why is the knight weaker than the Dark Ride when defeat the magic BOSS

Still see some people feel that because of lack of DPS wasteland used only dark ride, FARM thought with the knight can be more stable
I only for the magic BOSS, consists of 1 layers and 4 layers, 3 layers of physical magic mix aside, 2 layers of pure physical Knight better not to talk
In the face of the magic BOSS Cheap FFXIV Gil , the rest of the Knights left
Two shield
Iron wall
Early warning
It's gone.
3.0 extra skills, said really Knight 5 skills, 2 is the output of the loop, is a must to parry, a milk, is a fan
Let me show you the skills of the dark.
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
Dark ride in the middle of the two shield Buy FFXIV Gil
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
The Dark Ride iron wall
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
The warning of the disability of the dark
Then take a look at this skill, 60 seconds CD, 30% magic minus
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
To tell the truth, Knight magic defense even soldiers are not as good, I really do not understand why there are people think, FARM period or knight more stable, fixed thinking is really terrible.
More needless to say, the goddess of war is to reduce power, the dark ride is to reduce intelligence, itself focused on not the same.
To tell the truth, I thought at least 3 will give a short CD of the general anti injury, or magic to make up short board
However, Yoshida does not seem to mean that, on the one hand, to further give you a certain cell to block the use of eggs
The one hand neither painful nor itching gave you 2 output cycle
Further increase the difficulty of the knight operation does not say, the actual capacity of the tank has not improved
While you look at the next 2 tanks, a switch position without GCD, a simply 2 gesture at the same time, and then look at the knight.
You really want to play output, you want the back board does not say that the attitude of the cut off output, invincible 10 seconds, half to cut the attitude, you say that the egg is not painful, the key to switch the attitude and even cut off.
Facing the boss of magic, the CD does not turn over is the norm, is buckled with less injury, you take what attitude, originally to the second ironclad top 20 seconds output.
Now ironclad is buckled with the, completely free in a second shield, forced off the second shield, nurse pressure is not that big, also easy to die.
Have to say that this version of the knight is indeed a disability, of course, not to say that can't play, law-abiding, still can play, but to raid DPS requirements are too high, nurse pressure is not small.


FFXIV remaster guide

Will have to get this for XII. I already have working copies of X and X-2 that I can still play on my PS2, but XII I lent out to someone and never got it back.  Something tells me Cheap FFXIV Gil an HD Remaster of XII is either coming soon or to be announced soon. On seeing this post I thought they HAD announced a HD version of XII. I wouldn't take this as any kind of indicator of a FFXII remaster, prima are not square enix, and if square enix were collaborating I'd see this as confirmation there is no remaster in the works as there'd be no point doing a X/X - 2 remaster guide and standard XII.

so spend a ton of money on hard cover versions of guides i already own for the hd versions of x and x-2? yeah no thanks unless its for a cheaper price and why would we even want a ff12 guide when an hd version isnt even out yet? the only things worth it are the bookmarks and posters. You took the text right outta my thumbs. Looks like the XII Hd remaster is just around the corner. I couldn't imagine a different reason for this guide rerelease Buy FFXIV GilS .

Nicolas Agudelo i dont really like vaan. thats my only real complaint about 12. i would still play it again though so if an hd version comes soon i will buy it. Dont like Vaan ? Solo the game with Fran or someone else lel. Thats what I did it was quite fun and challenging to use Vaan as a pheonix down. Sébastien Damien Larocque i dont like vaan because he means nothing to the story. his only real good point is being able to use pretty much every possible weapon type in the game and be insanely good with them.  I don't understand why awesome titles like 10 they cant make for PS4 or Xbox One look how long and awesome 10 was for PS2, can they only make epic Long Final Fantasy games like that for older consoles? The Story for 10 was amazing and long. Cory Hagglund now you can finally buy x and x2 hd for the 3rd time :') lol Ps3 version ps4 version and collectors edition.Not what meant lol just saying i like how its constantly coming out every couple of months.


pompadour look amazing something different

I normally don't complain about much gamewise but I'm getting sick of all these hairstyles that look the same with big chunky fringes (bangs) for female chars. Mind you most RPGs/MMOs suffer from the same dreadful female hairstyle choice syndrome Buy FFXIV Gil! Female runner up was better.add a proffecional expert in a lower compitation can't designate again'st the following abia bility on a most precios dis advantage"!!!!" Per 1 account for vote counted. Therefor if anyone had voted more than one, THE LAST one you voted counted. The other numbers are dismissed. The numbers you see on the fourm will not be the actual numbers.

Female one is too girly, not unexpected. The male one would look great on my female Roe, we need more short-ish options for us ladies. I think that the hair styles that won are great, I just wish there was more variety.  I like the second male runner up it looks cool FFXIV Gil.. Also the pompadour look amazing something different.
 I'm pretty flustered myself. Female runner up was way better by a long shot (and lots of the ones who didn't make it). Not to mention they also changed the "we will be randomly selecting 140 players and awarding them with a Scarf of Wondrous Wit." Pretty sure everyone who participated was going to get one.  I would have loved the second runner up female hairstyle ;-; (short haired one).

This was more pathetic than the Twitter Popularity Contest, I mean Chocobo Race. I get the feeling lately that devs stopped caring about what's in the best interest of the players and what we want and they just do what ever they feel like doing. How many hunts and fates will have to do for the honor of using these hairstyles? Great more ponytails. I was hoping for a long hairdo. -


Let everyone heal and dps and tank in Aion

100%. I've leaned the game pretty well over the last year but when I started I decided to be a healer, I had no idea what I was doing and would get so freaked out about going into a dungeon my hands would shake. But i couldn't skip it. I've since learned that I'm more of a dps kind of girl. Lol. I also agree with the companion idea Aion Gold, that's part of the allure of SWTOR, other than its Star Wars of course. We also have a small FC. Four people, it took us a little over a year but we finally reached rank 8 last month, though I doubt we'll ever get to the point of getting a house and it does make doing end game stuff a little more difficult. We do enjoy going back and running the old lvl 50's for kicks though. Since my main lvl 60 is a SMN I can enter as a SCH while my husband runs as tank and the other two dps. I don't mind healing people I know. smile emoticon. Taking a page from Guild Wars 2 wouldn't be bad either. Let everyone heal and dps and tank. I think that system works really well too.

 I actually like that the game encourages grouping. I don't necessarily think you need it but it makes the game easier. It's also a lot of fun. Join a tightly knit FC and make some friends in the game. I'm not that greatly skilled either, but they help me out with positive feedback and tips instead of getting upset Aion Kinah . I joined my FC about a month ago and we're very social and they help me out with so much. Try Cepheus. smile emoticon .

hose late-2.0 story dungeons are terrible and they really should give you some kind of check box to say whether you're running it for story or for loot so that you won't get grouped with a bunch of level 60s trying to get their roulette done who just run off ahead and complete the dungeon without you while you're watching the first cutscene, leaving you at the entrance of the place with a bunch of trash mobs between you and the group, leaving you no choice but to stand there by yourself and watch one cutscene after another without ever seeing the bosses themselves. Yes, even if you're a tank or a healer. For how friendly people are in this game, they seem to immediately turn toxic as soon as they hit max level.


main scenario leading into the events of heavensward

And i was just talking to my friend about wanting that hair cut o well lol.  anyone else who has connection problems?  I noticed it too but thought it would be because of the lag. Odin, EU. Got lagspikes that freeze the game, even 1 minute long ones. When it's in PvP, it kicks me out shortly after. Me too, problems on my apple and my Windows lap top.

Need a carbuncle plush restock and those wall scrolls. Is it just me or does the earring there look like bad photoshop xD. im getting the error 2002 on loginscreen like 10 minits ago when do u gonna fix it ? hope to see response soon buy FFXIV gil . Will the smartphone case available through the Square online sotre? When the game of life slowly chips away at your HP do you give up? No! You reach for a potion. Thats why I have invented Hi-Potion. A protein rich nutritional supplement and naturally caffeinated energy capsule all in one. Stay in the fight, live the game. Get your Hi-Potion on.

Whatever is happening to my game, it better get fixed. Been dcing/lagging soooooo badly.. Idk if its just me or not... Making me very angry. Very disappointed. not sure if support answer on here or not but I registered my square account and it not letting me register for a free 14 day trial for the final fantasy xiv account. I tried re installing the client but it dose not give em a ops to register for a trial. can u guys please fix this for me? who stupid idea was it to have to do 100 + quest after level 50 before you could use the new content. who ever it was please fire them it sucks. Um because its main scenario leading into the events of heavensward. Don't like it? Don't play it. This is content that has been out for over 2 yrs now. As annoying as it is, that content bridges the gap between the original game and the expansion. It is needed for those who care about the plot. Don't worry, it gets interesting.

 I just started playing and have played every mmo out there and by far this is the cheapest one by far the npc can not even talk, oh yea once in a while out of the blue,you get attacked while getting quest, cut scenes start in the middle of fighting,then the xp for 50 level quest is less then half what i was getting at level 30, putting high quest in areas that are so full of other crap so you aggro no quest monsters. are signs of lazy programming. and i payed for the game so if i want to skip all that worthless story crap i should get the option along with being able to disable cut scenes.


He will get like 6 informs this FIFA

Terry 85?? Too overrated, should be like 81 or 80. He was amazing for chelsea in the 14/15 campaign. Yup he had a great season he also got a tots card too he not useful in Fifa but a rock on defense. wont sign him anyway... pace is everything with fifa games! Considering what I've heard about the beta, the game seems slower. Maybe Terry won't be so bad buy FIFA 16 coins ? Castro says pace is not everything in fifa16. Terry was the best defender in the BPL last season mate.

Lol Dimaria 85? he should be 87.  Based on the players with the same 85 rating. Alaba should be 86 2. He didn't do anything last season. In France he will do will that league is a joke so he will get a few informs. You saw that assist yesterday in his first game with psg. You can tell he feels better there . He will get like 6 informs this FIFA. Yeah but IMO he shouldn´t have a same overall as Kompany. And in the other hand he´ll not be dat good this season. Terry may be not that good in this season but the fifa rating is based on the performance of the players for the last season .... Terry was brilliant for the last season. He was brilliant last season and I'm a united fan. His timing with talkes, positioning are amazing. For someone as old as him and as slow as him to still be a rock in defense is something else.

Win 2013/14 gerrard was brilliant he got a downgrade FIFA 16 PC Coins . Disappointed already, Di maria and Yaya got dropped, but not disappointed about Alaba. Why would they deserve to keep their rating? 86 was given to them cause they had a good season two years ago, they didn't live up to the rating. After the Champions League in 2014 Di maria didnt get a boost in his rating, so why would he deserve a down grade. he should be 82 after last seasons performance. Should be like a 90 with a 1 injury rating lmao. Yeah but his season at MUN was poor these players have a rating that change every season it's not a life achievement rating. why they are showing alaba, they always under rate him. Kose chielini va cahil o mishe estefade kard hanoiz. Sorateshoon paeen nayad moshkeli nist.  Kose chielini va cahil o mishe estefade kard hanoiz.

Looks like Apple sheeple get it now... guess they need the head start lol. Brutal EA Sports Fifa, just brutal! Why not release it at the same time on andriod? Because is not yet polished and optimized for Android.  Why everyone has Android when there is iOS which is a lot better ?  iOS is not better, it just looks better, costs up to 6 times what an android costs. Put the Romanian League in Fifa 16,don't be racist EA. Joaca Pes 2016,astia nu stiu sa faca simulator de fotbal adevarat ...si iti poti pune pana si galeriile adevarate sa cante,pana si bannere sa scrii pe ele ce vrei. Si la PES faca la fel brother,nu o baga pe iil.