How could your DFO account get banned

Just hit Lv. 61 on a challenger char. I received creature upgrade coupon (perm). But I can't seem to use it as the creature is greyed out, when i try to upgrade it pops up "Not applicable item".
Found the problem, I needed to use the awakening hammer on the creature.
So wassup with this Knight DFO gold bug abusing to go into PVP? I dunno what you wanna do about it Neople, but this dude is running arund 3 shotting people
quick solution= kick him from your arena room.
Chaos cannot enter the arena, but elven knight CAN...
This guy -3- shot me
idk if ur blind but that clearly says chaos btw
i just loggen in to my account and it says banned ? wtf :S havent been playing for a month is that why iam banned or whats up ?
From previous posts i've seen your cheap DFO gold probably one of the people that were hacked with your account and might at the same time got botted on your account which means the hacker was using bot on your account inorder to spam gold sites or hacks. file a ticket at to see whats up with ur account.


buy DFO Gold in game

My use of pay to play wasn't as a real money for gold way. My mistake in not being clear on thatFFXIV gil . And A limit could be (As an example) 50k gold and can only be bought 5 times out of the week. A decent sum of gold with a decent limit. 250K gold a week can be wasted rather fast when buying the gear you need or want or other items. The price for the gold would be the main focus. You wouldn't want to spend too much money for it but if you bought it for too little you would just abuse it every single chance you get and than people will rely only on this for funds.

The idea definitely has a couple of kinks to work out, but I think it can be do-able.  I disagree entirely with this. Once you allow people to buy in game currency the in game gold might as well

be $.  Renfro if they release advanced/rare Avatars to be tradeable it'll happen anyway. I do like how they did it in cdnf, however avatars are untradeable there so people might not like it.

At higher lvls gold is getting kinda meeningless... Spent about 1mill till lvl 60!!! God damn it!!!! Thats not much and already somehow still got 2,5mil from no idea wher xD. ME and a friend were talking about this. My idea was instead of making it a way to just

outright they have something of a lottery happen. You buy an item that, when used, has a chance to give you however much gold. They could do that once a week. The jackpot of it could be like 1 mil and only a handful of people have a chance at the jackpot.


the hell is my Afro

Where the hell is my Afro. I don't give a crap about any of these! More crap hairstyles. You know Nero's hair? Why can't we have that? Something that FFXIV gil  doesn't look unrealistic or dorky.

Both the male styles would also look great adapted to females... We don't have a lot of short/not-super-girly options! We are currently searching for individuals who want to be at the cutting edge of progression for Heavensward!


An open schedule for hardcore raiding buy FFXIV gil  from 21-26JUL | All Day Raiding
A positive attitude!

Consistency | performance, timeliness, being reliable. Being prepared for raids | thinking up strategies, perusing reddit for tips, bringing ideas. Capability to communicate important things succinctly during raids | TeamSpeak & a working headset.


DFO Danjun Power

Not like they (the people behind the bots and sellers) are going to read this anyway. For them it will be just regular business after the maintenance is over DFO Gold . Also, care to tell the guys that develop that anti-cheating system of yours to stop drinking Danjun Power Juice and keep in their minds that Skype, foobar2000 and some other communications and media programs along with video recording programs such as bandicam, dxtory, OBS and so on are not doing anything to their precious protected program? How about the players that had to find workarounds to your launcher because of how faulty it is and how slow the support can sometimes be? Anyway, have a picture of a rabbit with a waffle on top of his head. -In loving memory of Oolong.

Well, this brings tears to my eyes , you guys should get a bloody commendation for setting down the rule and applying it to a T .  Gold sellers got 72 virgins waiting for them too when they get banned? If so Im going rogue.

Who said the virgins were female. Its more likely they are a buncha basement dwellers who died as virgins.  I haven't checked cheap DFO Gold yet, but I got booted off the game for suspected use of 3rd party programs. It was solved by turning off Razer stats manage, though I should probably take DFO off that, and I often forget to turn that off. Will I be banned?


I like the Danjun pet on my knight

There's a video announcement of Knight's four classes. Although nothing is known other than Dragon Knight uses a katana and Paladin uses a bludgeon.  Bring back Mr. CEO. He was the real Waifu here!

& buy Dungeon Fighter Gold;Is there still the problem with the launcher (changing language and stuff) or we can play DFO now without having to change system language ?  Personally, i'm enjoying the Knight class the most out of anything in OBT 2, with the Growing Dragon weapon being at 2nd. But I feel the need to voice my input here and ask at cheap DFO Gold the same time: Why is it that currently Elven Knight is disabled from PvP? Just curious~ Thank you always, Neople! We all love you a lot!  Love elven knight definitely made me enjoy dfo alot more since i was getting a little bored of my other characters.

Actually if you play it smart with your fp, use the 50 fp potion from the miles shop, and a 30 fp potion from ah/ alchemy, not to mention an extra 20 from mentorship, you'd easily have an extra 100 fp daily.   I'm just happy playing my fav subclass again n trying new subclasses I never tried out in the past. I miss some old dungeons but enjoy some new and how the old are spread about new areas.

 I like the Danjun pet on my knight so I chose the challenge level to 61. Hoping I would get the coupon to make creature permanent in time within 15 days.  why cannot I upgrade my rusty copper safe with the one in the MUST BUY,,,,,


API testing for FF15

Not to mention an API that developers are largely unfamiliar with. Let's leave the API testing to the offline games lol. Thank you paul and zac, I thought i was going to go brain dead reading people complain about that and not understand that not everyone has windows 8/8.1 >_> and I am NEVER getting it... lol

Windows 10 (release of directx 12) will be a free upgrade, but feel free to live in the past cheap FFXIV Gil . and as i said to other's . a realm reborn was built on directx9 and heavensward was already in development long before directx 12 was even anounced and the windows 10 upgrade. also i am on 8.1. they had plans already in motion whilst final fantasy 14 1.0 was still going then yoshi pulled the plug on 1.0 and revamped it as arr and giving that 1.0 was dx9 they stuck with that because arr has most of 1.0 in it buy FFXIV Gil. we could get directx12 in a future patch or xpac. also devs need time to learn and adapt to directx12 before implenting it.

 Do you know how hard is to implement Dx 11 on an MMO securing stability of gameplay? Even Dx 9 makes this one of the best looking mmo's. I am grateful they pushed it to Dx 11. Besides, no game yet will have Dx 12 implemented. It's a new technology with a TBA release date that takes time for developers to work on and money, while the previous one has been around for years.


Dark Knight in FFXIV

Between DRK and loldragoons, my new astrologian is going to be busy.& FFXIV Gil;   I've been drg since the beginning. I outlive my party 95% of the time. Dragoons are all well and good, where's my Damn dark knights!

3.0 Dark Knight army baby. I'll be the first damn recruit. As everyone else is rushing their main jobs to 60, ill be leveling my Dark Knight. THEN my Dragoon.  Isnt your character already gonna be level 50 though due to it being a job and no base class buy FFXIV Gil ?

Has went up to 60 so levelling your main and a new class shouldn't be a problem before they unlock Alexander. Wouldn't dark knight stay at 30 with a job quest if you have the other stuff 15 and 30? I assume it would be 30 marauder and 15 thaumaturge, since pld was mar/cnj.

Joseph Thomas drk machinist and astrologian has been announced to start at 30. Bad move with jump start with 3 new jobs just to keep in gap with old... what the...? Heck we had 20+jobs to start at level 1 in FFXI... stop giving us easy task..


get my DRG of FFXIV

 Has anything been said about additional trophies with this expansion? I platted the game back in January, but more trophies might bring me back.  Damn can't wait for this to come out. Tho i hope they add more ward floors i want to buy a house yet theres no land to do so:

 Nanamo is dead raubahn is imprisoned ....damn time to stop cheap FFXIV Gil leveling my paly and complete the main story XD (yes drg is my main !)  These vids would be so much better if they would add some voice acting to them.

I literally just finished the main scenario quest and watched this but if you don't want to buy FFXIV Gil spoilers don't watch this but seriously I freaked out... If only DRG didn't die when they pop B4B. And don't tell me that they don't because I see it every damn day. Too hyped for this expansion! This trailer is amazing. Can't wait to get my DRG in that kickass armour!

DAMN IT I WANT TO PLAY THESE NEW GAMES....................i hate the fact i live where credit cards are for moogles!


low FP is a good thing in DFO

 "Think about their time investment"? If having to optimize your playtime to the point where not being able to play with a friend who just logged in because of low FP is a good thing, then you're delusional. What a time to buy DFO Gold be alive asking people over the internet when they are available for a little DFO time, so you can manage DFO Gold your schedule, eh?

If they are going to keep FP at least raise the number, That amount is not enough for people who want to help friends or guild members. Maybe up it to 250 and i think that would be enough.

You do realize you kinda shot yourself in the foot with this, right? Many people were on the fence, leave or not, with the decision depending on what you do with the FP system, I personally hoped you would at least incrase the daily FP, do what you want with your game, I'll keep playing anyway, just don't be suprised if you start seeing player count drop.

You just forget tiny little detail, EU and USA isn't Korea, Japan or China.


FFXIV PS3 version carry over to the PS4 version

Wht do i do? Lol my save is JP copy....would i have to rebuy the JP version?...most likely lol...oh well...cdjapan here i come How about give us Japanese soundtrack? This would have been the perfect opportunity to do this...

Are the trophies the same in this version (i.e. do trophies from the PS3 version carry over to the PS4 version?) Since its cross save does that mean that the trophies will carry over too? Or do you have to start over FFXIV Gil?

You should launch the game with some other subtitles, such as brazilian portuguese! &buy FFXIV Gil ;I fucking love these games. I still have to finish them off but live them none the less.

Fans asked for an ability to skip cutscenes for speedruns. This is the best game. I want to start it over and play it again, but I don't want to dodge 200 lightnjng strikes like that other guy said.

Oh hell yeah I'll have to buy this when ever it comes out and then I'll worry about getting a p_s 4 as long as I have this it will all be worth it.


Kdnf starts you with 25 characters

Kdnf starts you with 25 characters. That will carry over to dfog live. About how many alts do you think it'll take top finish the explorer club thing? I'm considering to do this myself. Hell, I'm already doing it. pretty dumb system and it's fine if you don't wanna change it the people who are enjoying it will eventually fade because nobody wants to level up 5 times and have to get off the rest of the day... the blitz system was superior in every way... but hey apparently what your fans want isn't very important.. i mean why would a game company give DFO Gold their players what they want? that's just crazy talk!

The blitz system was heavily flawed, poorly executed to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold, and horribly managed. The people who are enjoying FP are going to be staying. The majority wanted Neople to keep the fatigue system, and that's what they are doing.

There is nothing flawed about letting people play the game freely without constraints please.


another grindfest RPG of FFXIV

Why are you subscribed to this FB page if you don't like the game?  It's not "another grindfest RPG". Go play another F2P MMORPG instead, you don't even need to pay for them! That's the problem, you only played for a month Brandon. That's all that was pretty much needed to be heard.  Bashing a mmo after only playing for a month is pretty ridiculous. Good luck trying to do the whole main scenario quest line in one moth.

I played for a month and thought it was shitty. Quit, then came back and buy FFXIV Gil played as a different class. Now after actually having played the game, it's well worth the monthly payment FFXIV Gil. The end game content makes everything entirely different Don't bash it until you actually play it. Not just sample it. Also
>played for a month and completed the quest lines and all

Lol, you either played the month the game came out or you're just trying to justify your opinion with nonsense. Turd game and its epic fanboy followers is why Im still a facebook friend to see all the drama.


official site to buy dfo gold

Those sites is about 20 time bigger then the dfo department of dfo since they sell gold to hundred of games

The only way to solve this is Neople open up a official gold trading tool rather then banning players over and over it will solve nothing but making the countable player that is actlly willing to spend money for buy DFO Gold game leave the game which is basicaly chopping off the leg off dfo I'm not a supporter for the gold selling site but there iscno other way then let DFO Gold hold the economy in game.

Without it, these hacks can run so extremely rampant and automatically that armies of bots will be produced in an unstoppable automation that manual or automatic combating against them will not prove effective enough; NexonNA tried to do this, even as far as adding auto-ban and capcha systems inside dungeons that were proven ineffective.