doom and bloom is removed for pt heal in Blade and Soul

The healing is not so much, the doom and bloom is removed for pt heal and your 3 does littereally nothing, harder to heal up your cat cause not all bosses should be used taunt on. I deal less dmg than somones with less ap than me. I dont pvp so yes. I'm pretty much useless. I deal the same dmg as my fm Buy Blade and Soul Gold on 540 ap when my sum is over 570.Digital River is scam. who ever donate in this game will be scamed

for players who play as a sin don't pvp, yet you nerf and screwed up their pve i guess it's goodbye .... optimize da game and bugs bot and may a lot of ppl back again. Muhammad Arafa Either you're responding to a reply, I'm not seeing, or your reading comprehension is terrible.

 Regarding "optimization" I'm pretty sure that's a matter of the client conflicting with something/s commonly found on our systems that causes it to have issues when loading assets. Thing is that people with all sorts of ranges of systems, including high-end ones are reporting long loading screens, Blade and Soul Gold stuttering/freezing during game play, and disconnects, while people with all ranges of systems, including low-end ones right around the min requirements, aren't.

Problem is they've been ignoring such reports from day one of our alpha tests when people started complaining about them. Since they refuse to even acknowledge the issue, no matter how common it is, and it is common, that gives you an idea how likely they are to do anything about it. If you can't figure out how to fix it yourself somehow, then you'll either need get used to playing on a crippled game client, or quit.


FFXIV dps tank

Oh my gosh that is so cool!!! And congratulations to both of them. ok great can we get samurai job as dps now plz so i can die peace.  Like fucking seriously FFXIV Gil... SAM is gonna be tank... RDM is not going to be tank or healer... and DNC is gonna be healer... sorry to burst your bubble.

Why in the hell we need another tank? War = dps tank, pld = pure tank, drk = magic tank we need more STR and INT dps we don't need another tank and healer and we don't need another DEX dps either, I have a problem with the patches not loading. Tried about everything I have found...but game keeps crashing and not loading the patches. It seems to be a common thing with their patches.....tech support has been little to no help.

Actually Sam won't be a tank. What's that? How do I know, you ask? Because it's going to be a Dex based melee dps. currently the lineup is 3 tanks, 2 strength dps, Buy FFXIV Gil and 1 Dex melee dps, and 2 ranged Dex dps. And because squenix is smart, they WILL release another Dex melee dps to round out the current lineup. Boom. Sam.  On the XIV page, an XIV minion. Go fig. It's kinda on XIV page so I would assume so?  This Cait Sith is based on the FFXI Cait Sith.

Do you really think they are just gonna add a dps and a healer (or support dps) and leave out a tank spot...? why the hell do we need another tank? my question is why the hell do we need another dps? FIX THE DAMN PATCHING PROBLEMS!!! What patching problems?


FFXIV 14 hour anniversary stream on the 26th

I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence.  I pre ordered this ages ago. Hopefully it'll come through soon. I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence. It would be great to have the Shantotto minion added to the MogStation.

I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence. I pre ordered this ages ago. Hopefully it'll come through soon FFXIV Gil. Oh wow is that a blue pickachu? Check the Lodestone. 14 hour anniversary stream on the 26th pretty much starts with a Letter from the Producer LIVE that will most likely be Part 1 of the 3.4 preview.

Tomestones, alex, 2 dungeons, story quests, primal. It's never really any different lol. With a Main Story like FFXIV's I'm always excited for the next 'episode.' Buy FFXIV Gil Just wish there was more MSQ content with each patch. WANT. That is all. Where can I get a high quality Carbuncle plushie?

So how about giving the bunny ears for males?   keep getting Error codes 20512 25008 20495 just bought my ps4 last week and was bringing my PC characters over but it's been 6 days and still can't finish the patch! When are we gonna get some malexmale action here, Alphonaud has been teasing us with the obvious since forever ago. Is there any way you can get a free trial on mac? Only the exe file is available to my knowledge when I click free trial.


new update for FFXIV - Tales from the Dragonsong War

Look at the flowers, Alphinaud! Now someone, please shoot him. Omg that made me randomly bust out in laughter. Remake vagrant story!! Omfg! I need to get back to Final Fantasy!!!!!......Maybe as soon as I get a better pc or upgrade what I have!  Would rather some new classes "cough" Red Mage " cough" Samurai... Oh well maybe next year...

Samurai is a possible to insert in the Lore but Red Mage needs a lore reason to exist. Fan fest. Yoshi may have a surprise. Why do I keep thinking this is Fan Fiction FFXIV Gil when it's actually cannon.  Aw I miss my white Mage. Soo about this Free trial that you've... How do you get a One-Time password without buying the game????

So tired of Alphinaud this or Alphinaud that. He is such a narcissist douchebag. Haurchefant is a much better person.You must not have been paying attention to heavenward then. He has changed alot. And haurchefant helped with that. Both are stunning chracters it's just a shame we didn't get to know more about haurchefant before his end.  It's an mmo. Go play a single player game or try making friends and grouping with them? Rofl.

Alphinaud sucks Alphinaud again? Please kill him in the next episode. Who cares about him.. Who cares about him..I'm so sick of having to do dungeons with jerks. Buy FFXIV Gil There is no fun in having to work on a main story arc and every required dungeon or trial has people with a maturity level of a two year old. Please eliminate having to team in order to advance in the damned game!


make an outfit for Blade & Soul

 No hate against the artist or anything, but it'd be unfair for everyone else who participated if someone who actually broke the rules won because NCsoft wasn't aware of this issue. Enna Mae sorry but no. Blatantly copying someone's work and tweaking a few minor things is never acceptable and I'm sorry for you that you feel it is okay.   And it's kind of hard to make an outfit not look like some outfit from a game or anime when there's loads of them. Blade and Soul Gold You can't really make anything "original" without some aspect of it being copied from something else, even if that wasn't the artists' intention.

 And it's not even like they're tragically unaware of the issue, they blatantly don't care as exemplified by the fact they had a runner up whose artwork was completely stolen and they didn't bother to check beforehand. This means that they don't particularly care to check the integrity of the artwork, which is a huge slap in the face for those who have come up with original designs and have tried really hard.

There is also a distinct difference between imitation and inspiration. If that mask was inspired, there would be more changes than just the color Cheap Blade and Soul Gold and one extra notch in the top part. But the mask is, I would say, at least 75% similar to the Fire Emblem mask, and by that point in time should be considered plagiarism.The lyn costume looks like Elin Reaper costumes from Tera tbh.

Tracing poses or using them as a reference is not theft of an IP. Especially if it's merely concept art and not necessarily promotional and considering most of the pose references and tracing comes from BnS concept art. Definitely no. It could be considered plagiarism tho'.

That mask however... That.... mask....


Blade and Soul moonstone and soulstone

Mohamad Arif Only reason I can think of they may believe it's important to get us caught up to Korea is that we're suppose to compete with Korean players in said tournaments. Blade and Soul Gold Yeah, because their years of additional experience with the game won't have any effect on that outcome, right? ... You can also get an idea of how useful that push of theirs is by all the complaints of people that the arena is supposedly dead.

Tswb Yang Good for you, but your situation is not the same as many others. There's people going to the forums complaining how even though they are end-game high AP FMs, bosses in SSP die so quickly that Buy Blade and Soul Gold they can't get credit. Then you're clearly an end-game player, it's the leveling players that are having the hardest time of things.

Also I don't really see how what you said is relevant to how they are shoving materials like moonstones in the cash shop. People complain that browser, mobile, and some PC games like Warframe are pay to win as even though you can technically get stuff through in-game play, it is made purposely extremely grindy, but you can skip the grind as the same stuff can be purchased from the cash shop directly. B&S is going in the same direction.

 the daily challenge is getting more difficult evrytime they reset once or twice a week!!!then the reward is nonsense!!! they wipe-out the moonstone and soulstone in the daily challenge reward!!!turn it back so that were excited to hunt and can craft our items and accessories.....thank you!!!