Heavensward silver chocobo feathers

While I'm really happy with Heavensward I'm really disappointed in the way things are being handled, a lot of people haven't received their codes yet (that includes me) and the fact that there are two codes that need to be registered only makes this more confusing. I'm aware that a huge release like is chaotic and tough to handle but that's why customer service should be emphasized instead of being non-existent. Hoping to receive my code soon... I received my collector's edition physical copy, but there was no registration code in my game case! According to the link above, that is where my code was supposed to be. Has anyone else had this problem. I can't get any responses from cheap FFXIV Gil support emails I've sent.

Anyone else have this issue? I've seen on reddit that a few people had this. I bought the collector's edition, entered the code, but only recieved the wind up cursor, fantasia and 10 silver chocobo feathers buy FFXIV gil. Where's my griffin? that was the only reason I got the collector's edition and it's not in the mail. Do i have to go somewhere else to collect it?

Yes. Continue the main story until you receive the quest for flying. Flying has different currents to fly in to unlock as well. Flying mounts aren't there until those are activated. I think the game won't recognize any flying mounts until those quests have been unlocked. ok, thank you. I was a bit worried that it didn't arrive in the mail. So it will appear when these quests are completed? Mine came before completin the flying quest.

Without flying its used as a ground mount and is rideable.

What are the feathers I didn't get those?


DV and Ravana

I've only unlocked DV and Ravana so far and DV didn't give jack for exp. Hoping Sohm Al gives more to help me out. trials generally dont give exp n only run DV once so far.. the next two give better exp espiecally buy FFXIV Gil since ur gettin alot of first timer bonus exp. The Aery gives 200 to 300k exp per run level 55 -56 dungeon. The Vault gives 400k to 500k exp per run. You'll hit 60 fairly quick. Been flying already ^^ but here's hoping a fix comes to keep us from errors when trying to log in.

I got early access, so I've already been enjoying the heck out of the expansion. 2002 boss is strong. But thy will must be stronger. Just hit 55 smile. gonna go level that dk here soon unless dps still get insta queue, v them mech here I come. Loved it when I opened duty founder and it said dps needed...I was like whaaaasat........was an awesome weekend. Yeah I was so confused, part of the reason why I went dark knight. Bard is my main and I had to rely on fc for runs cuz shitty queue times.

Almost done with main quest ?? then i can get the expansion. Would've been nice to sample it on Friday during that early access I paid for and didn't get. Sort yourselves out! When/what time does the CE items cheap FFXIV Gil and pre-order items become available in game?  From what I understand, all of the bonuses should be released when the expansion is completely released tomorrow. It is 'tomorrow' for Europeans now and in 40 min. I can't find any actual info regarding that, but it is the official release day for us now. after maintenance miss nina colonthree表情符 we have maintenace for hot fixes sometime 2day.

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I got it like a week ago. Just search for it in the psn store. *sigh* has told plenty of people you gotta "search" the CE edition..u won't find it normally. Try doing it on the mobile app that's how I got it. Just search heavensward on the psn both options pop up. will we be able to download it from psn store on ps3 for eu too?

I downloaded mine now. It sits there with early access. Can you clarify this i have just checked and it says it can't be used yet? Can anyone move from playing this on the pc to playing it on their ps4? or do you have to make a new account and characters? Your account is associated with whatever platform you play on. The only thing you buy FFXIV Gil would have to re-do is your settings/hot bar layouts. You can move from computer to ps4 but you will need licensed heavensward for each platform you play on going forward. You use the same account and characters, but you will have to purchase the game on each platform.

Anyone else having issues getting the PC launcher to start downloading? I have my early key. Restarted the launcher several times and getting nothing. Make sure that your early access codes were registered in the mogstation. Look at your account through square Enix and make sure it says you have early access. Then just start the game. Unfortunately I'm done playing ffxiv thanks to eso I have no time for. He clearly cheap FFXIV Gil needs to justify his life choice in switching MMOs by trying to get people to do the same as him. He'll get bored of ESO when he realises they don't get regular content updates due to a lack of subscription. Also when he realizes there's no gear lockout on "raids" so end game takes a week max, and Craglorn is a shitty joke.

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FF7 and Heavensward

I got chills, I'm too fucking excited. Square enix is still killing other companies! FF7 and Heavensward, dying to get. So until when do we have to buy it and still get the pre-order bonus, the start of EA or the official launch buy FFXIV Gil? Cause I'm waiting for a damned restock for the PS4 CE.  Naming conventions? How about making up your own name...

Sure we saw jobs actions and new music and the emperor talking and all that. But that line. That last line....omygod.  The return of Demon Wall as Demon Book has me most hyped. sooooooo has anyone got there code for the ps3 and ps4 now cause its literally 2 days away and still pending access. Guess its goodbye again to the real world.. "heavens"ward here I come!

Awww yeah, can't wait to be flying on a dragon wearing a Mossimo shirt. Lol you guys are the best. Capitalize on Warlords of Draenor's shortcomings.  still no love for Xgoners for Heavensward, good riddance for them. No, cause I cant beat the fuckin game lol I suck. What are you waiting for?! I think it looks like a hit n miss game. already pre-ordered n ready.

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Only 11 days remain until Heavensward

Only 11 days remain until Heavensward! Illustrator: Yamate Seiji . 7 days here waiting, will be on vacation...Sleep is for the weak starting June 19th xD!!  I'll see you heavenward brother!!! I wonder whats the % of Au Ra vs all other races will be xD
And also, will we have for a first time longer queue as Tank?(lots of Dark Knight). SO HYPED! Only 8 days left for us Pre-orderers!

Psn preorder has been around buy FFXIV gil for a week. Go to game page add on. Can't search it. Yeah found it in coming soon section I just preorder yesterday. I did check, as others have said above you can't search it. And it doesn't show on he game page either, and there is no 'add on' selection for FFXIV on the game page. Thanks for reminding me why I tend not to play now though Lefty. I did check, as others have said above you can't search it. And it doesn't show on he game page either, and there is no 'add on' selection for FFXIV on the game page. Thanks for reminding me why I tend not to play now though Lefty.

 Thank you James, Lefty is obviously one of those pricks that doesn't realise theres a whole world beyond America. You did not specify that you was in the EUROPEAN area cheap FFXIV Gil. And I wouldn't have said what I did had you actually detailed you're an EU player and not just some whiny misused ellipses..  And if me making a joke that doesn't apply to you in reality is the reason you don't want to play then you probably shouldn't. That person you described doesn't exist following age 6. Now who's delusional. Your nationalism tickles my overweight country fried tummy box I TELLYHU HWHUT BWUGH. You automatically assumed I was American, dived straight in boots first and called me a typical duty finder pug, and that I didn't even fucking check, when I had, and was correct in what I said. Maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions and make yourself look like a narrow minded prick.


my 80 DFO Soul Reapers fatigue

I plan to give them all night to make sure stuff is finished not to mention as i said my 80 Soul Reapers fatigue is history not to mention going to be on skype with my son and daughter until they go to sleep they had  cheap dfo gold a nightmare so i promised them would talk to them until they go to sleep. How about stop cry and wait and see what the DFO staff says when the servers are up.

Thanks Neople! Take your time! I'd rather have a fixed game that worked perfectly later than a broken, messy game now! Oh yeah no worries, I just don't like all the butt hurt people with the negative comments. There was some problem in the maintenance and prolonged the time of this?

Please, any1 can say when finish maintenance and open server? it'd be funny if they went to sleep and they forgot to open the servers. I doubt they would buy DFO gold  open the servers with a bug like this. Anton knew we were tryin to kill him. Anton wanted to stop us. i cant register an account on the main website. when i put my password in a second time the arrow is still red. I really want to this game D:  Let's have a class currently in Development and possibly not even translated as compensation, that sounds perfectly reasonable. A completely buggy unfinished class actual sounds like it would be fun to play.

Should of waited till they finished the inevitable emergency patches. Happens all the time with big updates, problems arise and need to be repaired asap.  I didn't want to take any risks so I used it in an uncapped character already before the update. I really wish you guys have a GM megaphone that maintenance is underway so we dont lose things like tower runs, fp, items, etc...... : (


new dragons in ffxiv

When is early access for console users and when can we expect codes to be sent? Same as PC users (next 19th). As for when the codes are being sent, who knows... Aw. Apparently they've sent buy FFXIV Gil the PC codes out from what I've heard. But nothing on when codes for the console users will be sent.  Its automatically I believe if you buy digitally as for physical I don't know.

So these 2 new dragons are from FFVI, 2 of 7, I remember these. Sweet. Can't remember any Hræsvelgr on FFVI or any FF on that matter. Pc gamers already have it but Ps4 has to wait frown emoticon.  can't wait to start with the early acces. Patiently... patiently waiting. *refreshes naming convention post*. Meh. Sick of the weekly bullshit. Don't wanna pay to play and game and feel like I HAVE to play it or I'm wasting money.

You pay to support the game so Yosida and his team can keep releasing awesome content every few months. Good luck getting that on a F2P.  I'm not asking for it.... So your statement is irrelevant lol. The better statement is why are you even here? You don't wanna play the game or make a positive remark, then just unsub and see yourself out. Seems like someone is looking for attention . Michael Mendoza so dont play? And how do you not ask for updates and cool releases? What would be the point of playing an mmo...talk about irrelevant. I think the only things on a weekly lockout right now are the wod weekly quest, and jumbo cactpot. I seriously hope op's post isnt about those two things lmao. sorry but weekly lockouts are normal for a game like this. could you imagine how long you would have to wait for a new gear tier if they just let you grind every piece in 1 week. sorry but handouts are stupid.

Still need wallpapers that doesn't have the branding... I understand wanting to cheap FFXIV Gil represent the game but in the case of wallpapers, the branding ruins the look... And it isn't about copyright since you do have images (like the one above) that has minimal branding that could easily be removed...

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ffxiv 5 star crafting with outrageous materials

Regardless, things do not have to look THIS bad to run on a variety of PCs. People use to say that 1.0 was nigh impossible to run, yet a GTX 560, a mid range card in those days, ran it steady FFXIV Gil at 50~60 FPS even in SB parties, something it couldn't do in ARR any time I went to Revenant's Toll. Also, remember that was 2010. We're in 2015 now, and current hardware delivers much better performance evn at lower price ranges.

I understand the drastic reduction in poly count to account for the pointless PS3 version (which, let's be honest, it's nearly unplayable regardless of all the downgrades), but why oh why would you need to downgrade shaders and textures on PC? A downgrade for one system doesn't have to be a downgrade for every other system. They made a new graphics engine to make it more scalable. Compromises THAT huge should never have happened, that's the whole point of a scalable engine; let the systems that can handle something that looks 2010'ish run it, and let the ones that can't handle it dial it down to look like this or worse if need be cheap FFXIV Gil. That plasticky look on absolutely everything is such an eyesore, and it sucks that you can't do anything about it.

probably going to be some intense 5 star crafting with outrageous materials to obtain... Not enough skin is showing on the female clothes so no I will not be using those. my reaction when I saw ur pretty face. I have absolutely no idea what is going on or whattosay. And now I've learned how my space bar works.