FFXIV Hunts and Fates

Im utterly salty about cleric stance dance being erased. I know you casual's love this, but whm was the only thing I loved about this game. Guess I'll finally get a chance to play all these other games I've missed out on over the years. When I saw bahamuth my jaw dropped omg I wanna play again but still can't at the moment I miss this game best mmorpg I played :D. you DO realize that Healer damage will be based on MIND now, right? So it'll just be like having permanent Cleric Stance. Of course. To me, it's taking it a step too far in dumbing down the class. I almost never messed up my cleric dance, and I worked hard for years to get as good at it as I am. Cheap FFXIV Gil It's a giant middle finger from sqex as far as I am concerned.

And to be fair whm was already too dumbed down, so this just seems like it will be the dirt on the coffin, so to speak. They could have taken the cooldown off from cleric, and I'd have been ok with that. It would have helped a bit, because people often try to switch early, and it misses because it's on cooldown. I think people end up in the wrong stance because of this cooldown situation quite a bit. Eliminating cleric just ruins healing for me. I'll most likely be leaving xiv because of this decision, but I understand that the majority of players are casual, and will most likely enjoy it. When I saw bahamuth my jaw dropped omg I wanna play again but still can't at the moment I miss this game best mmorpg I played. Full movement returned to Bard, my only concern is will there be a slight dps decrease again even with WM being a steady buff instead of a stance? I guess the mobility is nice to have back.

Wm dps is getting increased now mind increases there healing and dps amount. Lol still dps of whm is irrelevant because they heal and can't ever que as a dps. Not if you're doing Hunts and Fates. FFXIV Gil Defense sucks for healers. They need to have some independence and DPS helps. Especially during DPS checks in dungeons with a random party. Not everyone is geared and for newer players it can be challenging to stack high numbers. tl;dr - adding damage to healers is a plus and encouraged. WM is Wanderer's Minuet, not white mage. Yeah, I'm talking WM. Since that means auto-attacks will be back, I'm assuming Bard(I would assume MCH too) may get some slight damage nerfs to compensate for all that mobility being back. I guess we won't know till SB drops and we are at 70 to see what changes.

Not looking forward to being the mechanic sponge on top of being the lowest damage just because I can run around.  I main as WHM and missed the LL. Cleric Stance is becoming a buff now?? Does that mean it'll have a cooldown, and have to be recast, or is it constant like it has always been???  It has a cool down. Your damage is base off you Mind now. so from now on you'll do damage constantly as if you had cleric stance on. Cleric stance now just boost your dps out put for a little bit. think of it as a Healer blood for blood or something.


Blade and Soul Mog Station

Set your self to busy ? No one can pm you...I seriously don't understand having alts either. And I seriously skip a McDonald's meal sometimes because I can use that money here hahahahahahaha (Being introverted is so sad lol)  a lot of people I know have at least 2, just because you don't have more than 1 doesn't mean everyone does. I would say a majority of people in the various ls I have also have alts from the amount of "hey invite my alt so-and-so", and "I need that win on my alt, Buy Blade and Soul Gold hold on let me switch" that we hear. In a game where you are able to have multiple chars and have to pay a sub, something not being account wide when it costs nearly the same amount as that sub is pretty messed up.

 I know friends who have like you characters and they level each of them lol they are freakin nuts. Is that a new endgame? Should we expect more content in the Mog Station instead of in-game? I remember times when emotes were added as part of the events for free... Also, with recent very questionable patches which most of us still have bad taste in the mouth of you continue to disappoint. Recent drop of quality of FFXIV make me worry about upcoming in 8 weeks Stormblood. 8 weeks! I hope I'm wrong though, but as of now it's not very promising. Do you have to have a character at lv50 to have unlocked Glamour before you can actually effectively use any of the dlc items? Blade & Soul Gold Other than just wearing them at their current level?

I really think they should make everything questable first like previous years events and then only add it to the cash shops for people who missed the chance. All this straight to cash shop stuff is annoying. But we just got the songbird and power ranger emotes for free....as well as the free egg mount? He's just trolling... Ignore him.  Yeah you just need any job at 50. Battle, crafting or gathering. :) If only your support could answer me so i can retrieve back my account it would be nice already... lol been more thank a week alrady 0 answer from mail support.

Ehh.....some of their store items are just way overpriced, especially since everyone is already paying a monthly subscription. Even with that said.....it won't stop everyone from rethinking their extra moog shop purchases, oh well, to each their own I suppose. SE, you should really look at how other online MMO stores work. You would make way more money if you made your stuff account wide and charged a little less. EQ2 and GW2 are great examples that you should follow. I quit this games almost a year.. still worth play? Was a nice game.. but a year pass, q for LFG, LFR take ages.. made me quit..


FF11 was all trolls and Japanese onerys

FF VIII for life!  why can't all players be like you. Love to play but no internet and if I did have the internet I still need to buy me a pc with my money and bills it's likely I'll never play an mmo again it's sad so much so I want to break Down but life comes first.Cheap FFXIV Gil Yes got all areas and can even fly in them all.  This game has always had the nicest player base. The same went for FF11. It's what i miss about it. Wish they would release this title on Xbox one. FF11 was all trolls and Japanese onerys. I've taken a 1.5 month long break from this game (other games don't play themselves).

4 days from when you start updating, I got stung with it last free event.  I want to play again but having to pay an extra $5 on top of the $19 a month sub for a programme to fix the lag is just pushing it really. MMO's like this are just too anti-gamer to warrant me attempted to play again. It forces far too much time spent to both get through the fun content of the game and to the best-made content. Any normal game would have you having fun right from the start, but games like this instead force you to play for sometimes 50-100+ hours before the fun or interesting portions of the game even begin.

Respect my time and make good content all the way through, and maybe I would actually pay for that time to play the game. Or better yet, just don't make an MMO at all. FINAL FANTASY XIV I doubt I'll get a response but will I be able to log in my main who is at level cap or is this just a low level thing again? Buy FFXIV Gil This is a free login period for people who haven't subbed in a while. No restrictions and it starts from when you login and start updating.

Thanks for the reply! Awesome. I always see the free login weekends and it's always lvl20 or lower. Like, how am I supposed to know if I feel like playing or not if I can't get on my main and am forced to do the newb stuff again, LOL.  Every time I download the patch now when its barely to half way, it just keeps fucking saying "Unable to download patch files". Im not getting any information from this and your website doesn't show anything for PlayStation 4 Installation issues.  Real talk the best mmorpg heck even game in my game library. This will be nice. I've really wanted to play this game again lately but it's just not in the budget. You can't budget 12 bucks a month? I think you have some significantly more serious issues to worry about then video games...


FFXIV Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Just came back after a 3 month hiatus. My work week just started today as well and it ends the day the new scenario comes out! Hopefully by then my whm will hit lvl 60.  Any idea on echo and totems exchange for lanner for zurvan ex? It's almost impossible to get a group that can beat it.  I hope maintenance will be all day cause Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 bundle comes out on the 28th and I need some playing time. FFXIV Gil eah cid's crew is cool, they help me, not command XD.

I hope they all die. It's sick and repetitive, always the damn Alphinaud talking and talking and talking, i am never at the center of the action, i never take decisions, i am the silent hand of others to command. It was an astounding storyline up to ultima weapon, a very touching story up until nidhogg's death, and then? Genkidama sword to kill warriors of shadow? Always waking sands, go somewhere, waking sands, go somewhere? They are working on a ps4 pro patch for the game to go with stormblood.  I just hope it fixes the whole game and not just the new zones. The old zones are the worst.

You clearly have not joined an FC where they know what they are doing. I am soooo looking forward to Yda getting some more development! Got 60 ninja and 60 machinist. Been playing for two years. Buy FFXIV Gil Those of you just hitting the heavensward main story you signed up for a feels trip.

Jajaja enjoy the treadmill of repetition. Oooh so dont play it then. Waste of money, some people are entrenched in the wasteland of $$$ sub nothingness that is this game. Enjoy your new patches, new main storyline, new tomestones, new primals which are gated away from people who need the loot, new 2-3 dungeons here and there that give the same rubbish stuff, same raids for the elitist losers who want to be world 12th and feel special, and the 24 man raids where those elitists can get off with their parse results vs the noobs who aren't really trying anyway ...boring.


Blade and Soul good PvE

Sure. I would buy it in Black Desert Online  this costumes have 1 week lol. What classes do these tournament pros fear the most? Some surprising answers. Hey Ncsoft, is there any way to email you some suggestions for ideas that may make a great game more awesome? can't login it always say's login information is incorrect please try agin later? but in the foerum it say's that the server are up? Gold kfm with hm skills. Buy Blade and Soul Gold (newbie ones are easier than most to fight) I play blade dancer as my main the ones that counter BD the most are warlocks and summoners because bd is more into one opponent. It was so much easier to fight then using destroyer though.  Could we have some experience items to level up new characters we make ?! could save us a lot of time and honestly it's not fun to level up a character for the second time, and playing one class is getting boring overtime. thanks in advance

 Repair PvE mode. You're having problems for someone who has very high ping. Examples of games that have a good PvE. Tera Online, Revelantion ONline ... = / Please fix this! idk... =/ Try PLS. I love my assassin class I wish there could be clans out there that will allow anyone to join but needs to be a certain class. Example 1 clan for assassins only, another for blademaster only, and so on. But that's my opinion. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold

An entire clan of only assassins? Imagine what the clan run raids would be like. Yup but not just assassins in one clan. Have only bm in another and same for others. It would be very interesting. Just imagine a run with asasins only, that bored xd. I guess I didn't phrase it right. I was basically talking about making like a clash of classes make it into an event. most of em said bm is hard but i dont see any bm win the competition at all..xD. How do I complete the quest,Khanda Vihar-chapter 6:The Path of Redemption if you can not assemble a bunch of 24 people, it was again the idea seriously :( kill Skybreak Spire. More interested with worldchampionship when NA/EU can finally join.how about fixing the bad ping and lag since after the last maintenance?

 Can you help us new players im in lvl 46 now, and i never got my hongmoon accessories. its so hard you know. can you tell us where to get it.You can't get them anymore. You get accessories from main quest/dungeons. And you get evolved weapon once you reach silverfrost. can you tell me what accesories do i have to get for me to evolved it. im in silverfrost now. Thank you for the information. Jude Ary Manuel You need Ivorymoon Weapon. the sword i have it but i need hongmoon acessories. If anyone said anything other than assassin, they're lying. Fortunately I played classes that could derp scummoners pretty decently.


Handed over for free Monika

They put several times more work into emotes and glamour sets from events, whereas /playdead literally took two seconds worth of coding. As if they don't get enough money from other optional services that they need to gouge people that expect to have any real fun in this game apart from its shallow endgame. Unbelievable...New singing emote today is great Who cares.Samuel Derek Flament I love that, reminds me of the Carlton dance a bit  Should Have added the Play Dead emote into Palace of the Dead floors 150-200 to give ppl more to work towards in game.... But no, continue losing sight on your real money makers SE, your subs. LMFAO you fucking cry babies kill me. Cheap FFXIV Gil EVERY MMO has a cash shop even with paid subscription models. Either buy it or don't. Stop fucking crying.

Wesley Phoenix Don't get triggered because other MMO's handle it better and Squeenix hasn't caught up yet with western standards. I don't know what the problem is. Its only 7 bucks stop crying. Charging for something that should've just been added to the game is robbery no matter how you shills try to justify it.  I noticed all the idiots are either people with anime profile pic or no profile pic. Anyway this is a trash move the sad thing is people will buy it and they will probably now make more behind the mogstation pay wall.

Do it change something in your life? No. Do it block you in achieving something in game? No. The stupid people are those that expect everything to be handed over for free. You have numerous item, emote, Cheap FFXIV Gil giving in game. So you going to cry like baby and say : it should be given to us , or its trash move, you're the one in the wrong. And robbery? Plz. Did they took your money for them? Oh wait, no. Its OPTIONAL. Handed over for free Monika? No, people expect this sort of thing to be handed over as part of the sub they PAY every month. Exactly why I dropped my sub.

Killy Bamp But your sub was for access to the servers and the hundreds, if not thousands of hours of content thats already included in the game, as well as upkeep of the game. Sure, you paid a price for the game too. Well that goes towards some of that content, as well as marketing and the creation of the game. To drop your sub over optional, cosmetic things is silly. Sounds like you just didn't enjoy playing the game anymore. Which is perfectly fine. people change, their habits change, their priorities change. All this crap about "I pay X for service to keep their servers running, so I should get everything else they make for free" needs to stop. Nothing in this world is free. If you want more than what your sub is for, then you pay more for it. Simple.


Blowing kissies with leittle pink hearts LOVE IT

 Free login campaign sometime soon would be much appreciated by those who are taking a break from monthly subscriptions! The ones taking a break want to join in on the festivities too!  seasonal rewards are one thing but offering a reused emote with extra kisses is a joke. this is almost as laughable as them taking years to finally come up with simple carbuncle egi glamour .  It literally has been just a single month since the last one.  They just had a campaign so it might take a while for another one to happen Cheap FFXIV Gil . How do you think they'll keep subscribers if they're gonna have free login campaigns every time there's an event? Yeah that would really take the point out of having a subscription.  I didn't know they just had a campaign. I never got an email and I don't need a free login. I'm currently still paying for mine.

 They keep subscribers because the game is good. The events aren't what keeps subscribers around. The massive amount of content is what keeps people sticking around. Buy FFXIV Gil Cute emote. And minion. Sad there's no clothing.  I want that cute dote emote. Blowing kissies with leittle pink hearts LOVE IT! That min on is so so cute as well plus the vase gonna shafts make sure I collect all these. Hopefully this one wasn't done at 5 o'clock on a Friday like that last few!

I was kinda hoping for new glamour items, the whole Alice in wonderland+heart chef-look is super overplayed... So is this update going to crash the servers for a week or two? Jonathan Contreras wth are you on about he's talking about the servers doesn't have anything to do with the platform your on. Jonathan, more like.. I'm paying $12+ a month for the servers to be down every other day. Then ENIX has no way of making it up to us. It's nothing new either.. Literally every patch launch.

Everyone with more than Chip 'n' Dale inside their heads know that we have quite more uptime than you state.  Felipe stop being a fanboy. Is it a literally a week? No, yet balmung has had so much "emergency maintenance" in between "scheduled maintenance" that it's first week only saw about 72 hours of real play time. Which is incredibly annoying when I only have about 3-4 hours of playtime and cannot launch a Zurvan Ex on my planned days. Add in the fact that this ALWAYS HAPPENS because Enix neglects to stress test their content and you'd see that that it's a huge slap to the face.