NY is on the same level as Vegas

Geh. Why Las Vegas again. Most horrible place ever. It's ugly, hot, you're stuck in hotels surrounded by gambling, drugs, and hookers. Can't you have these events at decent places in America? In Eurpoe it's in a great place and the same for Japan. I don't want to go based purely on this location. Soooooooo Disappointed. Childish for you to name call lol. I mean it's true, don't like it then don't go. Some people love Vegas or have never been so it's exciting cheap Blade & Soul Gold .

I KNOW RIGHT?? Should have had it in Colorado where Marijuana is no longer illegal. Vegas isn't cheap, that's for sure, but there are some pretty lovely places there. Maybe it's just because I get so starstruck about big shiny cities but I loved it every time I went, barring a few inevitable experiences. Allan Jones Agreed. It's very expensive. If they wanted to choose a gambling overpriced venue it should have been Tahoe. At least there's things to do for families, and it's a lot more picturesque.

Agreed, I have no reason to go to Vegas, how about a city that isn't sleazy? Don't go if you don't like it. Personally, i love that it's in Vegas. None of this boring east/west/nyc/LAX coast shenanigans Blade and Soul Gold , it's a hot spot for everyone. (Sunny San Diego would be a nice place to go though)

Nevada is a beautiful state. You only have to be in Vegas for the event. You don't have to limit yourself to Vegas. Type "Nevada" into Google Images.  I'm from AZ. I know what Nevada looks like, I've been there a few times. This isn't about the state. It's about this event and this destination. I don't agree with it and that is that. There is no need to try and sell it to me. Nothing you say or whine about or insult me for will change that. People have differing opinions. Its allowed. Get over it. Seriously. To me NY is on the same level as Vegas. Orlando I could see though. Personally I hate that most places doing it on one of the coasts. Me, I would prefer it being in TX.

The only person whining here is you. You're bitching about it being in Vegas well then don't go. Get off this comment section and don't think about it anymore since you're not interested. But what if they set up the fest to look like the golden saucer ?? then it would be the most fitting venue.  NY is worse than Vegas, nothing wrong with the location they chose, if it was a huge "ACTUAL" problem then there wouldn't be so many dang events located in Vegas now would there? I would love to go if I could but not sure I'll be able to sadly.


Black Desert Online

Gems and Transmutation allow you to further customize your Blade & Soul character.  I am hoping someone gets me blade and soul for my birthday because the game releases on my birthday! Why does someone have to "get" you Blade and Soul? It's free 2 play. Get it your self. Sev Elmazoski Blade and Soul Gold I thought it was a one time purchase with no monthly? Sev Elmazoski maybe he was thinking of Black Desert Online? Lance Gifford Nah, been following Blade and Soul since it's Korea release and I knew the Korea version wasn't F2P. Just didn't know West version was completely F2P (cosmetics and stuff aside)

Well I mean....no where on the website says that it's P2P...the only thing you can "purchase" besides the normal ncsoft currency is the founder packs... Brianna Newman Lots of companies in past that do founder pack type deals early, eventually switching at some point in the release month to the regular purchases.Granted if you dig around the purchase section of blade and soul and go into Q and A's you can find the info saying it will be F2P but as a practically broke college student I never even expected to be able to afford a founders pack so I never really looked at that area of the website.

Naww its f2p bruh. I been waiting for 6 years for this game to come out to the west and now its happening. Its worth the wait . I didnt buy founders pack lol. I have patience waiting. Good news! You'll be able to play for free on the 19th of January! Found that out due to the friendly community in the comments. Glad to see signs of a friendly and helpful community before the game is even officially out! There is friendly community but also there are campers Blade and Soul Buy Gold xD in terms of pvp ul start to hate the oposite faction xDD buuut it's gud that u have the surrender option and u can get out of pvp easily.

Unfortunately if you surrender, you lose all your faction quest progress. But if you don't then you keep dying when you spawn... there will be dicks everywhere.  I've made multiple feedback notes on the last 3 betas, where should I submit it in the forums? General discussion or bug reports? General Discussion would be the best place for feedback and suggestions and Bug Report forum is for any bugs you may have encountered.


a korean game -Blade & Soul

I would love to have black hair with dark metallic blue highlights. And Ricky martin's hairstyle would be nice too. medically speaking, I think heterochromia has been labeled as a genetic disorder. Regardless, I still think it is awesome.  could we have like a base pallet hair color with choice of color pallet highlights Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? or tips? i need a fire red hair color though lol ive put that in my survey answer .

Just add the KR/JP voice pack to the game. Soz but most of the ENG VAs are a joke.  3 servers of bns came out before you even knew what bdo was. unsure emoticon So ya got the order wrong.  I read a small bit about 'voices'. Do you guys have any official word yet on whether KR/CN/JP voices have officially made the cut or not? You mentioned in a live-stream that you were looking into this. Are you at a stage where you can comment on this? A question about founders pack that i didn't found answer. They say "In-game send mail access", so, the mail will be blocked for who doesn't have founders, or this is other thing? Because as i remember any server have restrinction in the mail system, so what will be this?

While i was playing the alpha i remember seeing something about being able to send mail without being in a town, probably refers to that? Hmmm, could be...I remember we can receive mail from everywhere in the game, but to send one only in NPC. Maybe founders can send from anyplace? Someone tell me where can I download the game I heard some ppl started to play already. The people who are playing already were invited to cheap Blade & Soul Gold the alpha test. If you buy a founders pack before a certain time on Wednesday you'll get access to this upcoming weekends alpha test and access to closed beta which starts October 30th. cool thanks Mariah Houghton but I'm really not interested in playing alpha test I just want to play CBT but do I REALLY have to buy founders pack to play CBT?

 eyebrow color is a big plus, a lot of korean games tend to leave that out which makes it very painful to look at red or green hairstyles with ugly brown eyebrows. In testing we'll have access to all 7 char slots. At launch though you get 2.


Is there any chance to see Blade & Soul on Steam

Is there any chance to see Blade & Soul on Steam?. I'm asking considering that Lineage II and AION will be available there. Founder pack says.. "Gain Access to all Close beta this Fall"... so im just curious.. does this mean that the game will come out this winter?? or do you have to buy another pack for winder close beta? XD just being curious on this since I dont see a release day yet. thx.

release is Q1 2016. you get access to all beta keys with the founder pack. Hello Blade & Soul, May I know my country Malaysia is available play your game? I'm waiting closed beta so bad, nice quality. Hey Devin. Absolutely Malaysia players can play in either the NA or EU version smile emoticon Ping will be bad for you, so you should test which site will be better for you (NA servers will be in Dallas, and EU will be in Frankfurt). Blade and Soul Gold Also, you could look into Ping Booster sites to lower your ping a bit. WTFast is one many use, but there are others.

To my understanding there isn't a ip block cause anyone in Africa etc can play too. But if you run botting programs like many of you do, (as I seen in other games) you'll be banned obviously smile emoticon just stick to the rules and you can play! 110% no IP block, but it would be better to play an asian version for your location as ping will be a problem.

Yeah, it kinda is P2P for the Betas. However, they will be giving out free keys. Make sure to sign up on their website! You could still get a key for the Oct 30 CBT. And even if you don't get in that one, there will be more - I bet you will get into at least one of them.... Mostafa Ahmed Just hang in there then. Keys for CBT are not being given out yet, those will start being given away next week. You could also periodically check various gaming websites, as they often have keys to give away. Streamers also will probably give away keys (most likely streamers are the ones who have been demoing BnS) - of course, you have to watch their streams to have a chance at them....  Excuse me sir but NCFail released a new launcer,so it will be harder for bots to bot sure theres bots and dw there will be bots on BDO as well,Blade and Soul Buy Gold however BnS seems to gettin more attention than BDO that says A LOT cheers!Tuan has obviously never heard of botters before, people paid hundreds of dollars for WoW and games like it with all expansions and add-ons and they still bot. A game having a price doesn't reduce it's botters. It actually increases them in most cases. Jared Gomez i dont play wow to me wow is sucky game.... i was busy playing cabal. dont understand what blade n soul is then this game is SUPER UNIQUE because 1) its the only mmo in the western world that could potentially be an esport and 2) the business model is phenomenal no other mmo is like this at all fk black desert im playin this.


Blade and Soul open beta

There will be no open beta as far as I know. After closed it will jump straight to normal one. Gamer from Texas here, trying to start the game and I'm stuck on the Blade and Soul icon screen. Does this mean it's not up and running even though we were told it would be 10am pst? That was an hour ago Blade and Soul Gold . The NCSoft website isn't loading for me to login and use my key. Is there something wrong?

I can't log in (key is new one),I see game screen but no options or what ever, is it client server problem?  server down? why cant login now stock at blade and soul entrance. Blade and Soul has become so boring. Aion was more fun IMO. Aion is pay2win,BnS is not also BnS is competitve and Aion isnt i play Aion everyday non-stop but BnS is just 10 times better. Lol who says I can't play? I've been playing all the betas. All the same quest process and mobs. All the same thing like Tera. I'm here to give my opinion. Take it as that. All of you can be defensive all you want Blade and Soul will have better pvp than Aion don't worry...Aion has been a little Jewel but BnS have more potentiality with that gameplay! Well...yea...Aion is pretty old compared to BnS. I played Tera and it has the same feel with BnS. The mobs and quests were similar each level and chapter. Sort of boring.

 5fps minimal options TT_TT i hate intel hd graphic.... Righ, I found a solution 4 this. Just log in to ur acc on their website than go apply code and blade and soul and press APPLY button. wink emoticon  I won a key but I can not log !!, is not always running and does not appear the option to Blade and Soul Buy Gold create character Blade & Soul.  I activated my key, turn on downloaded blades&soul game... all i see is moving animation with some song ant thats it....  Have played on NA from EU and had no problems now playing EU on EU and and every skill/attack 1-3 sec delay its unplayable for my and on the internet nothing to find to fix it everything i try nothing changes pc beast internet beast! Also try on lowest settings same! nothing changes asking in chat in game no one helped so sad got key for the weekend to try the game again in EU and can not play was so hyped for this weekend .


Soul Disciple & Master Pack has Test NCoins for CBT

is the CBT on going right now? Cause i just purchased founders pack initiate? Founder’s Packs can now be upgraded to higher tiers to gain additional benefits and bonuses.  Blade & Soul if I upgrade my Initiate pack to Master pack, will the premium member ship start in Close Beta or will start at Official Launch ?  GREAT! i bought the initiate pack so i could see if i like the game that I've been patiently waiting 5 years for. Now that i know the game is amazing i will upgrade to the Master pack.

IF you want to support a FREE2PLAY game and get some in game benefits you have a CHOICE of either purchasing a founders pack OR simply paying for Ncoins as you go.The master pack is expensive but if you are going to play for more than a few months the benefits are pretty obvious.. Blade & Blade & Soul Gold ; Soul Disciple & Master Pack has Test NCoins for CBT, if ever i have NCoins that not came from Founders Pack and i will use it on CBT, will it be deducted to my account? or it will be like a Test NCoins also? NCoins will get refunded at launch if you spend any in CBT. Since CBT will be cleared.

VIP PACK FOR EVERY CHARACTER PLEASE ROFL 120 EU for 20 pots 2 keys ? and 2 costumes + 1 weapon skin ( for 1 char and weapon ONLY ! ) you are all retarded for sure wtf are you saying? 115 euro pack and has 85 euro nc coins inside from the launch WAKE UP PPL!!! and if you count the other thinks that gives you, like char slots free skins etc that costs money especially a char slot its expensive in every mmorpg so wake up and stfu Prices are somewhat expensive Buy Blade and Soul Gold , indeed. I'd pay for the first pack. Not so much because of access to betas or the rewards, but to give a little support to them. The game will be free and is a good one after all   this people talk with out researching do the math on NCoin and 90days elite and this a free game its just a small support for the game . dont buy if you dont like it no need to throw fire on it if you guys think its not worth it then dont get it the world works that way we dont use your money to buy our stuff in the 1st place .


Blade and Soul Force Master is nice and all

I'm not sure if anyone has said this before, but this game keeps me hooked unlike other mmorpgs where sometimes I just feel like I need to stop cause it gets boring and repetitive. Good job Team Bloodlust (you too NCSoft)! Why have you made this game P2W? Players has to pay when they loot items in dungeons and ofc people that has most money will always get loot, cause they can out bid everyone! And whats with the 20€ for each suit/outfit we want? Each outfit is one time use, so we have to spend 20€ on every character we want that outfit on. Just plain AWFUL greed system your going for in this game.  i need help first when i started the game i got runtime error then i got blade and soul has stooped working now i cant even start it?

Blade and Soul Gold

Force Master is nice and all, but why does the basic ice spell cost focus? T-T I prefer using ice over fire but having the focus cost means I'm stuck spamming fire to get my focus back, oh well, still a fun class. o no no! have you try put point into the ''2'' skill? on the far right side of the skill tree. it turn into ice bolt, it use1 focus each and when crit you can use Ice Barrage ''F'' key to regain the focus, and you can put point in the ice barrage skill tree to have it lifesteal, which is crazy, u can never use the fire skill again if u can manage the focus, so far im using the sheild buy from jadestone town which give like 1k hp and 60% crit, you can spam both skill infinitely and regain hp with ice barrage I'd *love* to join you for Force Master Week, but I wasn't ever accepted into the beta. Maybe only send out emails like this to people who were accepted instead of everyone else who can't get in Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?

Blade master need more cc escape skills TxT and summoners are like teemo: satan reincarnate. Little dam cats can revive and cc the crap out of you while chibi ass spams beams of utter wrecking.  i play both i like bns and eloa... but damn i hope they release for oceanic server.... its kinda irritating fight with delay... Hey I was reading through the FAQ and it said that you guys weren't planning on having an Oceanic server, I really hope you guys reconsider because Oceania has quite a big population that would love a game like this, I personally would love to get this game and play it over league of legends but because of there being no OCE server this makes it hard making me have to play on NA like when I first started playing League of legends. Eventually you guys will hopefully make an OCE server but I would like to ask you to reconsider not making an Oceanic server. plz respond.

They have said they might consider it in the future, but no plans for it right now. I recommend you sign the SEA petition that is floating around. Haha - the combos on the Force Master are actually not as complex as other classes! They already did a Summoner week. If you want to watch the official Livestream for Summoner week,  Blade & Soul So I could not find another way to talk about this at some specific ticket. Blade and Soul Buy Gold I am a Brazilian player, I'm expecting this game to 5 years, I would greatly appreciate it if you could translate the game into Portuguese for the best gameplay Brazilian players. And then there's another subject, I received the code to play the second weekend the blade and soul test, but it turns out there was a problem in my internet, I wonder if you could release me but one key to the next week.


NCsoft games Blade & Soul

Windows 8 and 10 had a memory leak. Check how to fix it maybe it's not just the game if it is OS specific. My friends performance was fine. But After win 10 upgrade cpu always at 100% and only 2fps whereas before it ran at 40fps with same settings. Checked thier pc drivers/settings even sound accelerationand Cant find any solution so far. Blade & Soul If our characters will be deleted from the launch of the game. Well, there's our award founder pack master? will also be deleted suits, Blade and Soul Gold NCpoints, etc.

Jonny Karlsson Sjölund first return to your primary to speak well and then explain well not understand what you mean your brain?... God gave both of you a first language for a reason. Our nc coins in beta are test coins. As long as you don't use your real nc coin on a different game you'll get to use them on live version all over again and re buy your outfits. Nc coins are test coins in game, outfits and what not from master pack will be returned to you after reset. to clarify what you get in your founders pack will be there when you create your new toon at launch you will recieve it all the same way you did in beta. Ncoins will be there so long as you have not used them in another game such as Aion or other NCsoft games that use that currency. As for purchased beta outfits they will be gone you will have to repurchase them if you choose when live launches that is if they are still available. The only guaranteed outfits you will recieve is if you have the master's founders pack which comes with the 2 outfits and weapon skin just be careful what toon you accept the weapon skin on as it is not tradeable between characters Blade and Soul Buy Gold as the outfits are.

Hi Blade & Soul team, will there be any IP block for certain countries?
Blade & Soul Is it possible to provide us the full resolution of the main banner in the article? Like more than 1080p... Thanks! Chase Anderson 21x9 is a really nice aspect ratio. I only wished my 21x9 monitor could support freesync as well.  I believe you either get a chance to create your character before launch or the name of your beta character is locked to your account. there's gonna be a notice before the launch where in the certain scheduled time window name reservation will be open for those entitled to claim names. If multiple people have same names I think it will be first ones to create character first.