ccessories to the BnS Hongmoon Store

We’ve added an array of new costumes and accessories to the Hongmoon Store! Idk what's wrong but after to this maintenance I can't enter to the game :c . Just show me BnS crash Report, i never get this error before.  We've received reports of this and are investigating. Please submit a ticket to Support so we can get more info.

We are actively investigating this, but we need as much info as possible. Please submit tickets, and let us know what region/server you are on, what exactly is taking place when it happens Blade and Soul Gold, any error messages you receive, etc. Even screenshots help. Blade & Soul I give all the information in the ticket and they say me for the second time about the msconfig , then they don't re-write anything for me , i'm bored to wait and i want to play now.

 I've been trying to buy Blade and Soul Coins for some time but with no success. I tried both with paypal and with my credit card, in the game client and on the website, but it just doesn't work. Whatever I try it always says "Payment Autorization Failed". Will it be fixed automatically over time, or do I have to do somthing about it? to me, I've already turned everything off on Msconfig due to previous gameguard errors. Buy Blade and Soul Gold GET RID OF GAMEGUARD ALREADY. im bored about this fking game...always crash, i solved the razer problem but now boom again crash, and this time before i can insert my pin...U better fix this sht soon or a lot of players gonna leave.

Laura M?ntynen You're not leaving, you're not playing in the first place.  Eduardo Schlegel Gameguard prevents loads of people logging in, the botters are still playing. Working correctly I assume? Unable to connect to server.. This is getting very annoying, NCsoft. I've paid Premium to play, not to sit there and wait till servers work. 3rd time today I cant play. Repair the client and if it still gives a error, restart your pc. After that it just worked fine for me.


Blade & Soul Soha server

 Blade & Soul we all regularly do this but it just gets ten times worse. as i type this my block list is full and i am reporting over 40 on Soha server, faction chat cant even be used to hold a conversation.

QUES are instant just get membership and don't be on the most populated server . i think it'll still be a few days before theyre down to something reasonable. Suddenly can't login anymore to an Error, Error 4049 anyone that can help me? Waiting more than 3 hours and still didn't log in.

Blade & Soul How to report someone in the chat? I tried to find out how before but couldn't figure it out... ^^" Sorry I'm a little dumb sometimes haha Ga?l Lindemann Ur not dumb, you are new as almost everyone else here. I found out when u hover and right click their name, there is a report cheap Blade & Soul Gold . u can pick bot or spammer. then, choose to block them. Erika Olivarez not sure where you are playing but on yahera since this morning there have been well over 300 bots in faction chat, they stop, then more come it. New bots constantly.

Moderators would help, as would phrase banning and expanded blocklist, it would be really nice if banning them removed their text they already spammed as well but hey anything would be an improvement, U feel like people have never played a mmorpg, just like what Kasper said. Make a new tab. Make it how you want it. Ga?l Lindemann right click on there name. Select report for spamming and block that way. You know, in another game when you spawn a % of your HP is taking away, and after the HP is almost gone you cant spawn for about 10 mins and so on. Game is great but the spams is out of control Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  Neale Mcintosh im also on the Soha server x.x I do agree that the bot are a bit to much. How do you report them? When I right click, it only gives the option to block, and I can't anymore, my list is full. All I can see is goldspammers in chat, they've even taken over Faction chat. I am only lvl 9, is this the reason? Thank you. Blade & Soul any chance of giving people options other than just reporting to get rid of known gold farming bots? Would like to be able to attack them and prevent them from continuely farming. They lack the ability to prevent player interactions. Would slow down the people that use the bots quite a lot and could reduce the current numbers but they all wear the same Hongmoon armor and nothing is currently able to attack it.


founder pack check your NCsoft account

So, in few weeks when all the servers be fine, ppl will start QQing coz they get kicked from a dungeon when they are afk waiting the others bind for an item or anything. ppl never is happy wtf. knowing there would be hours of traffic jam but you still decided to go watch a movie with a friend. Why wouldn't you blame government for not building for yourself your own lane so that you don't have to deal with traffic jam? (assuming you do pay taxes) lol.

Nice i buy the pass, and im not premium member Blade and Soul Gold , and i cant enter in 2 days. Yesterday at night error with loggin, and now im waiting 6 fucking hours for enter. I want my money. No, the spanish ppl its here. I dont want transfer other server.

Estan en Mushin y en Yehara recientemente x el problema con mushin.  Thats why we pro gamers wait 19th we know it .what happen.  This doesn't look good we the broke people are waiting in lines here xD. LOL shouldn't have gone on mushin? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Plus there was an error last night and they fixed it. If you bought founder pack check your NCsoft account under the code section for your code to your prem.

You get premium rank 2 once the game launches on the 19th if you spent the 25 to get early access so I'll have premium for a while once the game launches. Every game has its hiccups upon launch, you think it's bad now just wait till it launches.. progamers done brag about it... They just are.. I'm on JiWan and haven't really had any issues other than crashing out while loading areas no different then in the beta. Don't get hung up on it just roll with it.


Does anyone have extra BNS beta key

Does anyone have extra beta key?  I tried playing but when i put my pin it say failed to connect to server. Christian V. Soriano game goes live on January 19th. Will be free to play. Got my main reserve name and altered my second a bit to get it, i'm all set c: Good thing I did not buy the disciple & master packs with name reservation BNS Gold.

Why what happened? I was about to read a comment about it and it literally vanished from here as I was going to read it. Looks like someone inside NCSoft reserved 7 names for 3 people a few days BEFORE the name reservation, and the person did that for money. Mário Whaaat that's crazy. Thanks for the reply though.  Yea mine was gone within about 8 minutes too, I spent the next one and half hour feeling bad for myself and still didn't think of a new one! Getting Error (106) (6) its been an hour since the name reservation began and i cant log in. I have master pack. whats going on? if i experiment on looks on the EU server will i be able 2 use my name reservations when NA reserve opens or will it use up 1 of my char slots? ok thank you i assumed it was like that but i couldnt have a clear cut answer anywhere.

You do realize the Disciple and Masters pack is MORE THAN just name reservations, right..? It's 7 names, they were most-likely going to be taken anyway, chill.  What time are the servers gonna go up on the 15th? I'm from east coast of the USA. Can't find any info on this anywhere. Still won't let me apply my founders pack tho Blade & Soul Gold ..kinda worried I won't get me headstart at this point. What time can I play on the 19 th or can I play eany time.I put 120 euros in my wallet PAYPAL. But your site Does not allow me to use my paypal wallet .(Upgrading Master Pack =92,50 EU) It just want credit card registered in Paypal . Please Help me . I also sent a ticket. With more INFO

Yes you can play from the Philippines their is no IP block for your region but expect to play with a lot of lag.  Joel Teodoro done all that my only work around is to run a vpn to a US IP address but downloading at 10kb/s is really inefficient. Guys my B&S got cant connect server. Then game auto closed. What i will do ? Me with in the first 5 minutes of the Name Reservation...... "types name".. name taken... dangit.... "types different name" .....name taken..Dangit!...."types another different name" name taken...... *rage quits*.


How many character spaces will be available 4 BNS character creation

I upgraded my desktop to play GW2 and Blade and Soul! B&S is mostly CPU. A good i7 or i5 is best. AMD will work but there were some issues in the CBT. Any recent GPU should be fine. well its should play on a i3 as well since the game as almost as old as aion!

After all these years waiting for this game in NA it is nearly here thanks Blade & Soul. is there a way to change server after create character ? There are no character server transfers. Yes there is. But there is one requirement BNS Gold: having a Master's pack. You'll need two slots to pull this out: delete your character and use the 5 minutes before actual deletion to start recreating the character in the server you want to go to. As soon as the "(1)" [which refers to the number of characters you have in a given server] goes away, finish the creation and you're good to go.

About server transfers, it's true that there won't be any at first but we'll have them later on, as well as nickname changers. Don't worry about it. The games not even out yet and ur already talking about changing servers. blade and soul didnt even make this vote public and they won.

So excited I been waiting a few years for this! By the beta gameplay it seemed well worth the wait smile emoticon Good job on the western version guys! I have a BIG QUESTION : How many character spaces will be available 4 character creation Blade & Soul Gold ? 2 as a free user, 4 if you bought the Disciple Pack and 7 if you bought the Master pack which I think its the max. Of course at any point you can buy Extra Character Slots from cash shop.


Blade and Soul Summoners hit pretty hard

Blade and Soul will start its Open Beta to the EU and NA players'' ????? Looks liek the site is not up to date lol. We aren't having an open beta period. Head Start for Founder's Packs will start Jan 15, and official launch is Jan 19. I know, it's just that the site is not really up to date, this emote is more of a facepalm aimed at the site. I quoted the article you just linked. and dowload link? send it in email for founder's?

Adriano Trévor. U would not need to download again. ... if u have the cbt client u r good... on the 15th u just will need yo update thats all. this is the league of legends facepalm one. woops lol I,ve failed to see that one. so how does the name reservation work? Do we need to download a new client for it, or will the closed beta client be updated?  I know when the name reservation starts, Jan 11th 6PM Pacific, but how do we go about reserving? Will we reserve a link to the website in the email, or will we have to log in via the game client to do it Blade and Soul Buy Gold ?

As far as I know from the official B&S streams, you will be able to go in-game and create a character, but you can not play. It is like you will be stuck in the character creation until the 15th of January, but the created character will remain. Doesn't it launch on the 19th? That's what this post says. Summoners hit pretty hard, esp with their tank cat. Can solo lots of shit or provide healing support (summoner) in groups as well as dps (summoner and cat) and a tank Blade and Soul Gold (cat).

"15 days until launch", that being 15+4(due to it being the 4th) = 19 (IE the 19th) Dude, I've seen the videos of each class on the web page, and all of them look awesome, except 2 of them: the force master (mage) could control some other element apart from fire and ice... I mean, it looks like... too simple. But the worst of them all is definitely the summoner. I mean... a fkin childish big cat that walks on 2 foots?, and having no choice of any other summon, cuz you can have ONLY that stupid cat??? I usually love playing the summoner class in games, and I love how B&S looks, but I won't play the summoner this time, that's for sure. I just hope u guys can improve the class in some future patch, cuz I'll be looking forward to play with a decent summoner in B&S.