Blade and Soul Summoner has a group heal

You can only vote kick an offline player which is why im asking them to add a system to vote kick an online player too.  Summoner has a group heal. but don't expect healer classes in this game. I cant wait.... I deleted an unwanted character today to make room.... good thing too, it said it Blade and Soul Gold would take 7 days to get rid of the character.... kind of a pain in the ass..... but hopefully the warlock will be good.

I dont want to take a chance.... with it taking a week for it to reset, I want to be ready when Warlock is available...grin emoticon. Will the update fix the 2-3 second delay i get when activating skills? Oh that's right, need an oceanic server for that. I'm done unless you bring one, just impossible to play with that delay. It's a shame. We getting the same as KR, still pretty strong cuz they added new rotation to reset skills cooldown.

I roll daily wheel on SV A but didn't get item yet, item still in mail , what if i move to sv B, can i get item of daily wheel on sv B instead ?  Will the update help FPS issues? I have a i7 6700HQ 2.6 processor with a GTX970M 6GB and i'm getting 20-45 fps while fighting 3+ mobs. No, that fps is normal for BnS. I'm getting 20-48 fps and i have a i7 with nvidia geforce. I'd get random lag spikes every now and then Buy Blade and Soul Gold , but im sure that's because my internet is kinda below average lol.

Too bad BDO not gonna get bots problem and what sad is Blade and soul bots now run even the top 2 dungeon. Blade & Soul don't lie your main focus has been nothing but esports and that's the only reason why you are pushing content. You haven't made any efforts to combat this as you should have known since before the launch the bot issues and how far you are behind in even combatting them. You should of made that your main focus from the start. Not to mention it feels as if I'm playing with Taiwan's ping and I'm in the United States.


characters choose Blade & Soul

Aussie myself and i find he douchelords asking for an oce server already fucking annoying, like literally they jsut amde an english server and my fellow australians are acting like wankers begging for a server of there own, tools must be new to online games oce servers are nearly always last and years away. i agree with Troy been saying since release we play all mmo's with high ping grow a pair and learn to adapt.

Or developers could realize that there are lots of gamers in OCE Blade and Soul Gold and consider an OCE server when they open their game if they got the money to do so..

 i just hope SEA server play as BM in 200ms is. Alot of mobs at E.fleet supply chain says funny and unusual stuff. Unfortunetly cant say the same for bloodshade harbor. Need more of these please in future coming new dungeons.  unlrelated topic but are there any plans to change the fire blocks in dungeons. toxic players abuse it to kill people who stay behind to bid, then they dont get the final boss or drops. Someone fcking tag the developer lol, 13k base player should already enough to open new server.

Is there any item in the future the game will create to let you transfer the outfit that you buy cheap Blade & Soul Gold from the Hongmoon store between your character? I like Summoner more than my old class, but i bought some outfit for that character frown emoticon just wanna transfer those to my new character.

And I expect it'll be out here pretty soon since they really want NA/EU to compete in the championship this year, which means all classes need to be out and people at level 50 before November.


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Ya happened to me the other day was at 1593 was finally gonna get gold because I didn't match against a summoner or assassin we both won* 1 match and the last one I had him in my KFM lock! Then boom... All frozen... No movement... Just ... Motionless... Until disconnect... Sad sad day Blade and Soul Gold ... It registered me a loss.... The FM did more damage over time so I guess it gave him the win? Very lame...

What you guys doing about gathering nodes? I see them on the map, but i barely see them being actually be in the location they are supposed to be in. Bot problems, right? It kills the incentive with crafting.  If you're talking about the ores... best if you just sell the pickaxe.. haha those sell more than ores... j/s. ..

For crafting purposes ~ You can have 2 crafting skills and 2 gathering skills (Order from your gathering skills and you'll get crafting materials for your crafting skills) Hope this help smile emoticon -can always change channel too if you wanna farm-

 Server crashes are good if you play too much. smile emoticon Gives you time to enjoy NOT playing. Wow. This game is too much fun. Team Bloodlust did Buy Blade and Soul Gold really well. I wasn't a big fan of NCsoft until Blade and Soul. Ticket takes awhile so I was wondering if it was possible to get founders title moved to a character on a different server? I just got a reply for a few day old ticket about founding items not being able to move if they were bought over 7 days ago... kind of a slap in the face for even buying the pack in the first place considering I'm moving servers because of the opening day server mess up, my guildies got scattered all over.


Blade and Soul outfits

NCSoft is implementing a way so your outfits will be transferable between characters on the SAME account in the near future. Well if u click details you will see that Blade and Soul Gold u will get the costume, a sunglasses, some white roses and 10 unsealing charms.

It is still 20 pounds for a single costume for a single character. But the best founder pack, shitton of ncoins but I'm getting fed up - this game is getting to expensive - and premium doesn't even give me bag & bank space. Then don't buy it you idiot it's made for the people that do like it and do wanne give money for it without complaining like a 12 year old.

 Hey tard, stop telling me what to do okay Brandon Idiotallois? I'm absolutely sure I've spent more than you on this game - but them wanting more and more is getting frustrating. And I never said I'm not willing to spend money on this game as I waited for it for a pretty long time. And now fck off tard as I can see you have problems with reading & understanding.

Game just started and they are starting their milking method already. Game won't last 3 years smile emoticon Heads up right now. Kevin Trieu I sure hope for such an implementation Blade and Soul Gold in the future. Would even pay a few bucks to be able to transfer hongmoon store outfits and acceesories across my toons. Kevin Trieu yes but it will be an item in the cash shop that you will have to buy .

Once again...women have a ridiculously "sexy" costume and men a normal one. I mean, we all know this game was specifically created for the heterosexual male gaze, but can you at least pretend?


Blade & Soul support knowledge base

Why NCsoft wont do same thing as Guild wars 2 did with character slots smile emoticon? just give us more free slots! we can only make 2 characters when gw2 can 5, money milking i tell you! FTP guild wars 2 is only 2 character slots per account unless you upgrade to heart of thorns for 50 bucks. Also you're paying for a whole game Blade and Soul Gold, where bns is still heavily in development over time. It's not money milking, you can get cash shop currency in game, and I think you should just consider dropping five bucks to the dev team for all their hard work.

5 slots after Paying for the base game. Read the website and their ftp policy. Derek Pardoe oh shut up, you are not acting like adult either right now. This is solely my own opinion/statement/question.  I just a Logitech G602 gaming mouse and I'm reading that players are being banned for using the Logitech gaming software, why is that and you allow Razer Synapse? The Blade & Soul support knowledge base have an announcement providing fixes and workarounds for Razer Synapse, when Razer Synapse is just like Logitech Gaming software?! I'm suppose to spend more money cheap Blade & Soul Gold that I don't have for an more expansive gaming mouse that has to be Razer?

Every times i play this game, my PC just black out and I have to force shut down it, now i don't even dare to touch B&S. I play other games just fine no problem at all!  Well the problem is on your computer, i play for hours without problems here. I'm sorry but if you can play without any problem then you don't need to reply here, cuz it's useless to me, there are many people encounter this problem not just me. My pc can play all the recent games like Witcher 3, GTA V, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3 so i don't think it cannot handle this 5 years old game.


blade and soul system requirement

Well would be cool if more things worked properly and less than 1/2 players were nonbots on eu. My computer is a dell and runs windows 7 and when i load blade and soul it wont load. The loading screen icon comes up and just stays there and nothing happens... is there anyway i can fix this? Blade and Soul Gold Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements?

 Tyler Williamson well its a dell windows 7 pro and has 400 gigs of space, and like 200 left. That's sort of vague. Dell makes hundreds of models. Everyone is different. How much ram? What CPU/Processor? What graphics/GPU are you using?

And by the way razer things can cause crashes. So be aware of that too. I don't think she isn't computer person guys. She prob not gonna know CPU/gpu/ram etc. The only hate or problem for free player like me is DRAGON TRADE POUCH..Inventory always full drop NON OF UR ITEM THAT U WANT OR UR CLASS especially WEAPON.Can't expand inventory using money->silver BUT HAVE TO BUY NCOINS *sigh* Why can't spin draw till every1 get the last item after that no more spin rather have deadline..

Game keeps disconnecting is there server maintenance today cheap Blade & Soul Gold ? Thanks for reply smile emoticon. I'll probably join aswell although im very bad haha.

I'd go as far as saying Kung Fu is probably the least strongest, The have great defensive abilities but that's all they have their attacking strength is null plus I feel there should be more than one defensive stance ability due to there class being oriented about blocking attacks and countering people.


Blade and Soul summoner play

32 wins vs 54 loses lv 37,lol asassin just has good dmg,but he is stunned way too easy.Destro/bd got infinite spin+ stun.Bd/bm got 2x knock up which can take u 20% hp at once,kfm got 3-4 knock down/grapple etc skills with pretty low kd,up to 20 sec summoner is too op ,lol what to do,when they will balance more.

Is there a reason why my Emotes and chat will not work on one character that I have ..I'm a premium member and nothing chat wise will work on one toon that I have! Who do I contact for this to be fixed. So I decided to open up the Marketplace in-game, only to see this gray window with no x at the upper right corner saying Buy Blade and Soul Gold "Temporarily Unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." in the middle of the window. Is this a bug or is it something I'm doing wrong? unsure emoticon It did work before... I don't know what to do. Server: Starfall Crater.

I am a summoner in the game and passed by my pet without noticing frown emoticon I am no longer at heavens reach and cannot get back there, please tell me theirs a way! Please tell me i don't have to restart the character. I just want my cat. I can swim there from bamboo coast so how do i get to heavens reach BNS Gold? We want stable servers not new hongmoon store items squint emoticon ( also change the maintenance time for EU )

To everyone moaning about not being able to log in, Like this up so people can be educated on the issue.