sharing AION Free-to-play

Would you mind doing something about this retarded Runatorium Queues cheap Aion Kinah, ffs . rly . Add healing camp..pleaase.  If you rly want to peoples enjoy in game and relax get rid of cheaters. 50% players use hacks and you guys not doing anything about it. becouse of chaeters you lose other players who do not use hacks.

 cheters ? hakkers? take out ur small brains and eat it. if u looser and cant play its ur problem. get beter pc and connection. sad how u blaim some1 not ur self. The hackers and the trader legions are buy Aion Gold destroying the game and it's time to open the telemachus server for the elyos for new blood the most pll are stop playing for this reason.  I'm honored that you guys like my video and there will be a series of this i hope <33 And Thank you for sharing AION Free-to-play! much love to all of you.

It is a beautiful game! The sound track is awesome too. I take the music 'Coldy' everywhere I go. That peice defines AION for me. Too bad people stopped enjoying Aion ever since you started managing it. Just try to imagine a gf server without lags,hackers,donators, with only legit players.... Can u do it? Cuz i'm not grin emoticon It's a NIGHTMARE! grin emoticon.

 I cant man, no one wants me n Katalamize.  Wish I had a good pc to enjoy with these graphics , unfortunately I'm on lowest and still freezes when I rotate screen ;(( The special maintenance currently running will last until about 1:30 pm CET.


trading Aion BMs for ac

Honestly, selling BM's in the cash shop is an all time low for this game. I never thought I would see Aion come to this. We actually had something to do back when we had the regular camps and BM quests Aion Kinah ...now you have bottlenecked everyone into two incredibly boring maps where the only good thing is the rewards from the instances. If your intention was to encourage PVP...I think you failed pretty badly by making people struggle for bloodmarks. Then sticking them in the cash shop, of all places.

can you enlighten me what kind of bottleneck they implented? i wasnt playing for a long time but remember having very good and fun fights with the BM camps. what did they change?

Well, in cygnia and enshrar the maps are very limited. You have a very narrow corridor to buy Aion Gold run through accross the entire map, which is sectioned off by guard posts with hostile NPC's. Which is what I mean by bottlenecking- when you rift over to enemy territory, you are limited to one section of the map, although it -is- possible to get through the NPC's if your party knows how to run through them (but if you're on the side of the barrier without stairs, you end up screwed unless you have a good temp with you) Meanwhile in Levinshore, you have BM camps which are more difficult to flip (and you need to flip all three color coordinated camps to finish the 3 quests that only give 5 BM a piece) Basically level 65's have been shoved on several very small maps together, with much less to do. The PVP isn't even that great because it's basically a zerg fest.

8 characters doing bm weeklies and trading BMs for ac and get full set in like 4 weeks.  So back then we had those awesome BM/AC quests which gave us reasons to go out there and fight the asmo/elyos but now you buy your equipment straight up in the shop?



I guess we should just wait. Who cares, River Plate are in the Copa Libertadores final!  Tigres or Internacional, they play tomorrow. PES keeps dying and FIFA keeps hammering down another nail on their coffin every year. Tigres come out with the win tomorrow to face River Plate in the final. I hope you guys remove the price range for the players.

they could at least remove that low buy now cuz then you can snipe from stupid ppl listing like player worth 200k for only 20k .... I love the price ranger. Neymar was 300k and now 85k for ps4 . N btw its way better when people can see your gamertag
On the player ur selling

Fifa 15 is very bad, I'm sorry EA SPORTS FIFA . EA: Wanna know why are servers are down.

Me: yeh
EA:because we can't be asked to compete with PES Anymore . Why set a buy FIFA 16 coins deadline when u can't deliver!! heads up FIX YOUR DAMN SERVERS !! What a load of sh*t! Day of work and can't play it . The deadline was later extended by 2hrs. Haven played online in ages just been doing career mode anyways . extended until 2pm uk tme, had to find out on twitter, they have not let us know on facebook! Why the hell are the maintenance breaks from 6-12 UK time, how about you do FIFA 16 PC Coins it when no ones playing .  Because it isn't the same time everywhere in the world champ. Wish List for FIFA 16:
- no price ranges
- better careere mode: - select sponsor, training with the tream, selling items (virtuell: Shirts etc.)
- UT Points cheaper .

Please be patient during this time while more micro transactions are being installed. May i ask why you think no one is play ing? ok so why are you in the official page of fifa 15 lol, sure bro you are just watching what's going on. Why put a heads up time and not stick to it, defeats the purpose. so it is couse of that im unable to connect to the servers right now on my Iphone 6s. can everyone who keeps moaning that the server isnt available when its gone 12 read other comments before commenting themselves!!!!

I thought it was until 4am it's 8 now wtf EA.  I've waited ages to play an there still down. i think they will be back on tomorrow. the servers are down for longer they didnt tell us when they will be back on this time.


a huge fan of final fantasy

"All these bad plaaaaays... You even trying?" Chica Antoine Morgan and I definitely do not look down on people like you. I too have a full time job and I can barely squeeze enough time out for my static while still have some time buy FFXIV Gil for myself during the week. You have your priority straight and that alone has my respect. My advice is to look for a static with people around your age. My static leader is around 30 years ago and he knows the importance of having a schedule and being mature about progressing through hard contents. Don't give up! i quit this game and i am a huge fan of final fantasy...it kills me a little inside but the game was simply to difficult, i was not fast enough Mathew Stallard cheap FFXIV Gil to avoid the split second damage circles in things like HM titan etc i was often the one guy that was killed and ofc in this game if you die once people kick you which means you just can't progress unless you have split second reaction time and about 40 hours out of a week.

having to play in static PT of 8 people made me give up on this game, I want fucking large scale content, real RAIDS FFS like dynamis, sky or sea from FFXI, now that was some awesome end game, the whole linkshell could unite and do end game together, not divided in 8 man squads. I had never played an MMO before. I have always sworn off them, because I knew it would ignite my video game addiction. Played almost all the other ff's though. So when I first played this, I was like "WTF is a tank?"....lol... If it wasn't for the awesome elitists in this game, it would have taken me much longer to learn the ropes. I am so grateful for the nice ones who stopped and were willing to help.

I have 1 huge tv, and my husband falls asleep in the living room every night...He would hate me with voice chat.

Plus, I have anxiety...speaking with real folks in a video game makes me super nervous. For some reason, it freaks me out. (Maybe I AM weird...and that's why I have no friends...lol). I actually made 1 excellent friend, but he plays with his wife. So, they're always like "see ya...we're going to do fun couple stuff". So jealous... Having voice chat doesnt mean you have to talk, I know a lot of people who are unable to talk just put their own mic to mute. The main reason to have voicechat is to have better communication from the shot calling to the rest of the raid. As long as you can hear the orders and calls, it has already done its job perfectly.

As you do more adventure you are going to get to know more people, what server do you play on?  don't classify elitist by their skill, but by their cocky stuck up personality and their ridiculous demands in pugs.


FIFA's mission

One of FIFA's mission is to “Develop the game”. These young children look like they're having a great time! A FIFA Instructor is in St Lucia, helping local coaches to organise future festivals and providing coaching support.

ATEN??O ¨Aos invejosos e incultos, para ser candidato á PRESIDENTE da FIFA, Federa??o Internacional de FUTEBOL Buy FIFA 16 coins, tem que ter atualmente, participado de futebol profissional nos últimos 5 ( cinco ) anos, experiência, cultura, , cursos superiores e indica??es por federa??es de futebol, e principalmente CORAGEM para enfrentar as adversidades, trapa?as de adversários maldosos, covardes, invejosos e trai?oeiros que existem no meio do POVO. Ok. Toniplay é AFOF na FIFA.

FIFA Release the hernane to play in Sport Clube Recife. We chat with new Houston Dynamo coach Owen Coyle on the upcoming 20th MLS season, facing new challenges and his belief on the importance of coaches learning foreign languages. Same way you sanctioned Luis Suarez for being a repeat offender you should also suspend Gonzalo Jara from Chile for committing sexual advances to players of other countries. He's done this numerous times ... please look into stopping these ugly gestures from soccer for good by sending a message of intolerance for these kinds of behavior. Owen Coyle did a descent job in England, hope he can do the same with the Houston Dyanamo and help us reach the playoffs.

ban Iran football for not letting women at stadiums... The Fifa president, secretary general and communications director are all travelling in a car. Who's driving? The police.



Please enlighten us on how ESO is "better". All you've shown so far is you barely played XIV. So what's the difference? Any word on when this is coming out? Hard mode tomorrow. Savage two weeks from tomorrow. So excited. I hope they make this raid difficult.

Would love to get back  buy FFXIV gil into this game I just don't have the time these days lol. Cool stuff that was meant to be in expansion released in patch not really that a bigger news considering you told us that the expansion will be in 2 parts. NOTHING says release is tomorrow. That was the target but nothings official. I think it'll be next week. What are those blue weapons in the vid? All gear and weps they are wearing are the raid drops from Alexander.

The preview thiugh shows only 8 man party so it really shouldnt be called a raid. But Binding Coil is also 8-man and is still considered a raid. I'm extremely excited for this, also that theme sounds damn good. Is this ptp or ftp after purchasing game  FFXIV gil  ? Will MCH also get fixed? It's so broken it's pretty sad. Lol no offense bro but before they go and fix MCH they need to fix BRD. We've been broken essentially since launch and this expansion hasn't done us any favors. Well in essence, if MCH gets fixed bard has to since they are pretty much the same. I think they said changes to bard and mch were coming shortly after Alexander. I hope so man. I love my BRD but we're essentially worthless. Went and started a scholar so I actually server a purpose aside from emergency mana bank for my FC. My only 60 is blm at the moment and I'm pretty happy with it .

Richard I'm in same boat, tho I'm leveling drg so I'd have a good dps for raids. I love my bard, and when I heard MCH was coming out I was pretty butthurt. But they're kinda in the same boat for just the MP/TP regen. But honestly I've seen a lot of brds out dpsing ninjas etc. They're still a necessity for a static. In a way I view both class a sudo support/dps, but I would love more hard hitting DPS like sidewinder.


FFXI smn job

I'll get the blue one and you'll get the topaz! We can have play dates! what's the bonus? a minion version?  I demand more Delivery Moogle plushies!! Been on the waiting list for too long! Should add Alphinaud's Ruby Carbuncle to those. when did he use obsidian ? I've only seen ruby so far. Only lvl 57 atm. i wonder what their uses are for him o.o buy FFXIV gil .

I want to have a Carbuncle minion or summon! It's such a cute character. The only summon truly faithful to the FFXI smn job. Egis suck! Why do these look like Pokémon?!? You must of never played pokemon or final fantasy. Why would I even be following a page for final fantasy if I never played it before? Pls talk to Xbox and release game for Xbox one cheap FFXIV gil  .. IM DYING TO PLAY THIS AWESOME GAME I've only heard good things about it...thanks square enix. The reason why is Microsoft doesn't allow cross server with Sony, that's what I heard though. Its true Matt, MS wanted Xbox/PC servers only. Unfortunately, Larry is right, at this point they have the first expansion out, so they are solid on the consoles they are already on. The chances of an xbox release are slim to none.

Not to mention they'd also want you to pay for live as well. Buy a system that fits your gaming needs. PS and PC figured it out. Microsoft just wants more money. Trust me Playstation network has its issues. I am considering the new Alienware gaming system that plays PC games. Why not just buy an Alienware computer then? But I will consider buying one once I have the money. The game will still be there when you are able to get the system you want. The closest you can get to playing it on xbox is to hook a ps4 up to your xbox and play it through your xbox or just play it on pc with an xbox controller. only way it will work is if ms let xbox players play with pc ps4 and ps3 or just not get the game. because itwould be imposible to seperate ps3 ps4 players from the xbox players and still let all play with pc players.


DFO fans

Damn it, Jerry! You know I usually love dem curves, but you had one quest! And you abandoned it! Muscle weighs more then fat I think he just gained more muscle that why he ended up weighing more jerry make me proud man keep it up I don't say fail success in my eyes long as he keeps it up also a lot of other factors water weight etc buy DFO Gold . I think it was a positive successful journey he should continue. To be honest. I thinkg they are fooling us. This was meant to happen.

It's not that bad and you're improving on it. Honestly you don't look it. You look more in the range of 220 pounds. Keep working at it! Don't lose hope DFO Gold , Jerry! These things take time- I believe in you! Please don't forget to rest and drink lots of water whether we get those discounts or not. That goes for all of you guys and gals at Neople. Keep working on that body. A healthy Jerry is a happy jerry. I'm sure he will get the weight off eventually. It's never easy to lose weight. Updates Shmupdates, I want you to get healthy and strong Jerry T-T I hope you get to your weight goal regardless of discounts or updates. I, and other DFO fans, are here to support you! Guys, seriously, we do not care about the discount at all, the only thing is, ALL OF YOU GO TO THE F*** BED AND RELAX, you guys need sleep. You do know that they do sleep right? The office is open certain hours and translating a game from Korean to english doesn't require overtime hours lol this game can run on my phone doesn't take much to develop.  says it doesnt take much time to develop, gap between Alpha and beta was 9 months.

JERRY!!!!!!! tell us when the ranked pvp arena is coming out!!!!! We still love you and ad 17 bucks (the costme set would likely cost 12-14 alone).


Final Fantasy XIV coming to mobile next year

I still play and i have fun doing so. How about telling folks where to get the KI's for the /sitchair ??? Okay? You buy them with conquest points from each of the three nations. How active is the community on this game still? Which servers have the most active populations? Laksmi still has some good end game linkshells other severs have higher populations. Game is still great. This game still going ?? It's a disappointment  cheap FFXIV gil .

Yes, come back in a year and ask same question and it may be a different answer. The June Login Campaign kicks off this Wednesday and features the brand-new Poroggo Coat!  Not free login campaign, just login campaign. Does anyone have the scoop on Final Fantasy XI coming to mobile next year? What to expect FFXIV gil ? Another free login Campaign? I see nothing on this link about free login. Just the monthly login campaign details. Still a better game than FFXIV. I think differently, I don't have to wait hours on end for a party, or spend hours farming for gil. Yeah I used to feel that ffxi was better than ffxiv but the more into it I go the more I realize just how outdated and old ffxi is now.

 The struggle was the whole point. 6 man parties were the best, you just couldnt play a pointless class like lolbst back then. 11 had a feeling of accomplishment like any other. I've stuffed with everything in 11. Been playing since 2002. Yea I miss the 6 man parties at the dunes and biffing it on the boat to Muhara. But I like the new stuff to. It has been and always will be my favorite game. I'll be sad to see it end someday. I'm playing ESO now. The Japanese better come up with a new good MMO, quick! no not anymore it use to be, but i can hardly stand XI anymore just a game for whiny azz noobs.  I bought FFXIV from flipkart.(http://www.flipkart.com/realm.../p/itmdmnw5gjwy2jzw...), registered my product on PSN using the code which came with it but still can't play the game.

All the information provided on the squire-enix site seems to be useless, I've tried everything but can't make this OTP thing work even after installing the software token from play store(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details...). It asks for a registration password which I'm not aware of. My game is already registered as shown in the screenshot below. Kindly help.


the game is smn in ff14 pails

We take a look at two new adorable plushes that are on the way in the latest Developers' Blog, "Carby's Squeak Squad"!  These are awesome and will def buy but can summoners and scholars please get to summon their carbys again soon? Pleeeeease? Just take your soul crystal off. yeah but you know doesnt let you go in dungeons with them if high enough level ... lol i tried it before squint.only good if want do low level dungeons or just view them outside. Not has simple as that smn and arc different jobs and cross skills too. Lmao. Smn got no new Egi's. Smh. Its SE's way of telling people "we fucked up by making it share with scholar" I'd love to go read the pages and pages of smn's crying. Blm for life yo! Smn are not crying the updates they just got moved them up the damage list. even above BLM's. but as good has the game is smn in ff14 pails in comparison to ff11 and just about every other game they was in. sorta like fishing pre 3.0 when even the af ring gave GP a stat it couldn't use buy FFXIV gil , they are slowly fixing things, I am in for the long haul.

I was SO heart broken when I couldn't summon my carbuncle anymore. Hey.. but wait! How the hell can you get ruby carbuncle and black carbuncle? It was obsidian and ruby, but good spoilers cheap FFXIV gil  . that's not even a spoiler. Alphinaud hinted that that would be in 3.5 or 4.0. He did not..otherwise you spoiled it. Not even a spoiler!!! Jeesh.

I stop playing Final Fanasty for while and all of a sudden Carbuncle becomes a Pokemon. WHAT. Casually scrolling through my news feed, I thought this picture was an ad for a new Pokemon game, or something. xD; Yay plushies!!

I don't like how the jewel in their heads looks in the plushie... It could be better than that.When a minion has better textures and more detail than the real model.