NY is on the same level as Vegas

Geh. Why Las Vegas again. Most horrible place ever. It's ugly, hot, you're stuck in hotels surrounded by gambling, drugs, and hookers. Can't you have these events at decent places in America? In Eurpoe it's in a great place and the same for Japan. I don't want to go based purely on this location. Soooooooo Disappointed. Childish for you to name call lol. I mean it's true, don't like it then don't go. Some people love Vegas or have never been so it's exciting cheap Blade & Soul Gold .

I KNOW RIGHT?? Should have had it in Colorado where Marijuana is no longer illegal. Vegas isn't cheap, that's for sure, but there are some pretty lovely places there. Maybe it's just because I get so starstruck about big shiny cities but I loved it every time I went, barring a few inevitable experiences. Allan Jones Agreed. It's very expensive. If they wanted to choose a gambling overpriced venue it should have been Tahoe. At least there's things to do for families, and it's a lot more picturesque.

Agreed, I have no reason to go to Vegas, how about a city that isn't sleazy? Don't go if you don't like it. Personally, i love that it's in Vegas. None of this boring east/west/nyc/LAX coast shenanigans Blade and Soul Gold , it's a hot spot for everyone. (Sunny San Diego would be a nice place to go though)

Nevada is a beautiful state. You only have to be in Vegas for the event. You don't have to limit yourself to Vegas. Type "Nevada" into Google Images.  I'm from AZ. I know what Nevada looks like, I've been there a few times. This isn't about the state. It's about this event and this destination. I don't agree with it and that is that. There is no need to try and sell it to me. Nothing you say or whine about or insult me for will change that. People have differing opinions. Its allowed. Get over it. Seriously. To me NY is on the same level as Vegas. Orlando I could see though. Personally I hate that most places doing it on one of the coasts. Me, I would prefer it being in TX.

The only person whining here is you. You're bitching about it being in Vegas well then don't go. Get off this comment section and don't think about it anymore since you're not interested. But what if they set up the fest to look like the golden saucer ?? then it would be the most fitting venue.  NY is worse than Vegas, nothing wrong with the location they chose, if it was a huge "ACTUAL" problem then there wouldn't be so many dang events located in Vegas now would there? I would love to go if I could but not sure I'll be able to sadly.


Black Desert Online

Gems and Transmutation allow you to further customize your Blade & Soul character.  I am hoping someone gets me blade and soul for my birthday because the game releases on my birthday! Why does someone have to "get" you Blade and Soul? It's free 2 play. Get it your self. Sev Elmazoski Blade and Soul Gold I thought it was a one time purchase with no monthly? Sev Elmazoski maybe he was thinking of Black Desert Online? Lance Gifford Nah, been following Blade and Soul since it's Korea release and I knew the Korea version wasn't F2P. Just didn't know West version was completely F2P (cosmetics and stuff aside)

Well I mean....no where on the website says that it's P2P...the only thing you can "purchase" besides the normal ncsoft currency is the founder packs... Brianna Newman Lots of companies in past that do founder pack type deals early, eventually switching at some point in the release month to the regular purchases.Granted if you dig around the purchase section of blade and soul and go into Q and A's you can find the info saying it will be F2P but as a practically broke college student I never even expected to be able to afford a founders pack so I never really looked at that area of the website.

Naww its f2p bruh. I been waiting for 6 years for this game to come out to the west and now its happening. Its worth the wait . I didnt buy founders pack lol. I have patience waiting. Good news! You'll be able to play for free on the 19th of January! Found that out due to the friendly community in the comments. Glad to see signs of a friendly and helpful community before the game is even officially out! There is friendly community but also there are campers Blade and Soul Buy Gold xD in terms of pvp ul start to hate the oposite faction xDD buuut it's gud that u have the surrender option and u can get out of pvp easily.

Unfortunately if you surrender, you lose all your faction quest progress. But if you don't then you keep dying when you spawn... there will be dicks everywhere.  I've made multiple feedback notes on the last 3 betas, where should I submit it in the forums? General discussion or bug reports? General Discussion would be the best place for feedback and suggestions and Bug Report forum is for any bugs you may have encountered.


a korean game -Blade & Soul

I would love to have black hair with dark metallic blue highlights. And Ricky martin's hairstyle would be nice too. medically speaking, I think heterochromia has been labeled as a genetic disorder. Regardless, I still think it is awesome.  could we have like a base pallet hair color with choice of color pallet highlights Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? or tips? i need a fire red hair color though lol ive put that in my survey answer .

Just add the KR/JP voice pack to the game. Soz but most of the ENG VAs are a joke.  3 servers of bns came out before you even knew what bdo was. unsure emoticon So ya got the order wrong.  I read a small bit about 'voices'. Do you guys have any official word yet on whether KR/CN/JP voices have officially made the cut or not? You mentioned in a live-stream that you were looking into this. Are you at a stage where you can comment on this? A question about founders pack that i didn't found answer. They say "In-game send mail access", so, the mail will be blocked for who doesn't have founders, or this is other thing? Because as i remember any server have restrinction in the mail system, so what will be this?

While i was playing the alpha i remember seeing something about being able to send mail without being in a town, probably refers to that? Hmmm, could be...I remember we can receive mail from everywhere in the game, but to send one only in NPC. Maybe founders can send from anyplace? Someone tell me where can I download the game I heard some ppl started to play already. The people who are playing already were invited to cheap Blade & Soul Gold the alpha test. If you buy a founders pack before a certain time on Wednesday you'll get access to this upcoming weekends alpha test and access to closed beta which starts October 30th. cool thanks Mariah Houghton but I'm really not interested in playing alpha test I just want to play CBT but do I REALLY have to buy founders pack to play CBT?

 eyebrow color is a big plus, a lot of korean games tend to leave that out which makes it very painful to look at red or green hairstyles with ugly brown eyebrows. In testing we'll have access to all 7 char slots. At launch though you get 2.


Is there any chance to see Blade & Soul on Steam

Is there any chance to see Blade & Soul on Steam?. I'm asking considering that Lineage II and AION will be available there. Founder pack says.. "Gain Access to all Close beta this Fall"... so im just curious.. does this mean that the game will come out this winter?? or do you have to buy another pack for winder close beta? XD just being curious on this since I dont see a release day yet. thx.

release is Q1 2016. you get access to all beta keys with the founder pack. Hello Blade & Soul, May I know my country Malaysia is available play your game? I'm waiting closed beta so bad, nice quality. Hey Devin. Absolutely Malaysia players can play in either the NA or EU version smile emoticon Ping will be bad for you, so you should test which site will be better for you (NA servers will be in Dallas, and EU will be in Frankfurt). Blade and Soul Gold Also, you could look into Ping Booster sites to lower your ping a bit. WTFast is one many use, but there are others.

To my understanding there isn't a ip block cause anyone in Africa etc can play too. But if you run botting programs like many of you do, (as I seen in other games) you'll be banned obviously smile emoticon just stick to the rules and you can play! 110% no IP block, but it would be better to play an asian version for your location as ping will be a problem.

Yeah, it kinda is P2P for the Betas. However, they will be giving out free keys. Make sure to sign up on their website! You could still get a key for the Oct 30 CBT. And even if you don't get in that one, there will be more - I bet you will get into at least one of them.... Mostafa Ahmed Just hang in there then. Keys for CBT are not being given out yet, those will start being given away next week. You could also periodically check various gaming websites, as they often have keys to give away. Streamers also will probably give away keys (most likely streamers are the ones who have been demoing BnS) - of course, you have to watch their streams to have a chance at them....  Excuse me sir but NCFail released a new launcer,so it will be harder for bots to bot sure theres bots and dw there will be bots on BDO as well,Blade and Soul Buy Gold however BnS seems to gettin more attention than BDO that says A LOT cheers!Tuan has obviously never heard of botters before, people paid hundreds of dollars for WoW and games like it with all expansions and add-ons and they still bot. A game having a price doesn't reduce it's botters. It actually increases them in most cases. Jared Gomez i dont play wow to me wow is sucky game.... i was busy playing cabal. dont understand what blade n soul is then this game is SUPER UNIQUE because 1) its the only mmo in the western world that could potentially be an esport and 2) the business model is phenomenal no other mmo is like this at all fk black desert im playin this.


Blade and Soul open beta

There will be no open beta as far as I know. After closed it will jump straight to normal one. Gamer from Texas here, trying to start the game and I'm stuck on the Blade and Soul icon screen. Does this mean it's not up and running even though we were told it would be 10am pst? That was an hour ago Blade and Soul Gold . The NCSoft website isn't loading for me to login and use my key. Is there something wrong?

I can't log in (key is new one),I see game screen but no options or what ever, is it client server problem?  server down? why cant login now stock at blade and soul entrance. Blade and Soul has become so boring. Aion was more fun IMO. Aion is pay2win,BnS is not also BnS is competitve and Aion isnt i play Aion everyday non-stop but BnS is just 10 times better. Lol who says I can't play? I've been playing all the betas. All the same quest process and mobs. All the same thing like Tera. I'm here to give my opinion. Take it as that. All of you can be defensive all you want Blade and Soul will have better pvp than Aion don't worry...Aion has been a little Jewel but BnS have more potentiality with that gameplay! Well...yea...Aion is pretty old compared to BnS. I played Tera and it has the same feel with BnS. The mobs and quests were similar each level and chapter. Sort of boring.

 5fps minimal options TT_TT i hate intel hd graphic.... Righ, I found a solution 4 this. Just log in to ur acc on their website than go apply code and blade and soul and press APPLY button. wink emoticon  I won a key but I can not log !!, is not always running and does not appear the option to Blade and Soul Buy Gold create character Blade & Soul.  I activated my key, turn on downloaded blades&soul game... all i see is moving animation with some song ant thats it....  Have played on NA from EU and had no problems now playing EU on EU and and every skill/attack 1-3 sec delay its unplayable for my and on the internet nothing to find to fix it everything i try nothing changes pc beast internet beast! Also try on lowest settings same! nothing changes asking in chat in game no one helped so sad got key for the weekend to try the game again in EU and can not play was so hyped for this weekend .


Soul Disciple & Master Pack has Test NCoins for CBT

is the CBT on going right now? Cause i just purchased founders pack initiate? Founder’s Packs can now be upgraded to higher tiers to gain additional benefits and bonuses.  Blade & Soul if I upgrade my Initiate pack to Master pack, will the premium member ship start in Close Beta or will start at Official Launch ?  GREAT! i bought the initiate pack so i could see if i like the game that I've been patiently waiting 5 years for. Now that i know the game is amazing i will upgrade to the Master pack.

IF you want to support a FREE2PLAY game and get some in game benefits you have a CHOICE of either purchasing a founders pack OR simply paying for Ncoins as you go.The master pack is expensive but if you are going to play for more than a few months the benefits are pretty obvious.. Blade & Blade & Soul Gold ; Soul Disciple & Master Pack has Test NCoins for CBT, if ever i have NCoins that not came from Founders Pack and i will use it on CBT, will it be deducted to my account? or it will be like a Test NCoins also? NCoins will get refunded at launch if you spend any in CBT. Since CBT will be cleared.

VIP PACK FOR EVERY CHARACTER PLEASE ROFL 120 EU for 20 pots 2 keys ? and 2 costumes + 1 weapon skin ( for 1 char and weapon ONLY ! ) you are all retarded for sure wtf are you saying? 115 euro pack and has 85 euro nc coins inside from the launch WAKE UP PPL!!! and if you count the other thinks that gives you, like char slots free skins etc that costs money especially a char slot its expensive in every mmorpg so wake up and stfu Prices are somewhat expensive Buy Blade and Soul Gold , indeed. I'd pay for the first pack. Not so much because of access to betas or the rewards, but to give a little support to them. The game will be free and is a good one after all   this people talk with out researching do the math on NCoin and 90days elite and this a free game its just a small support for the game . dont buy if you dont like it no need to throw fire on it if you guys think its not worth it then dont get it the world works that way we dont use your money to buy our stuff in the 1st place .


Blade and Soul Force Master is nice and all

I'm not sure if anyone has said this before, but this game keeps me hooked unlike other mmorpgs where sometimes I just feel like I need to stop cause it gets boring and repetitive. Good job Team Bloodlust (you too NCSoft)! Why have you made this game P2W? Players has to pay when they loot items in dungeons and ofc people that has most money will always get loot, cause they can out bid everyone! And whats with the 20€ for each suit/outfit we want? Each outfit is one time use, so we have to spend 20€ on every character we want that outfit on. Just plain AWFUL greed system your going for in this game.  i need help first when i started the game i got runtime error then i got blade and soul has stooped working now i cant even start it?

Blade and Soul Gold

Force Master is nice and all, but why does the basic ice spell cost focus? T-T I prefer using ice over fire but having the focus cost means I'm stuck spamming fire to get my focus back, oh well, still a fun class. o no no! have you try put point into the ''2'' skill? on the far right side of the skill tree. it turn into ice bolt, it use1 focus each and when crit you can use Ice Barrage ''F'' key to regain the focus, and you can put point in the ice barrage skill tree to have it lifesteal, which is crazy, u can never use the fire skill again if u can manage the focus, so far im using the sheild buy from jadestone town which give like 1k hp and 60% crit, you can spam both skill infinitely and regain hp with ice barrage I'd *love* to join you for Force Master Week, but I wasn't ever accepted into the beta. Maybe only send out emails like this to people who were accepted instead of everyone else who can't get in Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?

Blade master need more cc escape skills TxT and summoners are like teemo: satan reincarnate. Little dam cats can revive and cc the crap out of you while chibi ass spams beams of utter wrecking.  i play both i like bns and eloa... but damn i hope they release for oceanic server.... its kinda irritating fight with delay... Hey I was reading through the FAQ and it said that you guys weren't planning on having an Oceanic server, I really hope you guys reconsider because Oceania has quite a big population that would love a game like this, I personally would love to get this game and play it over league of legends but because of there being no OCE server this makes it hard making me have to play on NA like when I first started playing League of legends. Eventually you guys will hopefully make an OCE server but I would like to ask you to reconsider not making an Oceanic server. plz respond.

They have said they might consider it in the future, but no plans for it right now. I recommend you sign the SEA petition that is floating around. Haha - the combos on the Force Master are actually not as complex as other classes! They already did a Summoner week. If you want to watch the official Livestream for Summoner week,  Blade & Soul So I could not find another way to talk about this at some specific ticket. Blade and Soul Buy Gold I am a Brazilian player, I'm expecting this game to 5 years, I would greatly appreciate it if you could translate the game into Portuguese for the best gameplay Brazilian players. And then there's another subject, I received the code to play the second weekend the blade and soul test, but it turns out there was a problem in my internet, I wonder if you could release me but one key to the next week.


NCsoft games Blade & Soul

Windows 8 and 10 had a memory leak. Check how to fix it maybe it's not just the game if it is OS specific. My friends performance was fine. But After win 10 upgrade cpu always at 100% and only 2fps whereas before it ran at 40fps with same settings. Checked thier pc drivers/settings even sound accelerationand Cant find any solution so far. Blade & Soul If our characters will be deleted from the launch of the game. Well, there's our award founder pack master? will also be deleted suits, Blade and Soul Gold NCpoints, etc.

Jonny Karlsson Sjölund first return to your primary to speak well and then explain well not understand what you mean your brain?... God gave both of you a first language for a reason. Our nc coins in beta are test coins. As long as you don't use your real nc coin on a different game you'll get to use them on live version all over again and re buy your outfits. Nc coins are test coins in game, outfits and what not from master pack will be returned to you after reset. to clarify what you get in your founders pack will be there when you create your new toon at launch you will recieve it all the same way you did in beta. Ncoins will be there so long as you have not used them in another game such as Aion or other NCsoft games that use that currency. As for purchased beta outfits they will be gone you will have to repurchase them if you choose when live launches that is if they are still available. The only guaranteed outfits you will recieve is if you have the master's founders pack which comes with the 2 outfits and weapon skin just be careful what toon you accept the weapon skin on as it is not tradeable between characters Blade and Soul Buy Gold as the outfits are.

Hi Blade & Soul team, will there be any IP block for certain countries?
Blade & Soul Is it possible to provide us the full resolution of the main banner in the article? Like more than 1080p... Thanks! Chase Anderson 21x9 is a really nice aspect ratio. I only wished my 21x9 monitor could support freesync as well.  I believe you either get a chance to create your character before launch or the name of your beta character is locked to your account. there's gonna be a notice before the launch where in the certain scheduled time window name reservation will be open for those entitled to claim names. If multiple people have same names I think it will be first ones to create character first.


Blade and Soul CBT3 Beta Keys

I wanted a key, but in my country it was morning and I was sleeping. You can still get a key. This site has 2500 keys left as of this writing. Go for it. (note, lots of people are accessing, so you will get a lot of load errors, just keep trying and it will work): can i have a key on drrivo80@gmail.com Blade and Soul Gold ?  Where are the keys ??? We are waiting for info about that. when do we get keys for beta are do u half get some where else.  What about CBT3 Beta Keys? If the staff is not going to give away or will be "Region Locked" like it's seems to be the case with Germany, better let us know, i spent almost all day on computer because you guys said today there would be giving Keys via newsletters and from partners...and til now nothing...At least keep us up to date about Keys, you guys must know that not everyone can afford founder pack even if it's $25 bucks...

Cbt keys are given out randomly, they don't give them out to everyone. Even if you are subscribed to emails and what not, they are always given out randomly. Giving away a acc with closed beta acces for cs:go gift on steam if any1 is intrested. Can i Have a Beta key for this beta test? Much appreciated I hope i can get a key to test out Blade&Soul. supose to mean that u have to wait a few hours to connect ... to be more specifically about 8 hours until servers OPEN !! Servers open November 24th at 10:00AM PST. So you just friggin wait! 10AM? whats your location? Buy Blade and Soul Gold im from philippines. can anyone make a timer, when the game goes up (i mean the cbt3) or about how much hours left for it to start.

nice to know ty for this post...now we know how to trust or not nsoft. i've got a beta key, don't know if you can give it away but i wont have time to play,, msg me if you want the code.  i just got an e-mail with the key just like the 1st time (i got one key at the 1st weekend too). i have my founders pack but im still tryin to get atleast 1key for my friend to be able to play with me smile emoticon.but i should remind people that, they will give away beta keys at the stream time, so just download OR update BnS and watch the event vs jaesung.im sure it will be more then just 1key per fight and same time there will be other site that will give keys, but to get more chance to win, just watch the stream all. The Force Master uses their deadly control of the elements to freeze their enemies in place, and then burn then to ashes. Let the Fire and Ice rain down!


What about CBT3 Beta Keys

Don't miss the Blade & Soul Arena Invitational event where invitees from both Europe and North America will take on Jaesung—one of the best Blade & Soul pro players in the world.where are the giveaways for cbt3 :c we are dying waiting for them t.t. I just wish i could play the beta. Only tomorrow will be able to play? Where are the keys ??? We are waiting for info about that What about CBT3 Beta Keys? If the staff is not going to give away or will be "Region Locked" like it's seems to be the case with Germany, better let us know, i spent almost all day on computer because you guys said today there would be giving Keys via newsletters and Blade and Soul Gold from partners...and til now nothing...At least keep us up to date about Keys, you guys must know that not everyone can afford founder pack even if it's $25 bucks...

Is North America having the uncensored version? i've got a beta key, don't know if you can give it away but i wont have time to play,, msg me if you want the code.  i just got an e-mail with the key just like the 1st time (i got one key at the 1st weekend too)
Too bad you cant make force master pure fire xD. Sad thing is, i′d rather deal with that ping than deal with the community SA servers spawn. Subpar servers with no stability on ping, no staff support.. full of racism and xenophobia between people on the same region.. no thanks.  acho que mesmo com 20.000 esse server nao sai.  its a interesting play style and with my exp playing mages or casters in other games I would have Buy Blade and Soul Gold expected me jumping into the FM and enjoying it but it was the opposite really. I by far prefer some of the other classes just for the fact some of the others flow alot smother imo. Love the game thou. will this game globally open or there will be some blockade for certain country? I love Warlock to, but when they give him to us it will be 1-2 years. Warlock will probably be here around June-July next year. Black friday is here put some sale on master pack !

I think you should give two extra keys to those who bought the founder pack, those keys are totally free,they don't have the features of the founder packs, but it will totally make our friends happy ^^ nice marketing tho tongue emoticon.


why Pastore and Agüero used it instead of Tevez.

 You only score if the game lets you. Stop crying, game is great you just need to learn to play! Why my matchmaking never find a rival in my ultimate team ?  Fiffa is shyt wrelly.why every jrk can goal g.most shyt poor luck notjhing with u.shyt.Brazil has good individual players but as a team I don't think they are Good. Well Brazil defence was so bad because Thiago Silva wasnt there, they need someone to lead it, just like Barca's defence needed Puyol for example... Remember that Garay is out too and he is a damn good defender.

Brazil has Oscar and buy FIFA 16 coins stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. Brazil win because argentina don't have messi and aguero.  I think now is the time of Neymar to show his talent( BRZIL 3 vs ARGNTN 2).  I think Brazil wins this match because neymar play for him. Argentina because Messi,di maria,aguero and other are really good. Argentina lost the world cup because di maria wasn't there. Argentina gonna win. As a Chelsea supporter I hope he isn't, an injury to him will kill me.

Vamos Argentina!! Hope martino quits anyway.  Brazil will win there's a reason they have more world cups. All they need is Costa Neymar and Willian or Lucas. History doesn't make up for what happens with today's squad. Get your logic straight before you pick one team. Personally, I would love to see Brazil win. Messi is not in Argentina but Neymar will play so Brazil.Brazil will win this match. Keap supporting boys FIFA 16 coins . We are always with you. Argentina and the number #10 ... Di Maria is using it now? My god... I didn't understand why Pastore and Agüero used it instead of Tevez. I prefer Lamela using that number... or no one haha. True. But please, don't be ridiculous. Neymar's absence is not an excuse for that ridiculous semi-final. Brazil is a team, and not a one man army. No one, who says that if he's not injured, the 7-1 never happens, can be really serious. About Argentina, they had luck against Belgium and Netherlands, and they were never worthy to be in the finals, let alone win the cup. Worst team makes the final?? Oh yeah your hungary u dont know anything about football hahha your garbage country didnt even qualify lol losers.


Aion PvPers

I created an account and got locked out of the game for cheating even though I never got to log into the game. and didn't get i reply from them when sent I email. please NC speed up cast speed on cleric, i love my cleric but cast speed is to slow, could mean death and usually does, result angry group, so for quite awhile i have not played my cleric, and switching from staff to mace and shield doesnt make much of a difference, please please help with this, ty. It's over with bots and hackers, they are dead. This game ins dead for now!!! Better places is gone Aion Kinah :((.. Danaria and Katalam places :(

 4.7.5 Private server.. i just start to play in there, very nice server.. maybe someone wants to join? I have problems to log in aion after an update. Hopefully lots of the PvPers will be in the abyss so I can finally do something in Cygnea which is not very nice either. I miss Katalam/Danaria/Sarpan and even Tiamaranta! There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM Central Time.  How many still playing aion 100??200??dead gameee.

You say its a dead game and you still like the page. i think you are bad at this game that why you are reacting like that well all game has its haters you are just one of them you dont like the page just unlike the page a go do something else instead on commenting what aion staff are doing. & Aion Gold; bots are gone,they dont spam LFG anymore,theres only a really FEW bots running around,Hackers are far less as well as they cant use hacks since Aion is 64-bit forced and u need 32 bit to hack,hacks that work for 64 bit are costly thus only a lifeless retard would pay for...all in all Aion is a sinking ship but ppl still play and so am I,4,9 and 5.0 may give it some life...theres over 1000 players playing everyday..help, will continue giving curator weapons after maintenance ?n.n. aion players, guys help me im a newbie in this game and i'm n0t yet familiar with it. what is the best item set for assasin? and where is the best place for looting items. by the way my character name in aion siel server is Manger. 4.7.5 Private server.. i just start to play in there, verry nice server.. maybe someone wants to join? Whats that in GMT or UTC (same thing almost) and much more useful than some strange time in a little knwon country.

I was wondering, since the games population has slightly decreased, is there any hopes that there could be a name wipe for those who don't play anymore to open up names for new players? Thanks! i forgot my pin code and i did not remember date to reset it. so more bots and more hackers return?


I'm trying to log into the 14 day trial of FFXIV

Anyone notice in the picture iroha has her hair is shorter. Shantatto. That's the name I was trying to remember. Thanks for the info. Learn about Verminion Challenge mode and other tips for starting Lord of Verminion in the latest Developers’ Blog, "Who Wants to be a Minionaire?"! Thordan Weapons are Crit/Det/SS, 2 of those. None of them have acc, I just made you hyped more. Except Drk/Sch are the only ones that got screwed over. we get an day refund because maintain take's an full day ? Trying to log in to update keep Cheap FFXIV Gil getting unable to complete version check any one else getting this?

so, I'm a bit confused/annoyed/frustrated. I'm trying to log into the 14 day trial of FFXIV, and everytime it says I've got the wrong Square enix ID or password. I've changed tha password like 3 times so I know its not that.. any help? Game is down for maintenance right now, so if you just created an account I'm going to assume it's not loaded as the the game isn't online to accept the info FFXIV Gil. It's case sensitive also if that helps, was your ID capitalize?  I created it yesterday... and got so frustrated I gave up for the night.. The game is down bro yesterday the game went down for maintenance that is why you cannot log in right now they are adding new patch lmfao.

err shouldn't be getting an invalid login or password... I really have to get back into this game, it just looks so amazing! damnit hurry up i want to play LoV i got 102 minion waiting to put a beat down on everyone. People on here moaning about the maintenance, how do you think the update is applied to the servers. void ark was was so much fun! had an amazing group and with only 2 wipes 😀.  and after update this game works like crap... it locks at 600MB of ram(i have 16GB) usage and fps is terrible(drop from stable 60 to 20)...


some Maguuma Jungle creatures from Guild Wars 1

 Please add the HoT Soundtrack, it is fantastic and surely many people will buy! Check out Guild Chat 21, with a behind the scene on the design and animation of Heart of Thorns creatures! Will we be seeing some Maguuma Jungle creatures from Guild Wars 1, only a little more enhanced from Modramoths powers? animations? well... please fix the wyvern then? it literally teleports when taking to the air, spawns on the ground, then a second wyvern im guessing its the same one flies through while we are fighting the other not glitched wyvern, '' minblown''GW2 is a Global game Guild Wars 2 Gold '' We got a 64 bit client and I like it. Now how's about some dx12 or even 11 love. Even though imo 12 is the way to go now especially considering how long you guys like to take implementing these things...by the time we get it 11 will be long dead like 9 and the failed 10 are.

And dx12 would be only for a small group, those who upgraded to win10. Pretty pointless going that route and it would be a terrible decision business wise Buy GW2 Gold . Seeing win 10 is free..for owners of 7 and 8...and system specs didn't increase much at all..if any ..and if you are still using xp and locked to dx9 or 32bit then ...well it's way past time to upgrade lol. this is SUPER interesting and i'm sure alot of us would love to see more! it gives aspiring character designers and character animators alot of insight of how animations are tackled and built! Very interesting! But I must say I feel players would rather hear more about the status of known bugs and their eta on repairs. There are numerous bugs preventing some progressions as it currently stands. I think you'd get much more player support and attention if your addressing those first and foremost. They restrict them because of international sweepstakes laws. Each country has its own laws regarding contests like this, and for ANet to open it up to every country would cost 1000 times more than the promotion is worth, not to mention all of the legal red tape they would have to go through. Don't blame ANet, blame your government.

Pretty sure they could offer a gem giveaway internationally... Though some other much smaller companies seem to have no problem with having worldwide sweeptakes (so US and everywhere else in the world). I'd like to know why Anet, and alot of other big companies, can't do the same. US only-- crap!! I guess they jut can't be bothered, many US companies their contest in Can. The how stuff works is just lame way to to excuse them not trying. But doesn't facebook have a feature to let pages post only to specific regions? oh yeah an european ppl can just support: The eu has no such law that prevents prizes from being sent.... nice job failing to be an international company. A lot of other companies don't have that problems... Strange.... only there are very few that are U.S only, most are open to the world.


Tiamat server is back up

Tiamat server is back up but the npcs mobs teleport statues are all gone. just blank maps. I aion please have a error APPCRASH not let me be in pandemonium ... I play well on all maps. But when he took the scroll to pandemonium, I skip a window that says "not responding aion online search solution" or "close program". I give online solution. But when I was last buy Aion Gold logged on, it becomes to label me and repeat the process because I appear pulled me right where I am in the server support beritra pls. Yeah so I got back on right after the update and there are no NPC's and nothing to interact with either other people on my server are having the same problem. The problem only just started after the update Aion Please see what's going on with it.

I have some problem of my other account. Since Aion Online had
a Verification Code before playing the game now i can't access my
account because i can't remember my Gmail Account. Any suggestion and
reply.  how to download this cool game\ u guys can help me? send me a private message (about prestige pack) wtf.......just got dc'd and now cant even get the game launcher to start up..... Can you guys Flash sale Wonder Girls Emote? pretty please. Cannot connect with the server (IS) Somebody knows wtf happened? or NCsoft answer in tickets..

Have to include the daylight savings time! clock goes back an hour so it would be 1 hour and 45 minutes! ahh yes that makes sense dorry lol im south african we dont have tht here lol. never the less its past 3am so it should be up buy now.. buy Aion Kinah . Steven Blandy Never expect an Aion maintenance to be finished on time XD.  Aion my account is 2 years old but when i create a new char i have no returning user icon? why is that? pls help/ RETURNING player that mean u have no RELOG ingame on that account for more then 30 days... if u log in aion 1 time in this 30 days u lose the returning status !!


more for world comp

10, 3 of which have mastery now, the hero points to get to the elite spec were not hard, not sure why people needed the elite specs to come down. I spent the better part of a day on some characters running around the original areas/then a little bit in HoT when I decided I didn't want to grind out ~70-80 more for world comp. Getting 400 would have been easy. So, what Colin just told me is to not bother with Fractals until, at the earliest, 2016. Um, ok. Speaking as someone that has played many hours in fractals (I've lost track of how much time I've spent playing them), I think the dungeon is in the best state it has ever been in. That isn't an exaggeration. It's actually fairly rewarding now. It's fun Cheap GW2 Gold . It gets rather brutal when you get deep into it but that's kind of the point.

The balance needs fine tuning of course but that will come in time. If fractals interest you at all, they're easier to get into now than they've ever been. And the rewards are better too. And that legendary fractal backpack!  Will the legendary light armor set require gossamer to build? I hope so... I have some GW2 Gold .... 16 or so thousand sitting in my guild bank I bought with the price so low. o_o  I find the story a bit overboard in fact i stopped doing it. The grenade part was pain ,really trying to lob a grenade on someone on the run. Meanwhile he this Champ has a umbilical cord to keep him alive. Then the NPC's just stop helping you and wanna hit vines instead. End of story for me.

 "near" no ideas, but definitively yes in the future.I really like the feeling of playing a unique profession, and having so many choices . Same, that what makes HoT so good in my opinion, more diversity. They've already said that the new mastery and elite specialization systems are intended to be the framework for how they'll be expanding character progression in the future. So while there is no ETA on new elite specializations or masteries, it's really just a matter of when and not if. smile emoticon

Of course, plans could change based on extensive feedback and other factors but that's my understanding of their current long term plans.


Is there going to be any new Zodiac weapon quests in FFXIV?

I am very close to the community, I like helping others. I only had one bad experience with a user in the game who tried to claim I wasn't healing when all I done was heal. Besides that I've had nothing bad although I've seen tanks be assholes to other people. Yes, I play as DPS far range and I can tell the healer class seems hard to play. I help whenever I can if my dots are all posed on mobs. As for tanks, they can be rough sometimes indeed. Well I take my place, though. Laugh about it when stuff like that happen, take a deep breath and remember that it is a game where we should enjoy FFXIV Gils ourselves smile emoticon

Oh and another thing that "helps" is saying you are new to the instance when it starts, and if any advices, you will be glad to listen. And the videos too, they help. I also do it before every instance. There will alwayz be ppl to rage, yell and show off...Everywhere smile emoticon Who cares ? Let them be and keep smiling smile emoticon. I love running with my FC, but they are all post 60 and I am starting over after being away a year.  I play by myself. I enjoy freedom. Although I got a couple of IRL friends that are playing and I also made new friends in game.

Is there going to be any new Zodiac weapon quests? I've heard people in game say stuff about it, but have not seen anything official.. D: lol takeo.....when he's not killing zombies waiting for his role in BO3 xD. I'm in the same boat Lillith. I get so nervous that I'm not doing a good enough job. My main is a tank so I have to watch the videos before hand which only helps a little bit. I get lost sometimes and then worry even more Buy FFXIV Gil . I have anxiety irl and these dungeons don't help with that. My next dungeon is Sohm Al and I can't force myself to do it. Oh, and everyone in my FC is inactive and I'm too shy/scared to ask random people to help me through it. I've only been yelled at once in Thornmarch because I didn't know the adds. I knew how to do the boss, but the other tank had to do the boss (for whatever reason). So, we wiped and he instantly started yelling at me. I even told them beforehand that I didn't know the adds, but still got yelled at. So, I logged out. Sorry for the rant, but know you're not alone out there.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

I'd love to play, but since the HoT update I crash instantly, tried everything, spoken with devs. Will that mean you will fix the bug with the prologue bug in HoT that is preventing people from finishing it and progressing into Magumma? Skip all cutcenes in prologue asap. You miss out on cutcenes but your game GW2 Gold doesn't crash. They fixed already. You're late in exactly 24 hours to suggest it smile emoticon.

I still want a discount on the expansion because I pre-ordered the original. frown emoticon I'm not purchasing HoT until they put it on sale months down Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the road. Already paid for 2 accts., one of which was banned as a "hacked acct". After dealing with support for 2 months, I just initiated a chargeback because they refused legit ownership verification.

Friend of mine tried G2A months ago,dont end up well.
People sell used codes so you get banned after a week,G2A refunds the money if you win the case though. Since it's launched today my sound is completely gone in the game. I didn't buy the expansion but I don't think it would matter? How many did you piss off by giving a full game price for an expansion. I love GW2, but they want us to pay twice for the game, an expantion should cost at the very least half the original game. Have you seen the content that have been released? You all losers for not buying it, just means less whingers running around in game.

Congratulations, ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2! This game, community and dev team is something to be ferociously proud about! Go us! In 3 hours and 15 minutes I am outta school and into the game!!! and half of that other half have been banned. Try to get support from them on forums and here and they ban you from both sites as well.


play GW2 for years

I think it's kinda cheap for what u get in return. hope you fixed al the bugs and and stuff we found bad with the classes.  I hoping to play druid, hopefully they Cheap GW2 Gold fix staff skills 1 and 2, and the celestial avatar skills and recharge.  Lol, the pet Ai didn't get reworked. And it's not going to. If it was as good as it should be they'd be so OP in PVP that people would whine so hardcore that the Ranger would end up removed from PVP. This is the first I've herd of bugs from the beta, how bad was it?
Guild Wars 2 Gold

They have changed the druid, read it up. William Goff well the fact we couldent play raids untill after the weekend sucked, other than that i dident experience so much. Still not sure if i'll get this (mainly because i was hoping for another race :'< ), will it be the same price after it's released? Yeah I had really hoped/thought we would be getting Tengu or Koda...I had what I thought was a great idea of how to make a Skritt work as well, but alas nay... I was hoping for Koda myself, Skritt would be interesting though! I put in for leave for the first 2 weeks of November.  hows the "healing" is my water/air/arcane ele going to see any life, or is it going to be the same old zerk fest.  I rather have a zerk fest than a ele fest... 3 years too many eles..

 thanks for telling me about healing in the new xpack, instead you told me something I already know.. well considering the ice bow was the only thing op with elementalist, its not deserving more nerf. they ripped me off just b4 gw2 came out so i aint buying nuffin from these idiots. Looking forward to it. BUT I think that it was a poor decision to release the Halloween festivities on the same day. I foresee many crashes... halloween or not, the servers would pretty much fill up all the same, and the f2p players gets to enjoy halloween while we enjoy expansion grin emoticon and halloween offcourse.

Which time is the release in Swedish time? you will know whenever they announce the time. ~plays music~, bash the dragon, bash the dragon, Mordremoth has chosen the wrong place to invade!! we are dragon bashers! i feel like dragon bashr as a class name is too high concept for me.


GW2 behind legendaries

After reading the article and seeing that you have to have HoT in order to make any of the next set of Legendary weapons, does this mean that this set is going to be account bound and not able to be put on the TP?  they already told us the new legendarys are unsellable when they first talked about them months ago, sorry :c  I thought I read something about that, just making sure.

 its great to see legendary gear that isn't "acquirable" though the TP. All three are gorgeous and varied, so different! I love the effects each one has, and especially that staff will go perfectly with my Druidvari! (Though now tempted to make a Norn druid.....) Massive congrats and thanks to the team behind legendaries, this new process sounds fun and more attainable (did I mention fun?) I can't wait to see the longbow (ranger main since beginning) but it'll be worth the wait Cheap GW2 Gold ! Why am I still liking this page, sigh, guild wars 2, it was fun while it lasted, and it didn't last to long.

Also the fact that gift of might and gift of magic(both quite expensive to make or take a seriously long time to grind T6) are not being used is quite ridiculous... There legendary they've always been a grind if u want them.. Yes they were always a grind, but it never took more than a month to 6 weeks for myself and at the same time I had multiple options of ways to grind the mats needed. These seem like it'll be 10x more grind as you'll now have to grind pvp and wvw which a lot of players(myself included) don't enjoy. As well as map specific mats being included we'll be forced to grind a single map which no one enjoys doing. There'll no longer be various ways to grind so it will feel like more of a chore than something fun and worthwhile in the end which is never a good thing in a game where people come to enjoy themselves.

Speaking of grinding parts ofthe game GW2 Gold you dont enjoy to gain gear: crafting >. I guess you won't be able to get a new legendary if you don't want to do what it takes to acquire it. My buddies iRL have a saying that goes "sounds like a personal problem"... Perfect application here. Fact of the matter is a legendary should push you to do things you don't like and aren't necessarily good at that's what gives them prestige. Currently the legendarys now don't offer that, because anything you can buy isn't difficult to obtain.


acebook has an option to target posta at regions GW2

Sigh. I am aware they are account bound. I am aware that you can put them in your bank and switch Characters, that is the problem I am suggesting get changed. Yes it is a 1 time purchase but I know people who decided that it was a lesser of evils to buy multiple of them just because they cannot be split onto other characters. If it is acount bound then what would stop them from making it rightfully so. Just like dyes used to be people bought multiples of the colors for diff toons and in the end lost out because they were all made account bound.

Well these are already account bound but you have to annoyingly store it in your bank just to change characters and then have to go to a bank or use a bank item to retrieve it. The amount of logging you would need to do to even make up for 1k gems is insane!! I couldnt imagine buying multiple tools. What wopuld be awesome is if you purchased these mining tools that they be maybe available maybe a side tab where you can store those and have them readily available for any character on your account that way there is no need to go to a bank you have it unlocked in the tab bar and can slide one onto every toon if u wish to do so.

Nothing against other languages, but i didn't know that ArenaNet, Inc. had become all german all of a sudden.....
It's because the Germans Buy GW2 Gold own the Gold Tier in WvW.  Sarah Hogan I understand that, but they should use the universal language, but i see they already fixed that. Should? Fixed? There are many people playing the game. They use 4 main languages. There's no should here. Hangman clothing set and more now available in the gem shop!  Was hier wieder abgeht ist ja zum weinen.
Mimimimi ich kann kein Deutsch!
Mimimimi ihr seid schuld am WW2!
Mimimimi Deutsche sind so arrogant GW2 Gold und lernen keine anderen Sprachen!

Facebook has an option to target posta at regions. They must havr mixed smth up... Jeez chill ppl... on speaks german except germans. why is this even posted on an international page? 

Was hier wieder abgeht ist ja zum weinen.
Mimimimi ich kann kein Deutsch!
Mimimimi ihr seid schuld am WW2!
Mimimimi Deutsche sind so arrogant und lernen keine anderen Sprachen!
Facebook has an option to target posta at regions. They must havr mixed smth up... Jeez chill ppl... non speaks german except germans. why is this even posted on an international page?  c'mon lady. read what you just posted. You know less than 100m is so little compared to the billions who speak english. Its not really how many that speaks a language that matters here. Its about english is widely used. Even the Chinese speak english ffs. why? it does not give me any advantage. i have no plans to visit Germany like forever. So no thanks. And yes i am mad. Its arrogance like this that started WW2. and no i am not from the US or england.


why is the knight weaker than the Dark Ride when defeat the magic BOSS

Still see some people feel that because of lack of DPS wasteland used only dark ride, FARM thought with the knight can be more stable
I only for the magic BOSS, consists of 1 layers and 4 layers, 3 layers of physical magic mix aside, 2 layers of pure physical Knight better not to talk
In the face of the magic BOSS Cheap FFXIV Gil , the rest of the Knights left
Two shield
Iron wall
Early warning
It's gone.
3.0 extra skills, said really Knight 5 skills, 2 is the output of the loop, is a must to parry, a milk, is a fan
Let me show you the skills of the dark.
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
Dark ride in the middle of the two shield Buy FFXIV Gil
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
The Dark Ride iron wall
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
The warning of the disability of the dark
Then take a look at this skill, 60 seconds CD, 30% magic minus
Players analyze why the knight in the magic BOSS before the Dark Ride
To tell the truth, Knight magic defense even soldiers are not as good, I really do not understand why there are people think, FARM period or knight more stable, fixed thinking is really terrible.
More needless to say, the goddess of war is to reduce power, the dark ride is to reduce intelligence, itself focused on not the same.
To tell the truth, I thought at least 3 will give a short CD of the general anti injury, or magic to make up short board
However, Yoshida does not seem to mean that, on the one hand, to further give you a certain cell to block the use of eggs
The one hand neither painful nor itching gave you 2 output cycle
Further increase the difficulty of the knight operation does not say, the actual capacity of the tank has not improved
While you look at the next 2 tanks, a switch position without GCD, a simply 2 gesture at the same time, and then look at the knight.
You really want to play output, you want the back board does not say that the attitude of the cut off output, invincible 10 seconds, half to cut the attitude, you say that the egg is not painful, the key to switch the attitude and even cut off.
Facing the boss of magic, the CD does not turn over is the norm, is buckled with less injury, you take what attitude, originally to the second ironclad top 20 seconds output.
Now ironclad is buckled with the, completely free in a second shield, forced off the second shield, nurse pressure is not that big, also easy to die.
Have to say that this version of the knight is indeed a disability, of course, not to say that can't play, law-abiding, still can play, but to raid DPS requirements are too high, nurse pressure is not small.


FFXIV remaster guide

Will have to get this for XII. I already have working copies of X and X-2 that I can still play on my PS2, but XII I lent out to someone and never got it back.  Something tells me Cheap FFXIV Gil an HD Remaster of XII is either coming soon or to be announced soon. On seeing this post I thought they HAD announced a HD version of XII. I wouldn't take this as any kind of indicator of a FFXII remaster, prima are not square enix, and if square enix were collaborating I'd see this as confirmation there is no remaster in the works as there'd be no point doing a X/X - 2 remaster guide and standard XII.

so spend a ton of money on hard cover versions of guides i already own for the hd versions of x and x-2? yeah no thanks unless its for a cheaper price and why would we even want a ff12 guide when an hd version isnt even out yet? the only things worth it are the bookmarks and posters. You took the text right outta my thumbs. Looks like the XII Hd remaster is just around the corner. I couldn't imagine a different reason for this guide rerelease Buy FFXIV GilS .

Nicolas Agudelo i dont really like vaan. thats my only real complaint about 12. i would still play it again though so if an hd version comes soon i will buy it. Dont like Vaan ? Solo the game with Fran or someone else lel. Thats what I did it was quite fun and challenging to use Vaan as a pheonix down. Sébastien Damien Larocque i dont like vaan because he means nothing to the story. his only real good point is being able to use pretty much every possible weapon type in the game and be insanely good with them.  I don't understand why awesome titles like 10 they cant make for PS4 or Xbox One look how long and awesome 10 was for PS2, can they only make epic Long Final Fantasy games like that for older consoles? The Story for 10 was amazing and long. Cory Hagglund now you can finally buy x and x2 hd for the 3rd time :') lol Ps3 version ps4 version and collectors edition.Not what meant lol just saying i like how its constantly coming out every couple of months.


pompadour look amazing something different

I normally don't complain about much gamewise but I'm getting sick of all these hairstyles that look the same with big chunky fringes (bangs) for female chars. Mind you most RPGs/MMOs suffer from the same dreadful female hairstyle choice syndrome Buy FFXIV Gil! Female runner up was better.add a proffecional expert in a lower compitation can't designate again'st the following abia bility on a most precios dis advantage"!!!!" Per 1 account for vote counted. Therefor if anyone had voted more than one, THE LAST one you voted counted. The other numbers are dismissed. The numbers you see on the fourm will not be the actual numbers.

Female one is too girly, not unexpected. The male one would look great on my female Roe, we need more short-ish options for us ladies. I think that the hair styles that won are great, I just wish there was more variety.  I like the second male runner up it looks cool FFXIV Gil.. Also the pompadour look amazing something different.
 I'm pretty flustered myself. Female runner up was way better by a long shot (and lots of the ones who didn't make it). Not to mention they also changed the "we will be randomly selecting 140 players and awarding them with a Scarf of Wondrous Wit." Pretty sure everyone who participated was going to get one.  I would have loved the second runner up female hairstyle ;-; (short haired one).

This was more pathetic than the Twitter Popularity Contest, I mean Chocobo Race. I get the feeling lately that devs stopped caring about what's in the best interest of the players and what we want and they just do what ever they feel like doing. How many hunts and fates will have to do for the honor of using these hairstyles? Great more ponytails. I was hoping for a long hairdo. -


Let everyone heal and dps and tank in Aion

100%. I've leaned the game pretty well over the last year but when I started I decided to be a healer, I had no idea what I was doing and would get so freaked out about going into a dungeon my hands would shake. But i couldn't skip it. I've since learned that I'm more of a dps kind of girl. Lol. I also agree with the companion idea Aion Gold, that's part of the allure of SWTOR, other than its Star Wars of course. We also have a small FC. Four people, it took us a little over a year but we finally reached rank 8 last month, though I doubt we'll ever get to the point of getting a house and it does make doing end game stuff a little more difficult. We do enjoy going back and running the old lvl 50's for kicks though. Since my main lvl 60 is a SMN I can enter as a SCH while my husband runs as tank and the other two dps. I don't mind healing people I know. smile emoticon. Taking a page from Guild Wars 2 wouldn't be bad either. Let everyone heal and dps and tank. I think that system works really well too.

 I actually like that the game encourages grouping. I don't necessarily think you need it but it makes the game easier. It's also a lot of fun. Join a tightly knit FC and make some friends in the game. I'm not that greatly skilled either, but they help me out with positive feedback and tips instead of getting upset Aion Kinah . I joined my FC about a month ago and we're very social and they help me out with so much. Try Cepheus. smile emoticon .

hose late-2.0 story dungeons are terrible and they really should give you some kind of check box to say whether you're running it for story or for loot so that you won't get grouped with a bunch of level 60s trying to get their roulette done who just run off ahead and complete the dungeon without you while you're watching the first cutscene, leaving you at the entrance of the place with a bunch of trash mobs between you and the group, leaving you no choice but to stand there by yourself and watch one cutscene after another without ever seeing the bosses themselves. Yes, even if you're a tank or a healer. For how friendly people are in this game, they seem to immediately turn toxic as soon as they hit max level.


main scenario leading into the events of heavensward

And i was just talking to my friend about wanting that hair cut o well lol.  anyone else who has connection problems?  I noticed it too but thought it would be because of the lag. Odin, EU. Got lagspikes that freeze the game, even 1 minute long ones. When it's in PvP, it kicks me out shortly after. Me too, problems on my apple and my Windows lap top.

Need a carbuncle plush restock and those wall scrolls. Is it just me or does the earring there look like bad photoshop xD. im getting the error 2002 on loginscreen like 10 minits ago when do u gonna fix it ? hope to see response soon buy FFXIV gil . Will the smartphone case available through the Square online sotre? When the game of life slowly chips away at your HP do you give up? No! You reach for a potion. Thats why I have invented Hi-Potion. A protein rich nutritional supplement and naturally caffeinated energy capsule all in one. Stay in the fight, live the game. Get your Hi-Potion on.

Whatever is happening to my game, it better get fixed. Been dcing/lagging soooooo badly.. Idk if its just me or not... Making me very angry. Very disappointed. not sure if support answer on here or not but I registered my square account and it not letting me register for a free 14 day trial for the final fantasy xiv account. I tried re installing the client but it dose not give em a ops to register for a trial. can u guys please fix this for me? who stupid idea was it to have to do 100 + quest after level 50 before you could use the new content. who ever it was please fire them it sucks. Um because its main scenario leading into the events of heavensward. Don't like it? Don't play it. This is content that has been out for over 2 yrs now. As annoying as it is, that content bridges the gap between the original game and the expansion. It is needed for those who care about the plot. Don't worry, it gets interesting.

 I just started playing and have played every mmo out there and by far this is the cheapest one by far the npc can not even talk, oh yea once in a while out of the blue,you get attacked while getting quest, cut scenes start in the middle of fighting,then the xp for 50 level quest is less then half what i was getting at level 30, putting high quest in areas that are so full of other crap so you aggro no quest monsters. are signs of lazy programming. and i payed for the game so if i want to skip all that worthless story crap i should get the option along with being able to disable cut scenes.


He will get like 6 informs this FIFA

Terry 85?? Too overrated, should be like 81 or 80. He was amazing for chelsea in the 14/15 campaign. Yup he had a great season he also got a tots card too he not useful in Fifa but a rock on defense. wont sign him anyway... pace is everything with fifa games! Considering what I've heard about the beta, the game seems slower. Maybe Terry won't be so bad buy FIFA 16 coins ? Castro says pace is not everything in fifa16. Terry was the best defender in the BPL last season mate.

Lol Dimaria 85? he should be 87.  Based on the players with the same 85 rating. Alaba should be 86 2. He didn't do anything last season. In France he will do will that league is a joke so he will get a few informs. You saw that assist yesterday in his first game with psg. You can tell he feels better there . He will get like 6 informs this FIFA. Yeah but IMO he shouldn´t have a same overall as Kompany. And in the other hand he´ll not be dat good this season. Terry may be not that good in this season but the fifa rating is based on the performance of the players for the last season .... Terry was brilliant for the last season. He was brilliant last season and I'm a united fan. His timing with talkes, positioning are amazing. For someone as old as him and as slow as him to still be a rock in defense is something else.

Win 2013/14 gerrard was brilliant he got a downgrade FIFA 16 PC Coins . Disappointed already, Di maria and Yaya got dropped, but not disappointed about Alaba. Why would they deserve to keep their rating? 86 was given to them cause they had a good season two years ago, they didn't live up to the rating. After the Champions League in 2014 Di maria didnt get a boost in his rating, so why would he deserve a down grade. he should be 82 after last seasons performance. Should be like a 90 with a 1 injury rating lmao. Yeah but his season at MUN was poor these players have a rating that change every season it's not a life achievement rating. why they are showing alaba, they always under rate him. Kose chielini va cahil o mishe estefade kard hanoiz. Sorateshoon paeen nayad moshkeli nist.  Kose chielini va cahil o mishe estefade kard hanoiz.

Looks like Apple sheeple get it now... guess they need the head start lol. Brutal EA Sports Fifa, just brutal! Why not release it at the same time on andriod? Because is not yet polished and optimized for Android.  Why everyone has Android when there is iOS which is a lot better ?  iOS is not better, it just looks better, costs up to 6 times what an android costs. Put the Romanian League in Fifa 16,don't be racist EA. Joaca Pes 2016,astia nu stiu sa faca simulator de fotbal adevarat ...si iti poti pune pana si galeriile adevarate sa cante,pana si bannere sa scrii pe ele ce vrei. Si la PES faca la fel brother,nu o baga pe iil.


Lightning Strikes items in the Mog Shop

A new Developers’ Blog was posted! Read “Another XIV Hrs., Part 2" for more insight on what to expect during tonight's 14-hour anniversary stream! Just trying not to let the wording of the horribly negative players affect your opinion of us all

Many of us are enjoying the game and trusting FFXIV gil   in your ability to make it the best it can be Improvements take time, research and feedback.

I, at least, understand that. I'm sure the majority do. Keep up the good work smile emoticon thanks for giving us a wonderful world.  Can someone please help me!!!!!! I recently bought final fantasy xiv and heavensward. I bought the cd of heavensward from GameStop but I bought realm reborn from psn store. I downloaded the game (11.6gb) then when it asked me to log In I put in all information and logged in, then it said there was an update, so I figured whatever I would let it update, after 23 hours it gives me "unable to cheap FFXIV gil download patch files [20512] [20496]" so I attempted it a second time, same thing. After that I uninstalled the game and tried everything over again. Still the same result. Please help me figure this out! 4 days without playing the game I'm about to return it.

did you register your download code from the games box. When it's entered it shows the code from the box went through just fine. Just something when I'm downloading the patch, it throws the code 20512 and 20496 out at me for patch files. Yall should make tell and shout unavailable until level 10 to stop these gil spammers. Plz do a better maintenance on the Odin server. A large number of gamers have submitted a number of bug reports only to have nothing done since that bug from the last patch is still there screwing with everyones inventories, gear, chocobo level cap being resetted along with the chocobos sp abilites, key items missing, quests not activating, seals being lost, materia lost, tomes unable to be collected or recovered after multiple play throughs on dungeon runs,server d/cing on players, lost connection, unable to level sync for FATEs,ect. So far i've submitted 15 reports in game. Each detailing the bug and each issue i came across along with gamers in other fcs having similar issues of their own. The patch bug has made Odin more unstable for some gamers to play on. PLEASE FIX ODIN!!!

Grand company rank increase and Lightning Strikes items in the Mog Shop please also if you include the 3 new class that would be great grin emoticon DRK - Caius' Sword, MCH - Sazh's guns, AST - Cocoon.


final fantasy 14

Fcob never separated as long as ppl sold carries. And it wasn't flooded, even then relatively few ppl have it in game. It's pointless content...difficult solely for the sake of being difficult FFXIV gil , and SE learned that even their great story wasn't enough to get ppl to bother.

I think savage will be worse as ppl will be content with welfare gear or the minimum I'll necessary for any story content. Really need to buy this game for a chance. Buy it! Then play on Excalibur!  I can't wait, I'm dps and I get que'd in pretty fast. Normally the first 2 min I am in. Something tells me that savage will require il 180 or better.  Im waiting for an ingame voice chat option and a completionof / failed duty damage meter for dungeons and raids. Thanks Sammy  buy FFXIV gil !! I have been reading some of the posts on the forum after you suggested it. It seems as if i am not the only one looking for a "family" in this game. It seems many folks are looking for friends too.  how the hell do I skip the FFXIV intro. I already hav a character, but had to reinstall tyhe game. so am I forced to drag and eek my way through this mind numbing video for 10 minutes?

you guys really need to make it optional. that was a painful 5+ minutes slogging my way through that intro. if on pc what i do is go into my documents. my games and save the final fantasy 14 file to usb. before i reinstall the game. if console you should have these files in storage backed up . i know that feel lol. been a few time i have forgot to back up my character save data. so I go and take a piss, 30 seconds, come back and am kicked out of the game only to be put in queue 92nd. Seriously, wtf?


all the content heavensward has to offer trifold

Good, because nobody want's players like you around. We're all here to have fun, if you're not enjoying yourself then don't bring down the mood for everyone who is having a good time. Speak for yourself.

I don't pay my sub to listen to whiny XIV  FFXIV gil white knights who like to tell people off for bringing down a mood when they fail to see their own hypocrisy when bringing down moods. If you are having fun in the game that's great and all that matters. I enjoy having multiple options for end game and this game just does not deliver that for me. To each his own.

you are complaining cause they arnt posting things about 3.1 that people already know about? this isn't the only content that they are adding this is the minor stuff they are just having fun showing off that hasn't been mentioned at all cheap FFXIV gil ...no one really cares if you are unsubbed..but this is the only mmo out that continues to give patches new dungeons new raids new story line quest etc etc it continues with out asking for $50 every year. Again, all those classes are content. Stop your bitcing. You've done MINIMAL content to this point. And that's YOUR fault. nobody elses.

 You're a loser Wesley lol. Have fun lvling forever. I've experienced all the content heavensward has to offer trifold.  I just told you I do not want to level another class just to get to an endgame that bores the life out of me. Again, it's "my" personal preference. I don't understand what you aren't getting here.... Andy, obvious jab is boring and lacks conviction. Shitty job. Also, according to YOUR definition of "Loser", you too are a Loser. Since you're supposedly experienced the content, what was that shitty thing you used? Trifold? Way to be an edgy, hipster faggot I guess? Hey... just because you people don't agree with Travis Kowalewski doesn't mean you have to bash him for it. If you like the game play it, and if you don't like it don't play it. It is as simple as that.  I for one love the game and will continue to enjoy it.   I feel like something just came out with more content......if only I could remember. Oh yeah an entire fucking expansion...... Expansions been out a month and people are complaining about it being boring and we have had a patch since. FF deliver new content more than any other MMORP game I know of. Actually Aaron Moger there are plenty of games that release more content than final Fantasy 14.


ffxiv playstation store for my ps3

And yet again SE prove their ability to get my money. And yet again SE prove their ability to get my money. I adore moogles, but I'm not paying $50 to buy them with a brick buy FFXIV Gil ... I mean soundtrack my computer can't read. This just in, you need to find all the mogions in game just to unlock them as minions. Cause moogles are dumb.

No... Please no those damn hide and seek quests lead me to drinking. It's going to be a nightmare with all the players running around with each their own moogle band. It's going to be a nightmare with all the players running around with each their own moogle band. If they aren't already, GMs should be super fluffy-fancy versions of Moogles as avatars. o: Enough of the damn moogles!

Why do we have to kill chocobos buy FFXIV Gils .. my hands are stain with their blood... HOW CAN I LIVE WITH THIS? Anyone know how to pre order in europe/aus yet? Can't find it on the UK square store and the US one only ships to the US. Why do they look so bad? Screenshot from the worst pc ever? I could never do them sidequests in the Churning Mists where you had to find them D:

Those thing are like Teemo now. They look cute but on the inside they are the spawn of Satan himself.. How do I pay monthly on ps4? Can I use playstation card? Who wants a friend code for XIV? Send a private message with your e-mail. nononomo nope ::drops a bomb on moghome:: stupid sunstone took me an hour to find. I need help, I bought this game through playstation store for my ps3 and I can't play it, I been trying and trying and I can't get anywhere past the registration via ps3, can anyone message me to help me along.... I've been playing final fantasy for a very long time now and I really really want to play online with other final fantasy lovers...... I really need help, can I get some help on how to start playing getting past the registration part, I made like 10 accounts already and nothing yet, now I'm starting to think it was a waste of money buying it........ help please.


sharing AION Free-to-play

Would you mind doing something about this retarded Runatorium Queues cheap Aion Kinah, ffs . rly . Add healing camp..pleaase.  If you rly want to peoples enjoy in game and relax get rid of cheaters. 50% players use hacks and you guys not doing anything about it. becouse of chaeters you lose other players who do not use hacks.

 cheters ? hakkers? take out ur small brains and eat it. if u looser and cant play its ur problem. get beter pc and connection. sad how u blaim some1 not ur self. The hackers and the trader legions are buy Aion Gold destroying the game and it's time to open the telemachus server for the elyos for new blood the most pll are stop playing for this reason.  I'm honored that you guys like my video and there will be a series of this i hope <33 And Thank you for sharing AION Free-to-play! much love to all of you.

It is a beautiful game! The sound track is awesome too. I take the music 'Coldy' everywhere I go. That peice defines AION for me. Too bad people stopped enjoying Aion ever since you started managing it. Just try to imagine a gf server without lags,hackers,donators, with only legit players.... Can u do it? Cuz i'm not grin emoticon It's a NIGHTMARE! grin emoticon.

 I cant man, no one wants me n Katalamize.  Wish I had a good pc to enjoy with these graphics , unfortunately I'm on lowest and still freezes when I rotate screen ;(( The special maintenance currently running will last until about 1:30 pm CET.


trading Aion BMs for ac

Honestly, selling BM's in the cash shop is an all time low for this game. I never thought I would see Aion come to this. We actually had something to do back when we had the regular camps and BM quests Aion Kinah ...now you have bottlenecked everyone into two incredibly boring maps where the only good thing is the rewards from the instances. If your intention was to encourage PVP...I think you failed pretty badly by making people struggle for bloodmarks. Then sticking them in the cash shop, of all places.

can you enlighten me what kind of bottleneck they implented? i wasnt playing for a long time but remember having very good and fun fights with the BM camps. what did they change?

Well, in cygnia and enshrar the maps are very limited. You have a very narrow corridor to buy Aion Gold run through accross the entire map, which is sectioned off by guard posts with hostile NPC's. Which is what I mean by bottlenecking- when you rift over to enemy territory, you are limited to one section of the map, although it -is- possible to get through the NPC's if your party knows how to run through them (but if you're on the side of the barrier without stairs, you end up screwed unless you have a good temp with you) Meanwhile in Levinshore, you have BM camps which are more difficult to flip (and you need to flip all three color coordinated camps to finish the 3 quests that only give 5 BM a piece) Basically level 65's have been shoved on several very small maps together, with much less to do. The PVP isn't even that great because it's basically a zerg fest.

8 characters doing bm weeklies and trading BMs for ac and get full set in like 4 weeks.  So back then we had those awesome BM/AC quests which gave us reasons to go out there and fight the asmo/elyos but now you buy your equipment straight up in the shop?



I guess we should just wait. Who cares, River Plate are in the Copa Libertadores final!  Tigres or Internacional, they play tomorrow. PES keeps dying and FIFA keeps hammering down another nail on their coffin every year. Tigres come out with the win tomorrow to face River Plate in the final. I hope you guys remove the price range for the players.

they could at least remove that low buy now cuz then you can snipe from stupid ppl listing like player worth 200k for only 20k .... I love the price ranger. Neymar was 300k and now 85k for ps4 . N btw its way better when people can see your gamertag
On the player ur selling

Fifa 15 is very bad, I'm sorry EA SPORTS FIFA . EA: Wanna know why are servers are down.

Me: yeh
EA:because we can't be asked to compete with PES Anymore . Why set a buy FIFA 16 coins deadline when u can't deliver!! heads up FIX YOUR DAMN SERVERS !! What a load of sh*t! Day of work and can't play it . The deadline was later extended by 2hrs. Haven played online in ages just been doing career mode anyways . extended until 2pm uk tme, had to find out on twitter, they have not let us know on facebook! Why the hell are the maintenance breaks from 6-12 UK time, how about you do FIFA 16 PC Coins it when no ones playing .  Because it isn't the same time everywhere in the world champ. Wish List for FIFA 16:
- no price ranges
- better careere mode: - select sponsor, training with the tream, selling items (virtuell: Shirts etc.)
- UT Points cheaper .

Please be patient during this time while more micro transactions are being installed. May i ask why you think no one is play ing? ok so why are you in the official page of fifa 15 lol, sure bro you are just watching what's going on. Why put a heads up time and not stick to it, defeats the purpose. so it is couse of that im unable to connect to the servers right now on my Iphone 6s. can everyone who keeps moaning that the server isnt available when its gone 12 read other comments before commenting themselves!!!!

I thought it was until 4am it's 8 now wtf EA.  I've waited ages to play an there still down. i think they will be back on tomorrow. the servers are down for longer they didnt tell us when they will be back on this time.


a huge fan of final fantasy

"All these bad plaaaaays... You even trying?" Chica Antoine Morgan and I definitely do not look down on people like you. I too have a full time job and I can barely squeeze enough time out for my static while still have some time buy FFXIV Gil for myself during the week. You have your priority straight and that alone has my respect. My advice is to look for a static with people around your age. My static leader is around 30 years ago and he knows the importance of having a schedule and being mature about progressing through hard contents. Don't give up! i quit this game and i am a huge fan of final fantasy...it kills me a little inside but the game was simply to difficult, i was not fast enough Mathew Stallard cheap FFXIV Gil to avoid the split second damage circles in things like HM titan etc i was often the one guy that was killed and ofc in this game if you die once people kick you which means you just can't progress unless you have split second reaction time and about 40 hours out of a week.

having to play in static PT of 8 people made me give up on this game, I want fucking large scale content, real RAIDS FFS like dynamis, sky or sea from FFXI, now that was some awesome end game, the whole linkshell could unite and do end game together, not divided in 8 man squads. I had never played an MMO before. I have always sworn off them, because I knew it would ignite my video game addiction. Played almost all the other ff's though. So when I first played this, I was like "WTF is a tank?"....lol... If it wasn't for the awesome elitists in this game, it would have taken me much longer to learn the ropes. I am so grateful for the nice ones who stopped and were willing to help.

I have 1 huge tv, and my husband falls asleep in the living room every night...He would hate me with voice chat.

Plus, I have anxiety...speaking with real folks in a video game makes me super nervous. For some reason, it freaks me out. (Maybe I AM weird...and that's why I have no friends...lol). I actually made 1 excellent friend, but he plays with his wife. So, they're always like "see ya...we're going to do fun couple stuff". So jealous... Having voice chat doesnt mean you have to talk, I know a lot of people who are unable to talk just put their own mic to mute. The main reason to have voicechat is to have better communication from the shot calling to the rest of the raid. As long as you can hear the orders and calls, it has already done its job perfectly.

As you do more adventure you are going to get to know more people, what server do you play on?  don't classify elitist by their skill, but by their cocky stuck up personality and their ridiculous demands in pugs.


FIFA's mission

One of FIFA's mission is to “Develop the game”. These young children look like they're having a great time! A FIFA Instructor is in St Lucia, helping local coaches to organise future festivals and providing coaching support.

ATEN??O ¨Aos invejosos e incultos, para ser candidato á PRESIDENTE da FIFA, Federa??o Internacional de FUTEBOL Buy FIFA 16 coins, tem que ter atualmente, participado de futebol profissional nos últimos 5 ( cinco ) anos, experiência, cultura, , cursos superiores e indica??es por federa??es de futebol, e principalmente CORAGEM para enfrentar as adversidades, trapa?as de adversários maldosos, covardes, invejosos e trai?oeiros que existem no meio do POVO. Ok. Toniplay é AFOF na FIFA.

FIFA Release the hernane to play in Sport Clube Recife. We chat with new Houston Dynamo coach Owen Coyle on the upcoming 20th MLS season, facing new challenges and his belief on the importance of coaches learning foreign languages. Same way you sanctioned Luis Suarez for being a repeat offender you should also suspend Gonzalo Jara from Chile for committing sexual advances to players of other countries. He's done this numerous times ... please look into stopping these ugly gestures from soccer for good by sending a message of intolerance for these kinds of behavior. Owen Coyle did a descent job in England, hope he can do the same with the Houston Dyanamo and help us reach the playoffs.

ban Iran football for not letting women at stadiums... The Fifa president, secretary general and communications director are all travelling in a car. Who's driving? The police.



Please enlighten us on how ESO is "better". All you've shown so far is you barely played XIV. So what's the difference? Any word on when this is coming out? Hard mode tomorrow. Savage two weeks from tomorrow. So excited. I hope they make this raid difficult.

Would love to get back  buy FFXIV gil into this game I just don't have the time these days lol. Cool stuff that was meant to be in expansion released in patch not really that a bigger news considering you told us that the expansion will be in 2 parts. NOTHING says release is tomorrow. That was the target but nothings official. I think it'll be next week. What are those blue weapons in the vid? All gear and weps they are wearing are the raid drops from Alexander.

The preview thiugh shows only 8 man party so it really shouldnt be called a raid. But Binding Coil is also 8-man and is still considered a raid. I'm extremely excited for this, also that theme sounds damn good. Is this ptp or ftp after purchasing game  FFXIV gil  ? Will MCH also get fixed? It's so broken it's pretty sad. Lol no offense bro but before they go and fix MCH they need to fix BRD. We've been broken essentially since launch and this expansion hasn't done us any favors. Well in essence, if MCH gets fixed bard has to since they are pretty much the same. I think they said changes to bard and mch were coming shortly after Alexander. I hope so man. I love my BRD but we're essentially worthless. Went and started a scholar so I actually server a purpose aside from emergency mana bank for my FC. My only 60 is blm at the moment and I'm pretty happy with it .

Richard I'm in same boat, tho I'm leveling drg so I'd have a good dps for raids. I love my bard, and when I heard MCH was coming out I was pretty butthurt. But they're kinda in the same boat for just the MP/TP regen. But honestly I've seen a lot of brds out dpsing ninjas etc. They're still a necessity for a static. In a way I view both class a sudo support/dps, but I would love more hard hitting DPS like sidewinder.


FFXI smn job

I'll get the blue one and you'll get the topaz! We can have play dates! what's the bonus? a minion version?  I demand more Delivery Moogle plushies!! Been on the waiting list for too long! Should add Alphinaud's Ruby Carbuncle to those. when did he use obsidian ? I've only seen ruby so far. Only lvl 57 atm. i wonder what their uses are for him o.o buy FFXIV gil .

I want to have a Carbuncle minion or summon! It's such a cute character. The only summon truly faithful to the FFXI smn job. Egis suck! Why do these look like Pokémon?!? You must of never played pokemon or final fantasy. Why would I even be following a page for final fantasy if I never played it before? Pls talk to Xbox and release game for Xbox one cheap FFXIV gil  .. IM DYING TO PLAY THIS AWESOME GAME I've only heard good things about it...thanks square enix. The reason why is Microsoft doesn't allow cross server with Sony, that's what I heard though. Its true Matt, MS wanted Xbox/PC servers only. Unfortunately, Larry is right, at this point they have the first expansion out, so they are solid on the consoles they are already on. The chances of an xbox release are slim to none.

Not to mention they'd also want you to pay for live as well. Buy a system that fits your gaming needs. PS and PC figured it out. Microsoft just wants more money. Trust me Playstation network has its issues. I am considering the new Alienware gaming system that plays PC games. Why not just buy an Alienware computer then? But I will consider buying one once I have the money. The game will still be there when you are able to get the system you want. The closest you can get to playing it on xbox is to hook a ps4 up to your xbox and play it through your xbox or just play it on pc with an xbox controller. only way it will work is if ms let xbox players play with pc ps4 and ps3 or just not get the game. because itwould be imposible to seperate ps3 ps4 players from the xbox players and still let all play with pc players.


DFO fans

Damn it, Jerry! You know I usually love dem curves, but you had one quest! And you abandoned it! Muscle weighs more then fat I think he just gained more muscle that why he ended up weighing more jerry make me proud man keep it up I don't say fail success in my eyes long as he keeps it up also a lot of other factors water weight etc buy DFO Gold . I think it was a positive successful journey he should continue. To be honest. I thinkg they are fooling us. This was meant to happen.

It's not that bad and you're improving on it. Honestly you don't look it. You look more in the range of 220 pounds. Keep working at it! Don't lose hope DFO Gold , Jerry! These things take time- I believe in you! Please don't forget to rest and drink lots of water whether we get those discounts or not. That goes for all of you guys and gals at Neople. Keep working on that body. A healthy Jerry is a happy jerry. I'm sure he will get the weight off eventually. It's never easy to lose weight. Updates Shmupdates, I want you to get healthy and strong Jerry T-T I hope you get to your weight goal regardless of discounts or updates. I, and other DFO fans, are here to support you! Guys, seriously, we do not care about the discount at all, the only thing is, ALL OF YOU GO TO THE F*** BED AND RELAX, you guys need sleep. You do know that they do sleep right? The office is open certain hours and translating a game from Korean to english doesn't require overtime hours lol this game can run on my phone doesn't take much to develop.  says it doesnt take much time to develop, gap between Alpha and beta was 9 months.

JERRY!!!!!!! tell us when the ranked pvp arena is coming out!!!!! We still love you and ad 17 bucks (the costme set would likely cost 12-14 alone).