not trying to hate. I'm just baffled and uninformed buy FFXIV Gil. Just brought it. I know its basically a psp remake. But in definitely enjoying it. World Map ftw. The combat seems less 'hammer X/A, hp is low switch to cure...now back again & hammer X/A again.' than the last game.
So....when is it out on steam?

The intro is so sad, and so far I like the story and characters. My only gripe is the camera. It moves so quickly, and when I dodge I lose focus on my enemy so I have to hurry and turn the camera back before I get killed FFXIV Gil. I had to quit playing after an hour because I was so motion sick. Hopefully I adjust to the buy cheap FFXIV Gil camera and controls. Wish there was a way to adjust the camera's speed and sensitivity.  I wish ff would be checked and balanced instead of being like a game of chess.  I believe I know why they won't actually remake ff7 because if they did actually remake it they would try to put symbols in it and ff7 should be pure like it is because the number 7 means completion.

The Yogscast as they get stuck in with some FFXIV

 The Yogscast as they get stuck in with some FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD gameplay! Hmmm hey square wanna help a fan out?!  I only want the FFXV demo, that's why I buy FF type0.  I want type zero pretty bad but 15 more. Had to spend money in an emergency so now the dream is dead lol. Its ok ill wait till it drops in price an moneys back to normal FFXIV Gil. When you gonna release chaos rings III in north América?

when are u gonna release a game for vita, will you? dont delete this like u did for the square enix survey that vita isnt with the choices. pfft. Release the XV demo. I don't get paid until mid april so I'm going to miss the batches which has cheap FFXIV Gil the demo codes. Type-0 is a game I've been waiting for anyway, but I want to play XV too. Don't disappoint a lifelong loyal fan of the series.

There seems to be lots of copies with demos. I preordered to ship to home but where i went by the end of the day therw was still plenty.


cloud support for FFIV

Be alright if ff2 didn't crash on start up everytime. cloud support?! I'm actually happy about this.  What´s the release date for final fantasy VII on ps4??
cheap FFXIV Gil
Now I don't have to start over every time I switch phones. (even though I beat the game long before it got a mobile release, but still) Quick q. I know it relates very little but I have FF dimensions on my phone. For some reason it keeps wiping out the saved game data and I am tired of restarting over. I have norton. Nothing seems to be wrong, any suggestions on backing the game up somehow? I am not familiar with this to buy FFXIV Gil. Thank you ff fans so much.   I want iCloud support for The After Years.  I've finished this and the After Years! Very good Game! love et!  I have all ff games for android can't wait for all ff games to get cloud.

 Now they just need to patch VI on Android so that it doesn't crash every 5 minutes. Was on the Lunar Subterrane when this was available. Fun game! Ok, now patch up The World Ends With You Solo Remix, NOW!!!


From Astral to Umbral Arrangement Album

From Astral to Umbral Arrangement Album is now available on the Square Enix store!

Featuring soothing piano renditions and exciting new rock arrangements of classic FFXIV tracks, this Blu-ray album is a must-have!

You could have ordered it from CD Japan on pre-order to buy FFXIV Gil. I got it delivered to the U.S. on release. start releasing these on the dang itunes store. Such a hassle to buy these on blu-ray.  So many FFXI has way better music comments. Why cant we just enjoy the music of both mmos without comparing them negatively =_=. They both have very different unique feels which suits their respective worlds. Hang on. €30 and bluray for a TWELVE TRACK release? That's pushing it a bit, no?  i can remember paying $80 each for FFVII, VIII, and X...FF soundtracks have always been very pricey.

Baring in mind this on Blu-Ray it's not going to buy cheap FFXIV Gil be your run of the mill MP4 compression, meaning stupidly high quality. In addition 12 tracks will be the equivalent of about 1 - 2 hours of music as a lot of music from SE is about 10minutes and above each. Finally, the packaging will likely be highly decorative and considering prices I've seen from them in the past this is comparatively cheap.


paid to play FFXIV

 You should make this B2P for millions of people can enjoy your fine game, you already have a cash shop so the transition will be smooth. You should make this B2P for millions of people can enjoy your fine game, you already have a cash shop so the transition will be smooth.

You should make this B2P for millions of people can enjoy your fine game, you already have a cash shop so the transition will be smooth .

Dude ever since this patch updat I get the f'in 11003 Error code. I PAID for the game I PAID for the months I still paid for this month and haven't been able to play since this F'in update, can any of your crew help tell us how to fix this issue, I've reinstalled FF14 5 f'in times and I'm about ready to ask for the orignal 50$ and the threemonths I've spent back. DONE WITH THIS SHIZ. woo new add on to the crystal tower maybe we will be able to see a large influx into the tower again.please open ton berry. play stations being sitting here for over 15 hours.

Are there any plans to buy cheap ffxiv gil introduce corsairs or a job that uses firearms?


I was excited to get back into FFXIV

 I was excited to get back into the game last week and enjoyed it very much. Then 2.5 patched and has rendered the game nearly unplayable. The graphics rendering & audio lag are unbearable. I'm sure not everyone has this problem, but it did correspond to buy FFXIV Gil the patch for me. Not sure what to do since I've tried fiddling with settings every which way I can with no change.  Probably need to reinstall and that should fix it.

Re-installed on an SSD drive. Much better. Great game. I defeated the three new dungeouns, eight armed Gilgamesh and enkidu, Odin, and the vile ascian man with side chops. Now is time to become a multi billionaire. I already made a million in the rush for new furniture. A great game. That u square amen. this game is awesome sadly the community is realy bad and antisocial is realy hard to find good people like in ff11.
buy cheap FFXIV Gil

 Like all MMO's, it all depends on the server. I've been on the Leviathan server for over a year, and everyone there is completely nice and social.

DUTY COMMENCED episode 5 on live now

I lose my focus bouncing around to different tasks lol. That's how I am. I almost want to cry there is so much to do.  Also if anyone is looking to transfer servers. Behemoth is a very active server and our Fc is recruiting. Very laid back environment and we do raids.  I was never able to get through FF8 because I kept getting distracted by Triple Triad. I'm afraid of the same thing happening all over again!

Congrats on the reported 4mil active subscribers! sadly its not active subs its accounts registered with a cd key. Whats going on? i cant update the patch i keep getting DC everey 50mb

and i've turned off antivirus and firewalls!
are there too many people accesing the servers or is it the launchers fault again?  cause i just paid for a month and am freaking out cause i want to where to buy FFXIV Gil play asap.

 im still downloading the game , i tried using my old cd but it doesnt seem like its actually using anything from it , just sets up the launcher and gives me the same problems.


experienced of ffxiv before PS4 was released

 I found that out with FFXIV when i switched after PS4, Months spent hitting weekly tome caps and grinding getting the best gear (at the time) was suddenly undermined and going to complete waste when the next patch hit, it was the same thing through i90 and bray myth farming then soldiery and snowcloak farming and now both are completely irrelevant and most new players i've seen now (including myself on things i never experienced before PS4 was released, like bees in AK) have top end gear literally handed to buy cheap FFXIV Gil them.

 I stopped raiding after my efforts were going to waste in the next patch so i took up crafting and built an fc on months of hard work, most of the best players in my server are now doing the same thing after t13 which makes it even harder to sell anything without being undercut by 70 new people doing the same thing. Hippogryph leather used to sell well, but the prices crashed enermously cheap FFXIV Gil when top end crafting gear was made available and suddenly entries on the market almost tripled.

sadly it seem FF14 wont ever have an horizon progression they prefere to do the 3months patern and have us restart the same grind over and over each 3-6months which annoy alot of ppl the more the game get older.


Yoshida’s Heavensward panel will be streamed live on Twitch

If you can’t make it out to PAX East 2015, don’t worry! Yoshida’s Heavensward panel will be streamed live on Twitch! You won’t want to miss out on all the interesting details!

Hoping for a release date and when we can pre order that sweet collectors edition.release date please and make it available for pre order lol buy FFXIV gil .

I am in australia its not at any of the major game retailers lol.You just go down there and pre-order it anyway. I have done that with other games. Put 40 bucks or whatever on it, it be enough to get the collectors edition.shops in my town dont let us since if the product isnt in the system it wont let them put a deposit on it i tried lol buy cheap ffxiv gil.

Is there anywhere we can watch the Shiva tournament thing? Shame I wish they had a stream on the floor so I can see people doing the shiva challenge I heard it was hm shiva but that would be too easy right.

Tap tap butterfly is a cute little puzzle type game. This is so interesting, enjoyable and highly entertaining game. So if you like to play this awesome game, download it from the following app store. And it is 100% FREE.

 hi guys i know this is maybe not the ebst way to do it but i need all the help i can :c do u guys mind if i ask u for a like on the link bellow pretty pls,its for a contest on a game called lost saga,thx.


Playstation store is up to the retailers

To all EU players attempting to pre-order Heavensward:  Funny still not working for me...... would have thought it would have been in the psn store...... hurry up with my ps3 download copy..... alreadybdoesnt look good after it being 2 days late.....

Martin, Playstation store is up to the retailers, same as Amazon and Games release. SE store will be the first. I doubt it's because of "import costs", I believe it's more of an issue with the VAT in the UK/EU vs the VAT in the USA. 20%~26% vs ~8%. Though, this doesn't justify FFXIV gil the overprice they're charging, it should've been around 100 pounds and 105~110€

 Why not wait till it comes out and pay 1/4 of the amount? I don't feel sorry for anyone pre-ordering.Further to the above, we can't wait until it comes out or buy this elsewhere. It has been confirmed that although NA retailers will have stack of the CE, EU can only order this from the SE store. Changing the $ to £ is disgusting. When are you releasing it for your Australian players? We don't like being left in the dark about when and where we can pre-order...


how to choose a job in FFXIV

1. Role in the beginning you can select Job LV 10 occupational tasks done, you can begin the transfer PS: Note that occupational tasks, not the main task is not you can transfer LV10, be sure to complete job tasks. 2. Each turn professional before the birth point is different buy FFXIV gil ...

2. The professional point of birth is different, please refer to the following table

Sen City (Gridania): bow (archer), gun (lancer), Illusion (conjurer)

Sand City (Ul'dah): Sword (gladiator), boxing (pugilist), incantation (Thaumaturge)

Ocean City (Limsa Lominsa): ax (Marauder), Pakistan surgery (Arcanist)

3. fighting job has advanced professional EX:. Illusion turn white magic


I usually don't like chain pulling

It really depends on the situation, but I usually don't like chain pulling as a DPS and I don't do it as a WAR (cause I want TP too). As a BLM I don't mind much. Even transposing will restore all MP pretty quickly (if the tank runs the mob out of blizzard range before I cast, for instance).

As a MNK there's no advantage to chain pulling unless it's a very short distance. If I'm running for more than 5 seconds I almost certainly can't hit the mob, drop greased lightning, lose out on extra TP regeneration, and then have to finish off the mob the tank was carrying without my buffs before starting on the new group. It's a loss of efficiency instead of a gain. It does work in some places though, like Stone Vigil HM. Most of the groups are close enough that, as long as I know what the tank is doing I can shoulder tackle over to the new group and not drop buffs. Still can't do this repeatedly though because of TP.


help with monk materia for novus on FFXIV

im doing books and i m planning on get my zeta soon or leater
so what materia put it on?this is my situation:i got 1,400,000 guil and some materia too:
det+1×2 det+3×3 det+4×2 det+6×2
crit hit rate +2×6 crit hit rate +4×3
acc+2×6 acc+4×6
some materia are expansive as hell,and reading buy FFXIV gil 
in the net im finding 2 lists i can do
31 DET 22 ACC 22 CRIT
30 CRIT 23 DET 22 ACC

now what will be the beast?first is stronger?i know will cost more,but if is very very good ill might try do it,othervise go with 2nd will be good or too much difference?also,farming zeni and materia will be worth or just go with 2nd and dont think about it?explain and discuss!


SCH is easy to play on FFXIV

SCH is much easier to play than WHM - much less mana issues to worry about, much less aggro to worry about, much less damage to heal due to the shields. Plus when you go Cleric Stance, your fairy and Lustrates aren't affected and Eos/Selene keeps on healing leaving you MORE time to be in cleric and DPSing. WHM, not so much. You have no fairy to help you out, no Aetherflow mana regen every minute, no three Lustrates per minute, etc.

I was thinking more along the lines of: are both SP and SE up at all times without being replaced early (they give enough leniency for one Wrath move and one Fracture during constant uptime) except to make sure SE buy FFXIV gil  (and Berserk, if possible) are up for Inner Beast? If he needs additional threat via Butcher's combo, is it being placed ideally? Is the War using Berserk to complete his 5-stack when spending it on anything but Unchained? If in Defiance, is (Unchained)-Berserk after pull starting on the third combo move, as to allow for a combo-end, a combo, a wrath move, and another full combo in your 9-hit Berserk? Does he have enough skill speed to do a 9-hit Berserk? Where it does not generate excess/unusable Wrath and you have no particular need for them, are you avoiding Steel Cyclone/Inner Beast during Unchained? Etc.

If played to absolute theoretical perfection* (which falling behind dps in gear may not allow anyways), the only classes that can give me similar difficulty are certain skill-speed levels of Monk and Ninja. If played just 'damn well', then it's a bit easier.

As for the above comment on Black Mage, it is easy in terms of mechanics, but if one considers 'mastery' of the class to arrive only after you're parsing as high as possible, it's actually a fairly demanding job.

Monk is the most fun class in FFXIV !

Monk has been the most fun for me so far. There's getting the basic rotation down, then learning to never lose your stacks, finding the ideal times to Mantra (it's basically an extra cooldown for your tank), and then a whole extra layer of stance dancing on top of it. If you're not blocking unavoidable damage like Meteor Stream with Fists of Earth and getting behind Renauds with Fists of Wind, etc. you're not playing MNK as optimally as possible. 
There's so much to master with the class, I truly love it
. I also have really enjoyed WAR for similar reasons, and I think DRG is lots of fun but I find its combos too restrictive for me. It's like a super clunky version of MNK, probably because I'm nowhere near as practiced on DRG, but I do love the large amount of off GCD moves I get to regularly use unlike the paltry 4 MNK uses regularly (plus Invigorate, Mantra, and the stances but they don't really count). 
I've also been working on leveling healers and I do enjoy what I've done so far (CNJ to 34, haven't unlocked ACN yet). Balancing healing with DPS is fun, reminds me a bit of RDM which was my main in XI. I plan to add SMN and SCH to my list of 50s after I finish getting all my relevant cross class skills (just 14 more levels to go on ARC!) since those seem quite fun even though I've never been a huge fan of pet classes. 
THM was a little dull at first but I was having a good time by the time I hit 26, and I'm finding the same with ARC. I think BLM might be a bit too bland at 50 though, but I really like having some supportive element to my gameplay. 
Really the only boring job is PLD I think. It'll likely be my last job to 50 cause why go PLD when you can be way more involved and more successful using WAR?