Levels required to complete RS quests

Name: Completionism (Elite)
Description: Kill all monsters, open all doors and deplete all skilling resources found in the dungeon on a Large floor.
Levels required to complete: Varies, (none if you let your team do everything, actually)
Other content required (if known): buy runescape accounts

Name: It glows!
Description: Use a ring of kinship on a fire. (Gives a special message currently)
Levels required to complete: none
Other content required (if known): -

Name: Building up (elite)
Description: Create a Promethium Full helm from scratch.
Levels required to complete: 90 Mining, 95 smithing.
Other content required (if known): - sell rs accounts

Name: -
Description: Buy or recharge a chaotic weapon
Levels required to complete: 80 Dungoneering
Other content required (if known): -


07scape is already losing players

I could go on and on and on about so many different things but, I will keep it short. Runescape needs to evolve to live on as you can see numbers in 07 scape have dropped. Wanting to go back to 2003 would be even worse but not going to be a dead horse. All the new quests and content sell runescape accounts has pulled me in more now that ever with what is going to happen in the 6th age of runescape with all new lore that the players get to help create  well more like be a part of >.> You do not need to not have a life to enjoy runescape. It is good to want to be the top and have the best gear ect ect. But, just slow down and enjoy runescape, make friends, relax from school/chores/stress and just have fun.

07scape is already losing players due to it being too simple. I have a job and a life and I very much enjoy playing runescape. buy runescape accounts Going back to 2003 would be a HUGE TRAIN WRECK holy crap were there so many things wrong in 2003 .   i bursted out laughing when i read that.  I will release my inner elf when the quest of the crystal city comes out, i believe the city is called : Pfiffarndinas or something..


 I'd rather not join content that hasn't been updated in years...or somewhere that actively places trip wire traps that 99 Agility doesn't get you past. Sounds like a horrible place...


i completed the quest Bringing Home the Bacon

i completed the quest and got some teeth. but when i went to make some pouches. the interface showed i didn't have the required summoning level, even though i'm level 99 summoning. is this a glitch to sell rs accounts?

"The addicts? They uh... Blew away in a storm." I think I noticed a spelling mistake. At the part where you take your pig (a war pig in this case) to Lumbridge Court, a random Man says: "It's porcine power Runescape accounts sell is too great!" while it should be "Its porcine power is too great!", no ? Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm not English by nature. So while I was doing the beginning of the new quest, one of the Bacon Addicts walked outside of the pig pen through the fence, and not even through the gate, but through the actual -fence- itself!

Everyone who worked on this quest deserves a medal. I don't know how good the rewards are, but I won't be disappointed if they're terrible because this is like the most entertaining quest I've ever played. Does anyone know if the spirit pack pig is aggressive? does it make monsters attack you? I'm not 96 summoning yet and war tortoise can be annoying when it gets you a lot of unwanted attention from bosses. I was hoping that this was going to be for F2p also. I wonder if the Cooking sound is from the RSC from Andrew's mom.

Call me a bit cynical but i do not think jagex have thought about the release time of this quest especially as we are now in to buy runescape accounts the holy month of Ramadam this is a celebration that is celebrated through out the world by the Muslims who might i add are not aloud products that contain pork.


I like Shpikey idea to unlock through magic

I like Shpikey idea to unlock through magic. remember specifically saying on a thread a few months ago that Jagex would be idiots to sell runescape accounts add more lodestones.....

You put loadstones under the task system so you would think it would require tasks to unlock such an amazing reward.1st of all you are moron who don't know what spirit of Runescape is to sell rs accounts 2nd why your and other supporters oppinions of bad updates is more important than those who disapprove? It's like Jagex decided that everyone who don't agree with them are wrong and they should gtfo."When considering game-changing decisions such as this we always hold our players' ultimate game experience firmly in mind," said Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO. "We have released a host of new content which provides a comparable PvP experience to the old Wilderness and mechanics to allow increased trade limits with long term friends but we are still regularly told by players that they want more. We want to find out whether the passionate voices we hear on this topic are truly representative of rs accounts for sale the entire community or just a vocal minority. If the vast majority of our players support the campaign then we will restore these features to the game as quickly as possible."

And before you go on about how the free trade/wildy vote was a success and shows how important the vocal minority is, allow me to remind you that there are still wide-spread complaints to this day about how that vote was handled that calls its legitimacy into question: the combination of the two issues (couldn't vote for one without voting for the other) and no log-in required to vote (calling into question the legitimacy of the votes themselves). And one only has to look at how little the wilderness is used today as well, and the problems created by this change with spamming, gambling and the like.

And yes, I know I'm part of the vocal minority. But that doesn't mean my opinions gel with yours.


some questions about RS3

Can I still play RuneScape 2/HD?
As with RuneScape HD, RuneScape 2 has evolved into RuneScape 3. This is a continuation of the current game, not a different product rs accountts selling.

Can I still play RuneScape using Java?
Yes, everyone will have a choice of client (HTML5 or Java) and your existing shortcuts and downloadable client will still work.

Do I need a new account? Will I have to restart my character?
No, everything is a continuation of the current game, with all of your existing progress, achievements, items, etc.

Can I play on mobile devices?
While the HTML5 client will technically work on some mobile browsers, it will not be optimised nor will the control runescape accounts sell scheme be updated for touch screen at this point.
Will the HTML5 client be completely finished for the launch of RuneScape 3?
The HTML5 client will be stabilised with performance improvements for the launch of RuneScape 3 but we're going to keep it tagged as a BETA for the coming months as ongoing optimisations are made.
There are also other factors beyond our control which will cause issues for some, such as the incomplete or not fully optimised support for HTML5 and WebGL from web browsers and graphics drivers.
Having said that, the majority of you should find that the client works well and you will suffer no performance issues from using it.


Lodestones are convenient

I realise that this will help out a lot of low leveled players but really, it's not that hard to walk. This game is supposed to be 13+ but I feel like it's become easy enough for primary school children to play Runescape accounts selling.

I would however suggest that you have to do maybe the medium tasks of that area to activate them. It makes it a little challenging. How will you be able to click previous destination to the wildy, if you never activated it in the first place.

I will not be using the wildy lodestone. If everyone can use it, I will not be using it when I have items on me, it's too risky.Can we get a confirmation that the Isafdar lodestone will require completion of Regicide sell runescape accounts?

Preferably Mournings End Part 1 as well, to bring it in line with the teleport and bank access unlocked through that quest, but that's just me being picky. I mostly just want Regicide to remain challenging. rather than introduce "lazy sedate things" why not inrtroduce a world for peng hunters where u dont get mauled by PK morons who camp at the likely spots runescape accounts for sale?

I get really fed up of having to run to say the lava maze 10 times to find 1 peng!First moment in a very long time that i think that i don't like an upcoming update... Lodestones are convenient, but at the same time they lower the value of quests. Why bother unlocking fairy rings, since you will be able to go almost anywhere with lodestones? I'm sure that you can counter the potential loss of amulet and ticket teleports by improving the location a bit, but that won't work for fairy rings i think... Anyway, maybe i'll hold on until i see the lodestones in action. Then i'll be able to give a better judgement


d3 pc version

Should of come out with content for the d3 pc version shuts getting boring with the same maps bring back mephy or Baal. And a new class d3 items!

Yeah thats exactly how I'd phrase it "Evil Reborn". Shittest game ever.uch a shame im stuck here in New Zealand. Looking forward to release already on pre order! Go go Diablo.I don't have a problem with D3 being on consoles. I have a issue with them being able to play offine and we on PC can't. That with the claim that it was necessary just bugs me.It's "necessary" because of RMAH, which is critical for getting through the higher difficulty levels (i.e. Nightmare onward) because of the disgustingly bad gear and loot drops at those difficulty levels. They don't want the RMAH that nobody either buy d3 gold asked for nor wanted to suffer inflation from dupers, which wouldn't be a problem if loot drops were the same as in D2 and there were no RMAH.

Notice something about every picture? No smiling faces. Because this fame is garbage. Diablo II. And that's all there will ever be. If only they spent half the time and effort adding another two levels to D2 it would have been magic.


my DH guide

 my DH is now lvl 36 and i dont have any problems with her. At the beginning i thought it was weak but now its imo op, cuz she has nice mass attack skills and single unit skills. Just be out of range of ur opponents and shoot them dead, then u dont need any armor ;) i agree with you on that one, i have a lvl 51 Female DemonHunter, i was with a monk last night slitly a lower level then and when fighting izual who served as Tyrael’s lieutenant in nightmare mode we was constently buy d3 items getting one shotted bye the adds and himself. disappointed in this nerf TBH…

any suggestions? I played with my lvl 55 DH last night on hell i was with a monk and a wizard I was always the last one to die and even sometime I didn’t die at all while they were all dead …. it’s not a weak char if you know how to play with it …..
Okay i guess its your opinion, i like wizard’s look more… Propably because of the way they stand, DH’s posture is always looking down like he’s back was curved or something… But still its very cool looking character. If i was to make female character it will be witch doctor.It seems like i’m the only one who has male DH and Wizard, personally i’m very pleased of that change of gender decision - selling Diablo 3 account As i feel weird, and cannot empathize playing as a female character.

My demon hunter is only 30lvl at the moment, and wizard 52. They feel like quite similar to me… And even if everyone on buy d3 gold the forum complains about difficulties of melee classes, i kind of envy them since boss fights are (in my belief) harder if your soloing on a ranged class, since bosses like rakanoth can teleport and 1-2 hit kill you