Lightning Strikes items in the Mog Shop

A new Developers’ Blog was posted! Read “Another XIV Hrs., Part 2" for more insight on what to expect during tonight's 14-hour anniversary stream! Just trying not to let the wording of the horribly negative players affect your opinion of us all

Many of us are enjoying the game and trusting FFXIV gil   in your ability to make it the best it can be Improvements take time, research and feedback.

I, at least, understand that. I'm sure the majority do. Keep up the good work smile emoticon thanks for giving us a wonderful world.  Can someone please help me!!!!!! I recently bought final fantasy xiv and heavensward. I bought the cd of heavensward from GameStop but I bought realm reborn from psn store. I downloaded the game (11.6gb) then when it asked me to log In I put in all information and logged in, then it said there was an update, so I figured whatever I would let it update, after 23 hours it gives me "unable to cheap FFXIV gil download patch files [20512] [20496]" so I attempted it a second time, same thing. After that I uninstalled the game and tried everything over again. Still the same result. Please help me figure this out! 4 days without playing the game I'm about to return it.

did you register your download code from the games box. When it's entered it shows the code from the box went through just fine. Just something when I'm downloading the patch, it throws the code 20512 and 20496 out at me for patch files. Yall should make tell and shout unavailable until level 10 to stop these gil spammers. Plz do a better maintenance on the Odin server. A large number of gamers have submitted a number of bug reports only to have nothing done since that bug from the last patch is still there screwing with everyones inventories, gear, chocobo level cap being resetted along with the chocobos sp abilites, key items missing, quests not activating, seals being lost, materia lost, tomes unable to be collected or recovered after multiple play throughs on dungeon runs,server d/cing on players, lost connection, unable to level sync for FATEs,ect. So far i've submitted 15 reports in game. Each detailing the bug and each issue i came across along with gamers in other fcs having similar issues of their own. The patch bug has made Odin more unstable for some gamers to play on. PLEASE FIX ODIN!!!

Grand company rank increase and Lightning Strikes items in the Mog Shop please also if you include the 3 new class that would be great grin emoticon DRK - Caius' Sword, MCH - Sazh's guns, AST - Cocoon.


final fantasy 14

Fcob never separated as long as ppl sold carries. And it wasn't flooded, even then relatively few ppl have it in game. It's pointless content...difficult solely for the sake of being difficult FFXIV gil , and SE learned that even their great story wasn't enough to get ppl to bother.

I think savage will be worse as ppl will be content with welfare gear or the minimum I'll necessary for any story content. Really need to buy this game for a chance. Buy it! Then play on Excalibur!  I can't wait, I'm dps and I get que'd in pretty fast. Normally the first 2 min I am in. Something tells me that savage will require il 180 or better.  Im waiting for an ingame voice chat option and a completionof / failed duty damage meter for dungeons and raids. Thanks Sammy  buy FFXIV gil !! I have been reading some of the posts on the forum after you suggested it. It seems as if i am not the only one looking for a "family" in this game. It seems many folks are looking for friends too.  how the hell do I skip the FFXIV intro. I already hav a character, but had to reinstall tyhe game. so am I forced to drag and eek my way through this mind numbing video for 10 minutes?

you guys really need to make it optional. that was a painful 5+ minutes slogging my way through that intro. if on pc what i do is go into my documents. my games and save the final fantasy 14 file to usb. before i reinstall the game. if console you should have these files in storage backed up . i know that feel lol. been a few time i have forgot to back up my character save data. so I go and take a piss, 30 seconds, come back and am kicked out of the game only to be put in queue 92nd. Seriously, wtf?


all the content heavensward has to offer trifold

Good, because nobody want's players like you around. We're all here to have fun, if you're not enjoying yourself then don't bring down the mood for everyone who is having a good time. Speak for yourself.

I don't pay my sub to listen to whiny XIV  FFXIV gil white knights who like to tell people off for bringing down a mood when they fail to see their own hypocrisy when bringing down moods. If you are having fun in the game that's great and all that matters. I enjoy having multiple options for end game and this game just does not deliver that for me. To each his own.

you are complaining cause they arnt posting things about 3.1 that people already know about? this isn't the only content that they are adding this is the minor stuff they are just having fun showing off that hasn't been mentioned at all cheap FFXIV gil ...no one really cares if you are unsubbed..but this is the only mmo out that continues to give patches new dungeons new raids new story line quest etc etc it continues with out asking for $50 every year. Again, all those classes are content. Stop your bitcing. You've done MINIMAL content to this point. And that's YOUR fault. nobody elses.

 You're a loser Wesley lol. Have fun lvling forever. I've experienced all the content heavensward has to offer trifold.  I just told you I do not want to level another class just to get to an endgame that bores the life out of me. Again, it's "my" personal preference. I don't understand what you aren't getting here.... Andy, obvious jab is boring and lacks conviction. Shitty job. Also, according to YOUR definition of "Loser", you too are a Loser. Since you're supposedly experienced the content, what was that shitty thing you used? Trifold? Way to be an edgy, hipster faggot I guess? Hey... just because you people don't agree with Travis Kowalewski doesn't mean you have to bash him for it. If you like the game play it, and if you don't like it don't play it. It is as simple as that.  I for one love the game and will continue to enjoy it.   I feel like something just came out with more content......if only I could remember. Oh yeah an entire fucking expansion...... Expansions been out a month and people are complaining about it being boring and we have had a patch since. FF deliver new content more than any other MMORP game I know of. Actually Aaron Moger there are plenty of games that release more content than final Fantasy 14.


ffxiv playstation store for my ps3

And yet again SE prove their ability to get my money. And yet again SE prove their ability to get my money. I adore moogles, but I'm not paying $50 to buy them with a brick buy FFXIV Gil ... I mean soundtrack my computer can't read. This just in, you need to find all the mogions in game just to unlock them as minions. Cause moogles are dumb.

No... Please no those damn hide and seek quests lead me to drinking. It's going to be a nightmare with all the players running around with each their own moogle band. It's going to be a nightmare with all the players running around with each their own moogle band. If they aren't already, GMs should be super fluffy-fancy versions of Moogles as avatars. o: Enough of the damn moogles!

Why do we have to kill chocobos buy FFXIV Gils .. my hands are stain with their blood... HOW CAN I LIVE WITH THIS? Anyone know how to pre order in europe/aus yet? Can't find it on the UK square store and the US one only ships to the US. Why do they look so bad? Screenshot from the worst pc ever? I could never do them sidequests in the Churning Mists where you had to find them D:

Those thing are like Teemo now. They look cute but on the inside they are the spawn of Satan himself.. How do I pay monthly on ps4? Can I use playstation card? Who wants a friend code for XIV? Send a private message with your e-mail. nononomo nope ::drops a bomb on moghome:: stupid sunstone took me an hour to find. I need help, I bought this game through playstation store for my ps3 and I can't play it, I been trying and trying and I can't get anywhere past the registration via ps3, can anyone message me to help me along.... I've been playing final fantasy for a very long time now and I really really want to play online with other final fantasy lovers...... I really need help, can I get some help on how to start playing getting past the registration part, I made like 10 accounts already and nothing yet, now I'm starting to think it was a waste of money buying it........ help please.