Having to grind FATEs is pretty boring

And yes 'reading the terms' seems like a good idea in hindsight. Then again, it still seems logical to start a trial from entering the game and not starting a download. Since it does worry some of you, don't worry - I will no doubt buy a 1 month sub early in the new year to try it.It stinks that you had that experience but you should give it another try anyway. The game is actually not bad and if you haven't played in awhile there will be a lot to keep you occupied. Since you already have it downloaded, sign up for a month and see what you think. You will find these dinks in the game too but there are a lot of good ppl in there too.

So what you're saying is you really weren't invested in trying it again, instead wanted to do other things, so you still decided to put it off? Buy FFXIV Gil Gotcha. next time you should read carefully lol. The replies have given me an idea into the community. I think I'll re-think coming back. I'm sorry I didn't prioritize a game over real life 😕 Not sure if people are serious are just harsh. Looks absolutely amazing! Especially the swimming part, since I have always felt that this feature was missing from the game from the start.I will return for sure! However, I'm still looking forward to the Samurai class.

Dang it! I told myself they couldn't do anything to make me return. And now they do this.... I have to return now. kind of disappointed there wasn't another, longer trailer for stormblood :( but ooooooooooomg rdm, mained it for 8 years in xi and has been my favorite job since FF1, so this just made me squee.  Dewd they confirmed there will be No samurai before heavensward.  Well this is after heavenward. I know it's 3.5 content not Stormblood FFXIV Gil but I'm so fucking stoked for the GARO collaboration, I've wanted that for years and I'm surprised they've done it, shame there's no pictures!

 I would love to play FF14 again, but damn, the grinding. I bought Heavensward, and didn't even reach the expansion content. I love the ambiance and music and aesthetics of Final Fantasy, but there should be enough quests to level you to max, and they should not involve 5-10 minutes of travel in between every single quest for minimal XP. Having to grind FATEs is pretty boring and tedious as well. Hate to say it, but WoW still does it best. The game should have open pvp and some kind of siege activities, and more clear high lvl crafting, for now its just plain old game for single, just for the story arc and only mmo activity is when you stop and have to make dung for better eq to move forward.


Aion: Echoes of Eternity is live

Ziel Mayster done this, but still downloading the whole game again.Face my fix like that lol see if you replaced the right folder because are created 2 huh lol, then I saw that it was BR: v.  i have some pets registered on my acc, how can i send those pets to another character? the option on the site doesn't appear more for me. I just hoped they would have been smart enough to add the world boss wep chest or so Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ... Omg omg those Op rewards ty so so mucEvents are getting shittier and shittier.

Pumpkin King's Blessing - We've picked the winners of the Halloween competition! Anyone knows if the enhanced feathers that u can win from the solorious event with the 24 cards is tradeable? Cause I have completed the set on my sorc but I want to ask for the attack/critical feather for my sin.  what are the server names here?  What happened to the event where there are gold and ordinary lines of boxes Buy Blade and Soul Gold in the main square and you get to open one every day and chances of extra keys? Not seen that for ages and it used to be a good event. Got boxes of mounts and even one permanent mount from it. Can you ask if they will be running that this year and if so when?

 The lucky dice event looks ok so far, but will depend heavily on the rewards. The card event is as crap as every year, though luckily at least a +12 feather doesn't make that much of a difference anymore.  You guys have the most depressive events ever. got no new dices this week :( only 1 per day is 7 in a week and not 9 as u said ... liars. Happy Solorius Festival! An overview of the events from 23/11 to 4/1.

The latest update to Aion: Echoes of Eternity is live! Explore new instances, new game systems, and more. Patch up and log in now! Thanks NCSOFT you guys did it this time. I thought you guys couldn't make Aion's engine worst, but I was wrong. The lag is 2 times worst than it already was, to hell with this broken game, I am done with it.  I had to uninstall Aion and reinstall it now I can't stay on more than 10 min before I'm disconnected. Its bad the last few days ONLY. If you think the engine is bad then you need to reevaluate your system and IP. My room-mate and friend and I never had issues through out the years until just the last few days. Try Fiber Optics and not playing on WiFi maybe? Not the game dude, maybe your pc or connection? We have 2 people and 3 accounts playing at the same time on the same network and rarely have issues.


new 24 person dungeons in Blade & Soul

This is a 24 person dungeon and it is a LOT harder than other dungeons and probably another 4/6 person dungeon will come together.Fix your errors and server's.  I sense the disturbance in the force.   i am new in this game please Buy Blade and Soul Gold It takes how long updates ?    Blade & Soul I would like to know your opinion about 2 things:

-Vote kick on dungeons of crosserver;
-Recruitment (in dungeon) of a specific class;

It would help alot the players, and the community would be cleaner of major part of conflits. Since mechanics of dungeons are more directly to skills of specific classes, it would be great. And since some people have bad behaviour with the team, a vote kick system would be great.Just my opinion Greetings Pyaara. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold at first i like the vote kick on dungeons yeah we can kick afk,leecher and bad behavior players but then imagine if drop a good loot and others 3(for 4 man dg) or 5(for 6 man dg) are friends pretty much they will kick the stranger out of party and get the good loot by themselves...considering how *good is the bns community* pretty sure it will happen if they implant this system...

I also thought about that. Firstly this would only happen if they are friends, and most of parties are random, second, the vote kick could have a time to be up. Like till the loot. When last boss dies and loot apears, vote kick option is blocked and nobody can't vote anymore, they will need the 6 player to help them up on last boss so they wont kick him before... something like that, what you think of my idea? I really would like to know your opinion, so I can know if I'm saying some plausible hypotheses or only stupid things hehe.


Midnight Skypetal Plains update

TOMORROW: We're taking a sneak peek at the Midnight Skypetal Plains update at 4:00 PST on . Remove the stupid IP autentification! me and a lot of people cant play anymore this game for that useless security system. Is simple only.you have to go to the email and confirm the IP.   I cant because my IP changes every 2 mins so imposible to play with the starting loading time. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold also the static IP in my country is an extra services that cost extra 70USD at month so that means forced to quit game.  If you could get rid of outfit stamps for account bound outfits AND make wardrobe available for non premiums that would be great.

 it would be great if we can selling the outfit at market too since what the points having the outfit tab at market..all i can see the yellow outfit =.=  leaver and disconnection in 6v6 ncsoft can you just fix this.. or like do something like in LOL that you cant leave the game until its done?  when will blade&soul have a wings in store? and plz updated the weapon. I thought i delete BnS of my fb. why it keeps pop up on my page.

Buying Outfit daily stamp = PHP need 6pcs. Buy Blade and Soul Gold i just download the game but the problem i cant install it to my PC it says error reading set up initialization file.... what i have to do to install it. Midnight Skypetal Plains arrives November 16! More RNG on top of RNG.
- 10fps gameplay like all open world bosses. (even using low settings + ctrl F). - Whales gonna win like always.- Did I mention RNG?

 Sounds like to me you need a better PC. Ashley R. Sanford i5 6600k + Gtx1070 + SSD 250gb. Oh yes, I need a better PC to run this game. How are whales gonna win? It is a pretty easy 24 man that you can only grind to get stuff, you cant buy any of it. Victor Seidensticker You'll see when whales outbid you on the soulshields that drops from the boss. Ashley R. Sanford do you have any idea how garbage is this game's engine to the point where you get minute long load screens and lag spikes on even the most expensive rig... Ehhmm i'm pretty sure that i have a low end PC and even play this game on "4" settings with 40-45 fps. Intel Pentium g630 , Nvidia GeForce GT740 gddr5, 4gb ram. Also if you have problem with bids just gather your friends :P Also you can buy the SS set with the moonlight crystals.


the very first Summerfest on FFXI

No mount this year for Halloween means they will probably have a Christmas mount instead. Awww I'm getting my PS4 pro on the 10th and Holloween events are always my favorite Buy FFXIV Gil in games. I would have LOVED a new barding. I don't think there's ever been a Halloween barding so that'd have been a nice touch. There was a Halloween Barding. Its from 2014. Ah ok I joined in November of 2014 so darn lol.

Eerie Barding. I always use it. Looking forward to more special Instance events. The idea of going into a special limited time dungeon/event with friends is a great feeling Cheap FFXIV Gil . There is a new mount, just wasn't ready in time for the event. Look to 3.5 for the flying chair mount. Updating now :) aaaand logging into lamia world all if anyone wants to kill some stuff or something, This was a fun event. But is anyone else still waiting for the broom mount to become available to purchase?

Couldn't y'all find a non-potato quality version of the art for the official facebook page? Why do they always have to be evil! Why can't void sent be good beings? I wish the broom mount from last year's event was for sale tho. This event surprised me in the best way. Finally an instance just for an event. This is what we like to see! also they brought back lightning event like 3 times so yeah... This event is the best so far! It reminded me of the very first Summerfest on FFXI where we had to run around places like Den of Rancor as lvl 1s with invisible/sneak on .


Blade and Soul euro server is the newest?

 Any one could tell my which euro server is the newest? Anyone with same "Login Failed" issue? Sign up for the upcoming Rumble in the Realm community tournaments! There are some people with higher end systems complaining about client performance issues (seem to always relate to asset loading), and some with lower end systems saying they have no such issues. Due to that, instead of it being an issue with poor optimization, it looks like an issue with conflicts between the client, and some evidently common things on our systems.

People have been complaining about FFXIV Gil such issues sine the start of your alpha tests last year, cheap Blade and Soul Gold yet you've been continually IGNORING them. People as a result have just been giving up on the game due to that, and the poor responsiveness with the servers, now you have a tiny community from what you once had. Don't expect this new push for competitive play to gain much traction.

Only thing that might save it is if you FINALLY did something to improve performance, or that 64 bit client in development ended up being better than the one we have now. Buy FFXIV Gil Improving performance would see great benefits to the size of the community, although after waiting so long, many would also have decided to never come back even with those issues addressed.

totally agree with you .. it's non sense that i have to try five times to open the game , copy "Game guard folder " again and again and then find the stupid errors 4049 and 4041 and restart my PC many times before i can play the game . that's very exhausting and makes the game very boring. I Just lógin because the roulette event... And tô be sure i didnt lógin for about 3 or 4 days... And i thinking of not come back the reason is the lág and the optimization, the lág is near 300 Ping and my Internet is really fast... Same time i am running in map then everything dissapear and my vídeo card is gtx 750 with 4gb.


BNS Tomb and Shattered Masts

What players should do in Tomb and Shattered Masts is, and I know this is radical, is kill the 'hallway mobs' as a group instead of just running past them. Nobody does this because everyone is in such a bleeding hurry. I'm just after the story... game is so lag now and DCed/game error moments makes me want to quit.  i wish i know how to do that o_o.. anyway thanks.

Defragging almost certainly won't help, it just doesn't do much on modern computers anymore.It was already a year! Since I got the call that would come out, until it's gone... Buy Blade and Soul Gold I got the bracelet to all milk for nothing. Lol I haven't even done Desolate Tomb yet xD.

The client just seems to conflict with different things commonly found on our systems, causing it to perform far worse than it should, resulting in long loading screens, stuttering/freezing during game play, and disconnects, particularly during loading screens. Many people have been constantly complaining about those problems Blade and Soul Gold since the start of our alpha tests late last year. NCSoft has just been ignoring all such complaints completely, and they've lost a lot of players because of that.

It's 100% mechanics and 0% fun. You have not missed much. The drops are either really really good OR worthless. No inbetween. Watch some videos before you go, if you go.  I'll go when I have another 600ap lol im only at 526 right now. Trying to get people to come back to play patch.


Hildibrand Fate Music

More of the same. You'd think after 2 years they would come up with something original. I think people forget how small the team making content is, also IT IS FREE. Complain we get the same again but most of you will still pay SE and still play. If by free you mean 15 bucks a month, sure. Also I expect the Ishgard Night Theme to be added as a Orchestrion Roll along with the Scars of Battle Remix .

Maybe the Hildibrand Fate Music too. yep 27th :P too bad you can't postpone the wedding. Are they even trying with gear models/skins these days..? We need those long pigtails, Buy FFXIV Gil let's get a pretty hairstyle for once! I just met these guys a few quests ago; I won't spoil it, but it's a nice wrinkle to the plot, to say the least.

Want to join a heavy populated NA server. I live in the Midwest and good recommendations?  And just when I did the Final Coil to get the changed dialogue. Perfect timing. FFXIV Gil I would say I can't wait for this but as you make it SO difficult to unlink a ps4 I'd from a square Enix id so I can't use my pc account I'm not even going to bother. I must admit, I'm liking this new patch, looking forward to the apartments as well.

 Phoenix characters best check out the fc legion of victory.  People bitching about a free update when content like this on other MMOs would be considered paid dlc. Sad.  It's not sad. If people complain, something doesn't suit them. Just because YOU think it's "sad" doesn't MAKE it "sad". What is "sad" is bitches like you thinking they can play whiteknight and talk for every gamer and with a complaint say "you can't complain, m?h, m?h!" :b


FC + House in FFXIV

Everyone complains about house but I have never had a problem with getting a house on this game.. Switch servers still have a house. Money is easy to come by. Hell even bought a free company house, a personal house, and 2 friends houses. Everyone complains about house but I have never had a problem with getting a house on this game.. Switch servers still have a house. Money is easy to come by. Hell even bought a free company house, a personal house, and 2 friends houses.

Seems all the houses on Diabolos went quick. I sold my old FC + House (paid me, handed over ownership) for 80m. Bought a medium. Crafted and sold stuff, Buy FFXIV Gil then dropped the medium (not sold) and bought a mansion when the newer houses came out. Gil is not as hard to come by as a lot of people seem to think, unless you decide to neither gather or craft.

Also I'm not saying it's "easy" to make Gil either. It does require effort. Heck, if you're good at PvE, you can even sell runs with a group. I am on Cactuar.. Gil is easy to come by. FFXIV Gil Spend 17 m on fc house, 4.5 mill on each small house, and got my brother a 17 mill house... Gil comes easy if you know economy and watch the market.

 Sorry they didn't cater to YOUR specific desires this time. What they are doing is catering to all players. Some people like to take awesome screenshots. My daughter is in that category. So I'm willing to bet she will be very excited about this feature. Cool your rockets John. I'm sure they will bring a patch that makes you all warm and fuzzy soon enough. Curtis Lee yep, I'm sitting at 4.5mil and I got a house, no crafters leveled (I'll level them just for Ixal/Moogle tribes tho).


FFXIV is special to me in many ways

We celebrated three years of FFXIV last Friday with a 14-hour broadcast. Check out the latest Developers' Blog entry for a bunch of fun recap pictures! My favorite Final Fantasy game. You did a great job with it. I never even enjoyed MMOs before aside from some GW2. FFXIV is special to me in many ways.

Thanks for the great times Yoshida and gang. Best time I've had in an online game. What is with the flowers and the signs? It almost seems to be a memorial FFXIV Gil. love it but its missing single player content and challenges. Well, it is an MMO. And there are quite a few solo challenges. It's an MMO so you're going to mostly find multiplayer content.

Wish we didn't have to subscribe every month :/ I know so many people who would play it. 6 Years... it's been 6 years. LEGACY PLAYERS WILL NEVER FORGET! I'd resub for Rdm, Buy FFXIV Gil make it happen Yoshi. All the anniversary did for me was make me miss 1.0. All the anniversary did for me was make me miss 1.0. This game is making my backlog huge I swear.

We're extremely pleased to announce that The Primals and Susan Calloway will be performing at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas! Didn't get tickets? Don't worry, because you'll be able to enjoy the concerts via the paid stream as well!  When will we be able to purchase the live streams? I haven't been able to find any information about that. Yeah. I've been looking as well and nothing so far.


doom and bloom is removed for pt heal in Blade and Soul

The healing is not so much, the doom and bloom is removed for pt heal and your 3 does littereally nothing, harder to heal up your cat cause not all bosses should be used taunt on. I deal less dmg than somones with less ap than me. I dont pvp so yes. I'm pretty much useless. I deal the same dmg as my fm Buy Blade and Soul Gold on 540 ap when my sum is over 570.Digital River is scam. who ever donate in this game will be scamed

for players who play as a sin don't pvp, yet you nerf and screwed up their pve i guess it's goodbye .... optimize da game and bugs bot and may a lot of ppl back again. Muhammad Arafa Either you're responding to a reply, I'm not seeing, or your reading comprehension is terrible.

 Regarding "optimization" I'm pretty sure that's a matter of the client conflicting with something/s commonly found on our systems that causes it to have issues when loading assets. Thing is that people with all sorts of ranges of systems, including high-end ones are reporting long loading screens, Blade and Soul Gold stuttering/freezing during game play, and disconnects, while people with all ranges of systems, including low-end ones right around the min requirements, aren't.

Problem is they've been ignoring such reports from day one of our alpha tests when people started complaining about them. Since they refuse to even acknowledge the issue, no matter how common it is, and it is common, that gives you an idea how likely they are to do anything about it. If you can't figure out how to fix it yourself somehow, then you'll either need get used to playing on a crippled game client, or quit.


FFXIV dps tank

Oh my gosh that is so cool!!! And congratulations to both of them. ok great can we get samurai job as dps now plz so i can die peace.  Like fucking seriously FFXIV Gil... SAM is gonna be tank... RDM is not going to be tank or healer... and DNC is gonna be healer... sorry to burst your bubble.

Why in the hell we need another tank? War = dps tank, pld = pure tank, drk = magic tank we need more STR and INT dps we don't need another tank and healer and we don't need another DEX dps either, I have a problem with the patches not loading. Tried about everything I have found...but game keeps crashing and not loading the patches. It seems to be a common thing with their patches.....tech support has been little to no help.

Actually Sam won't be a tank. What's that? How do I know, you ask? Because it's going to be a Dex based melee dps. currently the lineup is 3 tanks, 2 strength dps, Buy FFXIV Gil and 1 Dex melee dps, and 2 ranged Dex dps. And because squenix is smart, they WILL release another Dex melee dps to round out the current lineup. Boom. Sam.  On the XIV page, an XIV minion. Go fig. It's kinda on XIV page so I would assume so?  This Cait Sith is based on the FFXI Cait Sith.

Do you really think they are just gonna add a dps and a healer (or support dps) and leave out a tank spot...? why the hell do we need another tank? my question is why the hell do we need another dps? FIX THE DAMN PATCHING PROBLEMS!!! What patching problems?


FFXIV 14 hour anniversary stream on the 26th

I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence.  I pre ordered this ages ago. Hopefully it'll come through soon. I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence. It would be great to have the Shantotto minion added to the MogStation.

I just made the exact same screenshot as the first one in the article two days ago. What a coincidence. I pre ordered this ages ago. Hopefully it'll come through soon FFXIV Gil. Oh wow is that a blue pickachu? Check the Lodestone. 14 hour anniversary stream on the 26th pretty much starts with a Letter from the Producer LIVE that will most likely be Part 1 of the 3.4 preview.

Tomestones, alex, 2 dungeons, story quests, primal. It's never really any different lol. With a Main Story like FFXIV's I'm always excited for the next 'episode.' Buy FFXIV Gil Just wish there was more MSQ content with each patch. WANT. That is all. Where can I get a high quality Carbuncle plushie?

So how about giving the bunny ears for males?   keep getting Error codes 20512 25008 20495 just bought my ps4 last week and was bringing my PC characters over but it's been 6 days and still can't finish the patch! When are we gonna get some malexmale action here, Alphonaud has been teasing us with the obvious since forever ago. Is there any way you can get a free trial on mac? Only the exe file is available to my knowledge when I click free trial.


new update for FFXIV - Tales from the Dragonsong War

Look at the flowers, Alphinaud! Now someone, please shoot him. Omg that made me randomly bust out in laughter. Remake vagrant story!! Omfg! I need to get back to Final Fantasy!!!!!......Maybe as soon as I get a better pc or upgrade what I have!  Would rather some new classes "cough" Red Mage " cough" Samurai... Oh well maybe next year...

Samurai is a possible to insert in the Lore but Red Mage needs a lore reason to exist. Fan fest. Yoshi may have a surprise. Why do I keep thinking this is Fan Fiction FFXIV Gil when it's actually cannon.  Aw I miss my white Mage. Soo about this Free trial that you've... How do you get a One-Time password without buying the game????

So tired of Alphinaud this or Alphinaud that. He is such a narcissist douchebag. Haurchefant is a much better person.You must not have been paying attention to heavenward then. He has changed alot. And haurchefant helped with that. Both are stunning chracters it's just a shame we didn't get to know more about haurchefant before his end.  It's an mmo. Go play a single player game or try making friends and grouping with them? Rofl.

Alphinaud sucks Alphinaud again? Please kill him in the next episode. Who cares about him.. Who cares about him..I'm so sick of having to do dungeons with jerks. Buy FFXIV Gil There is no fun in having to work on a main story arc and every required dungeon or trial has people with a maturity level of a two year old. Please eliminate having to team in order to advance in the damned game!


make an outfit for Blade & Soul

 No hate against the artist or anything, but it'd be unfair for everyone else who participated if someone who actually broke the rules won because NCsoft wasn't aware of this issue. Enna Mae sorry but no. Blatantly copying someone's work and tweaking a few minor things is never acceptable and I'm sorry for you that you feel it is okay.   And it's kind of hard to make an outfit not look like some outfit from a game or anime when there's loads of them. Blade and Soul Gold You can't really make anything "original" without some aspect of it being copied from something else, even if that wasn't the artists' intention.

 And it's not even like they're tragically unaware of the issue, they blatantly don't care as exemplified by the fact they had a runner up whose artwork was completely stolen and they didn't bother to check beforehand. This means that they don't particularly care to check the integrity of the artwork, which is a huge slap in the face for those who have come up with original designs and have tried really hard.

There is also a distinct difference between imitation and inspiration. If that mask was inspired, there would be more changes than just the color Cheap Blade and Soul Gold and one extra notch in the top part. But the mask is, I would say, at least 75% similar to the Fire Emblem mask, and by that point in time should be considered plagiarism.The lyn costume looks like Elin Reaper costumes from Tera tbh.

Tracing poses or using them as a reference is not theft of an IP. Especially if it's merely concept art and not necessarily promotional and considering most of the pose references and tracing comes from BnS concept art. Definitely no. It could be considered plagiarism tho'.

That mask however... That.... mask....


Blade and Soul moonstone and soulstone

Mohamad Arif Only reason I can think of they may believe it's important to get us caught up to Korea is that we're suppose to compete with Korean players in said tournaments. Blade and Soul Gold Yeah, because their years of additional experience with the game won't have any effect on that outcome, right? ... You can also get an idea of how useful that push of theirs is by all the complaints of people that the arena is supposedly dead.

Tswb Yang Good for you, but your situation is not the same as many others. There's people going to the forums complaining how even though they are end-game high AP FMs, bosses in SSP die so quickly that Buy Blade and Soul Gold they can't get credit. Then you're clearly an end-game player, it's the leveling players that are having the hardest time of things.

Also I don't really see how what you said is relevant to how they are shoving materials like moonstones in the cash shop. People complain that browser, mobile, and some PC games like Warframe are pay to win as even though you can technically get stuff through in-game play, it is made purposely extremely grindy, but you can skip the grind as the same stuff can be purchased from the cash shop directly. B&S is going in the same direction.

 the daily challenge is getting more difficult evrytime they reset once or twice a week!!!then the reward is nonsense!!! they wipe-out the moonstone and soulstone in the daily challenge reward!!!turn it back so that were excited to hunt and can craft our items and accessories.....thank you!!!


Erik Vaughn worth a shot

To reset Internet Explorer settings manually. Close anyInternet Explorer or Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you would like to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, and InPrivate Filtering data.

In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, click Close, and then click OK.Close Internet Explorer.Your changes will take effect the next time you open Internet Explorer."

Erik Vaughn worth a shot. FFXIV Gil Thanks very much ^^ It's pretty stupid that you have only 5 days total to play, why not just give people say 48 hours but let them use those hours as they like through the campaign timeframe instead of giving them 120 hours to play but make them consecutive? It's pretty stupid that Buy FFXIV Gil you have only 5 days total to play, why not just give people say 48 hours but let them use those hours as they like through the campaign timeframe instead of giving them 120 hours to play but make them consecutive?

Why would vanity bring you back if you didn't enjoy the game to begin with?  I did enjoy the game but left for personal reasons. And yet it's not worth playing if there's no Rikku or Rinoa outfit? I'm sorry I forgot where my life choices are other peoples problems? Girl gamers are a wierd bunch.


FFXIV American DLC campaign was announced

Please Note - FFXIV giveaway offer: It is too late to subscribe and receive issues 306 and 307. Subscribe below before 02/08/2016 to receive issue 308. Issues 306, 307 & 308 will be available to buy individually here when they go on sale. Issue 306 on sale date is 14.07.2016*** FFXIV Gil So basically we cant even just order the three magazines now and just wait for them either... late announcement or what. This is getting ridiculous. NA always gets better competitions and prizes or better rewards and even when EU gets what we asked for, we get shafted with a stupid idea.

I mean seriously, waiting 3 months for in game items that NA gets within a week for CONSIDERABLY LESS. $20 was it for NA? For the EU Its more expensive, we have to pay shipping for the magazines AND wait longer. When they announced these items i expected an in game event like a smart decision would've been. But this is just a stab in the back to the EU community. Dont get me wrong i love SE and FFXIV but this is not even funny, fair or justified.

NA ruined it for everyone. Preordering an item, getting the code, cancelling preorder and doing it hundreds of times to give away codes.  Stop being an idiot. The partnership had been planned since before the American DLC campaign was announced. Nobody "ruined" it for anyone. You're not entitled Cheap FFXIV Gil to this DLC. If you don't like how it's being distributed, don't get it.

Abbie, it's not even just a case of "dont like dont get". Some people can't even GET the damned magazine because not everywhere sells it due to poor sellability. It's an unknown magazine that people who did used to purchase thought went out of business.


do cross server dungeons with ALL the BNS servers

We’re allowing the world zones of multiple servers to play with each other in an upcoming game update.  I wish we could play with the people from the server Blade & Soul Gold we choose, but as it is only by the linked groups, we can't.

I was hoping I could play with some of the people I know from Windrest but since I'm in Yehara... :S. Also, I think it would be cool if we could at least do cross server dungeons with ALL the servers from NA and EU disregarding the linked server group we are in. uwu. So i'm not sute if they are actually merging the servers, or of they're letting us go to specific areas to play with people from another server.

Starfall Crater = Crimson Legion
Ebon Hall = Crimson Legion
Angler's Watch = Crimson Legion
Twin Wagons = Crimson Legion

Like am i still going to be able to do let's say SSP Buy Blade and Soul Gold on Angler's watch, with people only from Angler's watch? Please for once in your life answer something. It's pretty much the same as cross-dungeon, call it cross-world hah. Ah, that's cool then, 'cause imagine the fps in SSP with 3x more people... its a full merge , read all the description.

Ah, that's cool then, 'cause imagine the fps in SSP with 3x more people...so if we are going to have even more ppl in SSP then did you consider lags? fps and ping lags. It's already a nightmare, let alone even more ppl join and from both factions! dat's... well! there will be more channels obviously , and there is an optimisation patch coming for ssp as well !


FF14 Heavensward was AMAZING

Christopher Wright By which we mean, with Early Access, you probably got through them just in time for Moogle beast tribe quests...  Grinding all the new classes that first night with everyone else in Eastern La Noscea was epic.  Thank you SE!! And here's to another year with you FFXIV Gil!  Love it! Just recently came back and realized I'm bored of my bard so considering leveling another job.never really learned much so choosing a 2nd job that's easy enough to pick up and learn dungeons and whatnot with is becoming quite difficult lol. Try Black Mage if you like DPS classes.

ARR was great, Heavensward was AMAZING! The Dragonsong War finale in 3.3 solidified this game as my top MMO ever, and my 2nd fav rpg of all time (under Chrono Trigger.) Epic game, epic story, so much fun! Thank you! The cutscene just before fighting Nidhogg made us all look like complete badasses lol replayed it like 5 times.  Lol definitely. Then don't even get me started on the actual Nidhogg fight or the scenes afterward... so many feels. I actually teared up lol. It's so good. Oh and the music.... wow.

Yea they did way better with HW than ARR, even though both were fantastic.  I just came back to the game and just bought the expansion last weekend. Buy FFXIV Gil I still haven't made it to level 50 yet so I got plenty to keep me busy. And then 100 ish quests AT 50 to get you to the starting point of HW. dont get confused about the amount of quests that suddenly pop-up when you get to HW content - all of us were like: dafaq?!.

 I have a better solution: don't wipe. That works just fine. After you've had all the mandatory "experience this phase then die" runs. As pretty much every savage / extreme tends to go. It's somewhat irritating to sit around for 3 minutes after someone accidentally derps out first thing, and dies 10 sec after the pull.


BnS Hunter Dietzel

Hunter Dietzel just finished that? Me playing 2 - 3 hrs a day since release, im at true scorpio w/o spending a cent on the game or events, so yeah the problem seems to be you or well players like you. But the needed item for upgrade are so damn plenty and expensive. plus server error lag delay always hit me.

 Yup, Buy Blade and Soul Gold that gearing really made me frustrated. I was okay with it until the requirements started getting insane. After that, the game simply didn't have as much appeal as launch, and there was no reason for me to spend 3+ hours every day trying to get upgrade stuff.

Actually the upgrade r not that expensive. U guys r exaggerated & impatient. Seeing other players r more powerful than u, made u wanna rush. Well, it took me 1 month to upgrade from True Breeze to Awakened Scorpio weapon. I forgot how long did i take for those 5 accessories & Blade and Soul Gold 5 of them r awakened oath breaker. My attack power is 595 now & I'm very satisfied with it.

 I'm newb player I could care less if there are other players way ahead of me so don't be trying to say things on my be half. You obviously have a lack of skill with your character and you're just totally salty about it. Pay some money You want to play games that highly skilled people create and all you do is cry. ffs gtfo. the issue here the game is already too much hardcore, that almost you need to throw your life just to do the dailies and hunting materials, i already quit long time ago, I got a life and not to play almost more than half of my day like just only doing daily quests on each char u have. RNG is bad. Last thing, if you don't like this game, easy answer is just quit and find a new one. No Arguments with people and etc. 


FFXIV Tank gear

Unfortunately, I don't think SE will ever give a crap lol Not enough people are outraged. You are just one small piece. Only when enough people come together and say.. HEY GMs, stop treating us like crap.. will they even care to say something because I feel that by then they will get tired of banning people for feedback. lol Or just hanging up on them like in your chat link. I already pulled my sub, I will be speaking to a GM after this suspension is up.

Sure sounds like a great idea for Tank gear! You should get on it before someone steals your idea!! Been hearing alot of negative stuff about 14 ever since I stopped playing after the Alexander content, at first there was nothing but it has steadily building up, they may want to address their issues FFXIV Gil now instead of just letting them pile up and up. I agree. I can't wait to end up in GM jail tonight when I log on, I found out there was a 20+ minute window between leaving the instance I was reported in, and the logs from the second dungeon run that were used to suspend me. Even though those logs were not offensive to the parties in that run and everyone got a laugh.

Well i was thinking about getting FF14 but if thats how there GMs are and there customer services seems as bad since they are not getting back to you then i think ill pass thanks for saving me like 100$. Steven LaBarge Also it turns out that in the instance I was reported... I didn't even USE PROFANITY! We checked the profanity filter with FC members. The 4 letter 'S' word is not filtered. And out of 143 words total, it was used twice!  i hope some people design tank gear like tera.....you know having barely any clothing at all.

how about a chicken outfit for all those who give up on tank. Alex Antuna too bad you don't play this I'm sure you could come up with some cool armor.  idk but i know you like armor so i thought you'd like to know about it. Patch 3.3 is live! Have you had a chance to try your hand at the new content Cheap FFXIV Gil?  everything is great except for the fucking giant red arrows on the maps. they look awful and completely ruin the map. and seriously, who can't figure out how the area connections work? please give us an option to disable it because god damn yoshi, this is hideous.


BNS Transformation Stone Crafting

 If you are spending a few hours you should be able to easily knock out 40 dailies with part of it being the daily challenges. On top of that there is Transformation Stone Crafting thats worth 10-20 gold every batch you make over what you spend to make it. True, right now I'm saving up to get True Breeze so afterwards Blade and Soul Gold I'll be doing it again. I would like to point out that KR has cat ear headband accessories so no its not what lyns are for anymore. yes in path notes it showed cat ears being released here.

Come run the new Vengeance Breaks dungeons with Babbletr0n and liinxy tomorrow at 10am PDT! I don't know if anybody else has this problem but every time I try to go into a dungeon I get disconnected from the server. It's mainly on cross-server dungeons, which I have to use since nobody else is doing dungeons I need. I don't know if it's my computer or the game but anybody have any suggestions? if only i could login the game and get my verification code in the mail.....so if anyone from support see that here, ticket  I would like to point out that KR has cat ear headband accessories so no its not what lyns are for anymore #6734554 i would like to play sometime today....

you must be the smart one, and how do you login your account to change your email if you dont have the code to login? enters the game and this message appears: Disconnected from server. SystemErr-(300: Server Authentication Failure). help  Hmm... a bit slow to gain some gold, mainly due to diluded game economy Cheap Blade and Soul Gold (Dochun server), but so far, it is nice, the effort you put pays off, it could pay a bit more, but it is not that bad. The daily quests could give more soulstones, as, if nobody has already noticed it, there is a certain purple quest that gives two of them that is the most visited... I wonder why...?  AA was just like Bns in the beginning lol. Bns is going down the same path of money grab.

  Not my first mmo hunny I know the grind game it's really not hard. If I wanted an easy game I would stick to hello kitty online. (Seems like you enjoy the instant gratification so I recommended that game to you) Got my pet, got to finish the story and also fed my cat. Now Nya is oversized and fat but makes a nice mount. IF ONLY.Mounts when :^) Vanity is my endgame, I couldn't care less about progression


Housing is an enjoyable aspect for many player in FFXIV

They should have limited personal housing to one per account per server. At this rate it won't matter if I get enough gil for my FC house with the way this system works.  You can only buy one personal house per character and also own one fc house so it's already limited.Will this fix the housing "crisis"? No. But housing isn't the point of this game. It's essentially glamour and a gil-sink. Airships and Gardening, sure, FFXIV Gil but that's so obscure and tangental. This will allow some people to do those things that before couldn't, so I'm for it in the meantime.

And for people complaining about patches and grinding out content...really? It's an MMO. If you play at the most end of end game there's going to be diminishing returns on your time and that's going to be true for the entire genre. It's prolly good you all found something else to play.  I hate when people say housing is gilsink. It's not gilsink. Gilsink is something people put in-game money in on a regular basis. It's if housing was not a set price, but a monthly price. It's people repairing their gear at a NPC. It's people purchasing materials from NPCs.

Something someone buys once and keeps for months/years can hardly be considered gilsink, especially if there's not enough for every interested party to Buy FFXIV Gil. It's a really bad excuse to a poor design. Everything else you said, I agree with, though.  I was using the working definition of "something that you put gil into to where it's essentially gone forever." IE, if you buy something on the MB, that's not a gilsink because that gil goes to someone else. When you buy a house, the gil leaves your inventory and is lost. That's what I consider a gilsink. I thought that was pretty standard. I apologize if that's not the right term.

Housing is an enjoyable aspect for many people in game and doesn't interfere with other players who don't care about it but it's something that makes this game stand out for me and my fc members all love having it because we can all meet up there and get together just to have fun . Which is why most of us play just to have fun .


when does FFXIV patch 3.3 come out

My original FC paid close to 200mil for their Large house, originally. Never heard them complain when they were put below 100mil. tongue emoticon Kindly stop complaining. I'm not complaing it was a freaken joke. Though your comment can be considered a complaint. "Current housing prices" seems a bit off for servers, unless those prices are before the decrease? Since my FC got a large for 42.5m on Midgardsormr. FFXIV Gil  It's around 90m right now to buy a large plot on my server,  be cool if next patch let us go half way to 70 level 65 cap would be nice. and i recommend each class has different armor because all my tanks have to wear excatly the same gear and when i glamour my drk had drk gear on but my paladin and war look the same. though i'am greatly enjoying this game and still have lots to do smile emoticon

i like to clear things and besides i got other stuff to do so take your time se. keep making this game awesome. You should do something about the purchased plots that are not being used by FCs that have been dead for the longest time. There're tons of those in gilgamesh. Does the reclamation timer not affect houses that are for FCs? It does, but so long as a member of the FC enters the house once every 45 days, it won't be repo'd. Was it a dream when I thought I heard them say "gil" is no longer a necessity? I'm thinking I dreamed that up, because it seems like gil is everything still.

 We should be worried about the real issues here. Like the fact there are no oranges for housing items. How can there be no oranges?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL OF THESE YEARS? Thank you Dani Brown. Ok, now when are you going to unpause the housing timer? It's been a week+ past the time you said you would aim to unpause it, and nothing has been said. From the way they worded in when they shut it down, they left it open to be down longer. Buy FFXIV Gil At this point where the patch will most likely be released in a month or less (just a prediction based on how SE has done things in the past) they will start it back up with the patch.

Well that sorta screws those of us who where letting a smaller house get reclaimed in the hopes of buying a bigger one with the patch. Does anyone know when this patch is coming out? Been trying to look for that info online but cannot find it anywhere. The release date will more than likely be announced with the next live letter on may 22nd. Some predictions I have heard put the release date at may 31st to June 7th, but won't know for sure till the live letter.  I was wondering how long it would take for the community to be more salt than not... over housing.


Blade & Soul greatful legendary weapon

p2w is when u can get items only through cash shop,i am sure u can see such items,right?Dont tell me spend gold,couse ppl buy with real cash,couse its the same. That's not Pay2Win, Pay2Win is literally a system that the more Real World Currency you spend the more advantage you have over those who do not, which in the case of this game paying more money into it will not give you any clear cut advantage over others. The definition's interpretation does not change the definition itself. Lol it does, the more u pay the bigger chance of getting best gems is, Blade and Soul Buy Gold u also get tons of upgrade materials that u would have to farm otherwise. I have seen people with 480 AP and one day after event started they were over 600! So tell me more about it not being p2w.

And i'll go back to the point where it doesn't help you in Arena or get you a spot in dungeons any faster, thus where is the advantage? If we are going off anecdotal scenario's I know people who have also sunk a few hundred into the game and not seen but maybe 1 gem from the trove. So again it's not Pay2Win as you gain nothing more than personal satisfaction from having nicer things.

What you guys winning? its just a game lol stop treating it like life. Company needs to make money to keep game running, they keep a lot of stuff to a minimum where the player who buys key don't have too much advantage over others, farming blackwyrn can get u really good gems and crafting /cheap Blade & Soul Gold knowing the market right can make you more rich than players spending thousands of dollar on keys, doing daily + making more alts and grinding can get u the things u need too. People always have something to cry about .. life is not perfect get over it lol every game has something that is paid or they won't beable to keep running for those of you who don't pay for shiit to support the company(outfit). Not that im stating a fact that u have to, just saying if you don't support the people who created the game for u maybe u shouldnt cry about pay to win.

Be greatful legendary weapon is not out on the shop for instant purchase thats when you can cry lol. End of statement anyone else that reply to this with something toxic is retarded.Progressing isn't the same as Winning. Pay2Shortcut is far different than Pay2Win.


Blade and Soul pvp/pve

It's a nice one along with travelers outfit. I've seen worst. Though I would love pants...But well, actually I guess it is considering now a days people like to just wear scraps of clothing covering just tits and body openings but what ever.  You can even check in wardrobe to see if it suits your character Blade and Soul Gold (even non premium members) Oh, I didn't know that. I never pay attention to it a lot because it will make me throw money to buy these *nice* outfits. lol bring different server's like oceanic for people in Australia and take out the hackers/bots and all the spammers.

Is the outfit out already? I never when these type of contest so I was just going to use ncoin to get from shop. Lol if those bamboo outfits are part of the rewards then its not worth it...they are ugly as hell. 3 weeks no cant play cuz of that skill delay bravo blade and soul keep the hard work up. Well in was just dissapointed to see that they had picked that outfit there are some real nice designs made for EU,NA and Japan whom i had rather seen as part of the rewards, buy Blade and Soul Gold No one is begging you to join the free giveaway. Keep in mind this is a fellow player's own design, I do encourage you to try and do better.

Ncsoft please sell this game to webzen they are better management then u and they have good server. pls do something to that bots in game just go looking on map and ban them i think its not to difficult to you? That's just you that is making the game boring. Go play something else that isn't boring to you lmao  but what makes the game so boring to you tho? story? grind? pvp/pve to pvp? i dont see whats so boring about it .


Blade & Soul update

 Which is why no one ever buys from it. Bots sell for 10% of the price players do, so why would players ever use it?  You guys Are idiotes ofcurs the five US lot pacht so fast we are going to join esport in Korea so we need same class and skill to learn to fight at there lv so if you don't like it play som think els so yah. More update faster plz. I understand u, bro. But even with that in my mind i really hate rush (also i dont have enough time)... So ppl like me shouldn't sleep, because we need farm a lot of gold?

Enjoyed this game quite a bit. But with no oceanic servers i had to quit. Who cares if they streamline content?! Better than maxing and quitting it's on the table for you cheap Blade & Soul Gold when you get there. I can't get mats because I can't do enough dmg!!..... I can't do dmg because because I don't have enough mats ( for upgrade)!! lol BNS logic. some people complaining why it's so fast, It's because they are using the same game files, they only translating it in english.

how can i cant enter correct pin and also they gave me wrong birth of date cant play my character again how sad where i cant get some support cant email the game support. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Funny that they keep pumping out content but they refuse to fix the absurd progression system. The economy has been completely fucked do to all the bots and gold sellers. This game would have nearly the problems that it does if they only would have made the game a sub model. This would removed all the massive grinding and gold walls in the progression system. Would have helped a great deal with the gold sellers and bots. Would have likely made the community be a bit less awful. And would have just made the whole game better for everyone.

I hope pvp is worked on. I would love to see factions worked on a lot more.  Fix serwer lag and bots+cheaters, another patch will not save game before ppl leave for good!  2.1. more bots and more difficult dungeons for newest players, perfect! I'm waiting for version 3.0, would like change the appearance of dragoncall magic.


FF11 you could have powerful alts

Lol um you do realize Stevow Johnson that I didn't start this. There are others actually in agreement with me. It's called freedom of speech. Well no grind in any game is perfect. But I can proudly say in 11 I felt accomplished when I got a new piece of gear. Making salvage gear and Cheap FFXIV Gil obtaining my Bloody Cuisses and obtaining my rdm hat from Dynamis & my th4 hands where my best accomplishments.

This game, while fun, does not hold a candle to FFXI. It feels like the open world is a weird lobby (still no fc or group open world content) and yeah not digging the whole vertical content. A mix of horizontal and vertical would be ideal...like 1.23. Everything is so pointless now that I'm not raiding.

Alex is garbage compared to coil.Why bother grinding gear or relic for so many many hours when it will just be made 10x easier to obtain 3 months down the road.The way they release the story.I barely remember what's going on because there's such a massive lapse in between story being released.Game was great at launch with flaws and just turned into casual garbage. The only way to play this game is casual, anything else is pointless.

On top of the stupid caps and pointless gear grind... I can't even decently gear my alts with this crappy progression system that supposedly encourages multiple jobs.Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil Your alts are always gimped.In FF11 you could have powerful alts... Because your gear wasn't completely worthless after three months. Some gear was used for years!Even back in world of Warcraft my gear lasted longer. Legendary weapons lasted longer.

You have no idea what mmos are about the gear grind is the funnest part of them it would be boring if i could do new xpan end game by just using gear from old content this from a vanilla wow player. And no legendary weapons in wow lasted till the next expansion then you traded off for green items. Jeff Johnson actually I love the grind in mmo, but not 14s compared to 11 you have no idea what a good mmo was. Go back to your carebear mode mmo life.


Blade and soul IS a social life

Ohh ouch u got that thing that i had last time. No point submiting tickets. Bots will reply u if u do make u do all sort of silly stuff. Just wait for 3-5 days coz ur ip got blocked.  I cannot login on the forums, but am very interested in when you will be updating the forums at all so I can send my items to my old main to my new main (outfits). A ticket of some kind was supposed to be added, so im interested Blade & Soul Gold .

damn, already? I didn't play before work like I normally do because I thought was still gonna be updating, I deleted the game since its borring for now . its next to impossible to collect items for pvp since i have no time . its totally borring to set and farm. Because you have no time it's boring since you deleted it good 1 less noob to worry about. I thnk the blackwyrm is still stronger than all of the boss including jinsoyun in silverfrost mountain.

Hell yeah do the body counts couple hundred dead body's every time. Expansions coming to fast! Going to set a pattern and once Korean content is used up people gunna get bored. Your last name is my maiden name. Your full name is my brother's name. Now we can farm costumes, accessories in 6 man Buy Blade and Soul Gold bsh/naryu/blackram finally now that 4 man is removed. Thank you team.

To bad I'm at work, can't play. Once I get home, good bye my social life. Here I come BnS!  Blade and soul IS a social life.I call it be antisocially social.  Hurray! Although I wish big things like this was on a weekend. I'm sure many would agree. While I was updating the game, was time to clean the keyboard and I found Mordor. Ive been hearing people talk about the wardrobe being account bound now, is this true?. Be that as it may, it would still be nice if large expansions were on weekends while the majority are all home to get on and play upon release.

No. They now sell stamps that allow you to mail specific costumes from one character to another on the same account. well it will take untill 6pm pst to send them out according to twitter.. remember they work from american times..


Blade and Soul patch

No time no effort needed people just don't understand..... you run in a party ..... All through the game a ran with my clan even on main quest we ran 4 man until there's a solo quest ..... get yourself a good supportive clan and the weak support each other stop putting all the pressure on yourself team effort works best. & Blade and Soul Gold ;Alvin Lee such foolishness. You don't need gears to fight. Go arena n fight. You complaining about content update is like someone complaining about health benefits or raise of pay. Heck u probably don't understand the reference.

Christie is right. The current path is easier for people that actually have a life beside the game. They should give more notice between patches.. I mean it's not about teamwork or who can get there the fastest. It's bad time management on their part seeing as they have JUST released a new class. They encouraged users to rush to 45 with their event so that they have time to 'somewhat' gear, but it's just too much too soon. Once this patch is out, unless they have anything else hidden away, we will be on the same patch as KR and slightly behind CN and they have nothing new either right now except a gender and race change ticket.

Actually we are just getting around half of silver frost in this update ~ so we are not in same level as Korea ~ Could have given us more notice like you guys have with the other major upgrades.... Now I probably won't have my gear where I want it to be to avoid all the extra costs.. cheap Blade & Soul Gold The way some people complain here means that they never knew the game had been actually out for years and we're just trying to catch up. Despite all the complaints I have with the game's problems, I'm pretty hyped for this. Pretty cool they're getting us caught up with the KR one really quickly.

I think it's stupid that people is really complaining about they gear is not up to par. News flash !! Nobody is rushing you , just because I have true pirate with all true siren accessories and the best soul shields you can have in the game don't mean you need to be there. I'm sure there is alot of people ready for this patch.


Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains expansion

We're live right now showing off the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion! Someone with the same mistake as mine, Error 200 failed to Connect autentication failed , I'm this , I supporte the procedures of NCsoft however not given any results but when I changed my ip and open the game it works Blade & Soul Gold in another country works , however lose broadband with it , I did not want to keep changing my ip every time I play , after all the game does not have ip block for our region , if anyone knows how to fix please share with me and with others with the same problem.

We preview the three Heroic dungeons—out of the eight total dungeons—coming in the Silverfrost Mountains expansion. why does my account has suspecious activity?and how can i contact support if i can.t log in..? Bloody hell! You guys cant even keep your dam words! You post about the level challenge for warlock and people get their rewards at dates YOU wrote on your website March 10,17,24 and yet you only give rewards to those at the first date! Shame on you! Even your crap support says people has to wait AFTER the last date to get the rewards.Damn liars!

Rewards for the 17th should be given out by 6pm PST today since today is the 17th. (in March 17 at 6pm PST.) FOR all you guys, Its not 6pm in PST yet. So STOP COMPLAINING, USE UR BRAIN BEFORE U TALK SOMETHING ok the game is great i luv everything about this game but i had like now bad feeling i moment in the game 1 there many errors that have to fix there any GA for help and in the forum now the problem that i have i has been death2 time from a mobs cheap Blade & Soul Gold but when i try too relife the game jump out close so if this fix does not want fix i have create a new chara again im lvl 11 now i always send good expense from the game in but i need help now sorry that i send this report in here.

Julius Cesar Bañes if you took exactly a week you would have got to lvl 45 after the first round was given out. I'm in the same boat we are meant to be getting them today but i haven't had time to check yet.


WTF in Blade and Soul

WTF is with this game? Can't even turn it on now, (game guard 4049 error) wtf ?! I couldn't solve the 4049 error problem, can anyone help me please... Unbalanced crappy game, 2 months wasted playing this F* game. How about fixing the issue that people can't play on windows 10 because of GAMEGUARD? srsly wtf is your problem. Been several months. Cant connect to Server? SystemErr 1000 Bullshit! Everytime I press the Start game button Blade and Soul Buy Gold on character Selection Scene.

 I cant get in to the game client say`s error while running. shuting down the game client? please help! Please let me get serpent out fit I fram it to many times still nothing. Run it with a friend. Maybe the drop has higher chance than solo. I got mine after few runs with a friend. Nope it just faster with more people. Solo is just more efficient for the odds that only you can get it. And the fact that this outfit can take hundreds of runs to get makes going solo just more viable.

Where can we buy premium membership in Philippines for US/NA Servers? i have some problem with my account. can u reply my ticket please. Could I ask you guys for some help? I'm not a player, but I need to get at least 100 responses for this survey for my senior research project. It shouldn't take too long and you can leave it anonymous if you'd prefer to. Just click or paste the link below. Thank you in advance~

I'd watch the livestream recording, but not long before writing this I decided to stop playing the game. I went from seeing spam bots, to dungeon spam bots, now see bots in quartz , bosses and in field. I've played MMORPG's off and on for 10 years and never seen such a poorly managed bot situation, even while BNS Gold playing an MMORPG that the developers left players to fend for themselve, for 4 years! I heard a co-worker liked it for a while, but liked the previous version. I would comment on any of the other MMORPG's I've played over the years, but they're rather old or have worse support.

Another reason why, I stopped playing this. They're not fun anymore to me and this game slowly declined, when I invested real money. Same with the last one I played, it sucked the fun out of everything.


A Realm Reborn and Heavensward of FFXIV

I've paid for the game n i'm not very happy, still cant play it. thrs no real solution in the web except to wait, this is a p2p game these problems should not have happen. ive try uninstall antivirus, redownload n reinstall game n such still give me ''lobby connection error 2002'' my internet just fine, my gw2 & other games work just fine, my sis playing wow n diablo 3 just fine. i will try login for few days but i don't Blade and Soul Gold expect much anymore, those paid sub days will be just gone. dont expect any refund as this is not steam, i will just go with it as just got scam.

You will get the time back from them they always compensate for lost game time l. And as I said this is due to people constantly coming to this game every days it's player base gets bigger and bigger. So they are constantly having to increase server space.

My PS4 says "Cannot launch ffxiv please enter registered promotion code included with your package or download". I downloaded the game for free on my ps4 and never got a promo code. Why? Do I need to buy the game for 19.99 even though i got it for free months ago? Super confused. Thinking of getting into this-- waiting on free demo to download for PS4. A couple questions: is it cross platform? Do I need (should I) to buy bother A Realm Reborn and Heavensward right away Blade & Soul Gold ? Thanks, everyone. smile emoticon . i'd buy ARR and then buy heavensward after you complete that, as you need to do all of ARR to get into heavensward, but it is worth every penny for both mate.

It is cross platform, there is a version of the game that they sell that comes with both in one purchase. Yeah it's cross platform (ps3, ps4, pc). Like Adam said, wait to get heavensward. There's an actual main story in ARR that you have to get through before you can even get into the expansion. Wait for a sale, i picked it up the lot for around £25. It's subscription though. Its not cross platform, as far as I know, and you have to get on the best server for you. You can get a fair way on the demo to decide if you want to carry on and wait for the sale.


BNS Warlock Leveling Challenge

Pekste (Rift) ala Nort Amerika, stous amerikanikous server exi kozmo stous europe nekra paratisa megala lvl roque dagera . ego pezo exo full lvl 2 mage alt main melee dps dagera 2 dps telos panton kante me grapste afto akrivos opos to grafo k to onoma mou (Mpint) name. (/Tell). / / next pezo k Blade & Soul EXO KOUNFOU MASTER karatista , ala gousta ine protimou Rift EXI MEGALA MAP WARFRONT SC DILADI PEZI KSILO ME POLA ATOMA K PERNIS exp K APO mOP'S K apo PvP , K Drop's diafora, Free game , ALA AGORAZIS MALIA MOUNT 155% MOVEMENT SPEET cOSUME gia emvatisi na fetete oti opla i rouxa 8es exo nofos ala px pou den sou aresoun i ta vare8ikes open rvr exi instant, Dungeun's k ala pola to Rift TO (Blede &Ssoul pola apo aftga den exi) k to Rift exi ana 2 3 i 4 meres EVENT Quest GIA tOP KITEM'S Mount k ala pola mpite k kante me (/Tell mpint) afto grapste k mou stelnete minima na milisoume tetatet for Help i erotisis diafora, A ine k to (EOS) diladi Echo of Soul, ala to paratisa ala kalo ine dokimaste ta pio diasima game mmrpg game online Game gia liosimo trelo leme osi pezoun tetia dikomaste ta to (wOw) ine kalo exi ateliotous server ala den lei palio k grafika ala san game kalo

Complete our Warlock Leveling Challenge before March 23 to earn some awesome rewards, including the Temptation costume! How I'm supposed to level up when the weapon upgrade is so damn unfair?, I've been doing the Darklimpse dungeon 20 times by now, I'm not exaggerating, I counted them, Blade and Soul Gold 20 times, and I have not get the razor. I got now 4 freaking lyn swords, 2 bangles and more repeated weapons but not a single razor and if I want to buy it in the marketplace it cost 2 gold, 2 freaking gold for a level 22 weapon!

You should have set the drop rate taking into account the number of warlocks with the update and even if you didn't do that the rate should be so much fair, I mean, 20 freaking times and no weapon for my class?, users level 45 are farming the dungeon and selling the razor in such an unfair price and dumb people are purchasing it making it stay in that price.

It's free, and it took me around 35 runs to get my Summoner's Staff. So... Get over it. lol First of all, you can buy your weapon in 3 silver but the razor is in 3 gold, so, It is not a fair comparison at all, second, the game it's free but your time is not, at least mine, you can do the same dungeon 30 times if you want Buy Blade and Soul Gold (I don't know why you would do a dungeon 30 times for a blue weapon when you can buy one in 3 silver, but sure, I believe you) but I've spent more than 3 hours in the same dungeon just for a blue weapon. I would not be surprised if you are one of that level 45 users that farm that dungeon, seriously, I don't know how you can agree with that...


Blade and Soul Summoner has a group heal

You can only vote kick an offline player which is why im asking them to add a system to vote kick an online player too.  Summoner has a group heal. but don't expect healer classes in this game. I cant wait.... I deleted an unwanted character today to make room.... good thing too, it said it Blade and Soul Gold would take 7 days to get rid of the character.... kind of a pain in the ass..... but hopefully the warlock will be good.

I dont want to take a chance.... with it taking a week for it to reset, I want to be ready when Warlock is available...grin emoticon. Will the update fix the 2-3 second delay i get when activating skills? Oh that's right, need an oceanic server for that. I'm done unless you bring one, just impossible to play with that delay. It's a shame. We getting the same as KR, still pretty strong cuz they added new rotation to reset skills cooldown.

I roll daily wheel on SV A but didn't get item yet, item still in mail , what if i move to sv B, can i get item of daily wheel on sv B instead ?  Will the update help FPS issues? I have a i7 6700HQ 2.6 processor with a GTX970M 6GB and i'm getting 20-45 fps while fighting 3+ mobs. No, that fps is normal for BnS. I'm getting 20-48 fps and i have a i7 with nvidia geforce. I'd get random lag spikes every now and then Buy Blade and Soul Gold , but im sure that's because my internet is kinda below average lol.

Too bad BDO not gonna get bots problem and what sad is Blade and soul bots now run even the top 2 dungeon. Blade & Soul don't lie your main focus has been nothing but esports and that's the only reason why you are pushing content. You haven't made any efforts to combat this as you should have known since before the launch the bot issues and how far you are behind in even combatting them. You should of made that your main focus from the start. Not to mention it feels as if I'm playing with Taiwan's ping and I'm in the United States.


characters choose Blade & Soul

Aussie myself and i find he douchelords asking for an oce server already fucking annoying, like literally they jsut amde an english server and my fellow australians are acting like wankers begging for a server of there own, tools must be new to online games oce servers are nearly always last and years away. i agree with Troy been saying since release we play all mmo's with high ping grow a pair and learn to adapt.

Or developers could realize that there are lots of gamers in OCE Blade and Soul Gold and consider an OCE server when they open their game if they got the money to do so..

 i just hope SEA server play as BM in 200ms is. Alot of mobs at E.fleet supply chain says funny and unusual stuff. Unfortunetly cant say the same for bloodshade harbor. Need more of these please in future coming new dungeons.  unlrelated topic but are there any plans to change the fire blocks in dungeons. toxic players abuse it to kill people who stay behind to bid, then they dont get the final boss or drops. Someone fcking tag the developer lol, 13k base player should already enough to open new server.

Is there any item in the future the game will create to let you transfer the outfit that you buy cheap Blade & Soul Gold from the Hongmoon store between your character? I like Summoner more than my old class, but i bought some outfit for that character frown emoticon just wanna transfer those to my new character.

And I expect it'll be out here pretty soon since they really want NA/EU to compete in the championship this year, which means all classes need to be out and people at level 50 before November.


blade and soul gold making

Ya happened to me the other day was at 1593 was finally gonna get gold because I didn't match against a summoner or assassin we both won* 1 match and the last one I had him in my KFM lock! Then boom... All frozen... No movement... Just ... Motionless... Until disconnect... Sad sad day Blade and Soul Gold ... It registered me a loss.... The FM did more damage over time so I guess it gave him the win? Very lame...

What you guys doing about gathering nodes? I see them on the map, but i barely see them being actually be in the location they are supposed to be in. Bot problems, right? It kills the incentive with crafting.  If you're talking about the ores... best if you just sell the pickaxe.. haha those sell more than ores... j/s. ..

For crafting purposes ~ You can have 2 crafting skills and 2 gathering skills (Order from your gathering skills and you'll get crafting materials for your crafting skills) Hope this help smile emoticon -can always change channel too if you wanna farm-

 Server crashes are good if you play too much. smile emoticon Gives you time to enjoy NOT playing. Wow. This game is too much fun. Team Bloodlust did Buy Blade and Soul Gold really well. I wasn't a big fan of NCsoft until Blade and Soul. Ticket takes awhile so I was wondering if it was possible to get founders title moved to a character on a different server? I just got a reply for a few day old ticket about founding items not being able to move if they were bought over 7 days ago... kind of a slap in the face for even buying the pack in the first place considering I'm moving servers because of the opening day server mess up, my guildies got scattered all over.


Blade and Soul outfits

NCSoft is implementing a way so your outfits will be transferable between characters on the SAME account in the near future. Well if u click details you will see that Blade and Soul Gold u will get the costume, a sunglasses, some white roses and 10 unsealing charms.

It is still 20 pounds for a single costume for a single character. But the best founder pack, shitton of ncoins but I'm getting fed up - this game is getting to expensive - and premium doesn't even give me bag & bank space. Then don't buy it you idiot it's made for the people that do like it and do wanne give money for it without complaining like a 12 year old.

 Hey tard, stop telling me what to do okay Brandon Idiotallois? I'm absolutely sure I've spent more than you on this game - but them wanting more and more is getting frustrating. And I never said I'm not willing to spend money on this game as I waited for it for a pretty long time. And now fck off tard as I can see you have problems with reading & understanding.

Game just started and they are starting their milking method already. Game won't last 3 years smile emoticon Heads up right now. Kevin Trieu I sure hope for such an implementation Blade and Soul Gold in the future. Would even pay a few bucks to be able to transfer hongmoon store outfits and acceesories across my toons. Kevin Trieu yes but it will be an item in the cash shop that you will have to buy .

Once again...women have a ridiculously "sexy" costume and men a normal one. I mean, we all know this game was specifically created for the heterosexual male gaze, but can you at least pretend?


Blade & Soul support knowledge base

Why NCsoft wont do same thing as Guild wars 2 did with character slots smile emoticon? just give us more free slots! we can only make 2 characters when gw2 can 5, money milking i tell you! FTP guild wars 2 is only 2 character slots per account unless you upgrade to heart of thorns for 50 bucks. Also you're paying for a whole game Blade and Soul Gold, where bns is still heavily in development over time. It's not money milking, you can get cash shop currency in game, and I think you should just consider dropping five bucks to the dev team for all their hard work.

5 slots after Paying for the base game. Read the website and their ftp policy. Derek Pardoe oh shut up, you are not acting like adult either right now. This is solely my own opinion/statement/question.  I just a Logitech G602 gaming mouse and I'm reading that players are being banned for using the Logitech gaming software, why is that and you allow Razer Synapse? The Blade & Soul support knowledge base have an announcement providing fixes and workarounds for Razer Synapse, when Razer Synapse is just like Logitech Gaming software?! I'm suppose to spend more money cheap Blade & Soul Gold that I don't have for an more expansive gaming mouse that has to be Razer?

Every times i play this game, my PC just black out and I have to force shut down it, now i don't even dare to touch B&S. I play other games just fine no problem at all!  Well the problem is on your computer, i play for hours without problems here. I'm sorry but if you can play without any problem then you don't need to reply here, cuz it's useless to me, there are many people encounter this problem not just me. My pc can play all the recent games like Witcher 3, GTA V, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3 so i don't think it cannot handle this 5 years old game.


blade and soul system requirement

Well would be cool if more things worked properly and less than 1/2 players were nonbots on eu. My computer is a dell and runs windows 7 and when i load blade and soul it wont load. The loading screen icon comes up and just stays there and nothing happens... is there anyway i can fix this? Blade and Soul Gold Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements?

 Tyler Williamson well its a dell windows 7 pro and has 400 gigs of space, and like 200 left. That's sort of vague. Dell makes hundreds of models. Everyone is different. How much ram? What CPU/Processor? What graphics/GPU are you using?

And by the way razer things can cause crashes. So be aware of that too. I don't think she isn't computer person guys. She prob not gonna know CPU/gpu/ram etc. The only hate or problem for free player like me is DRAGON TRADE POUCH..Inventory always full drop NON OF UR ITEM THAT U WANT OR UR CLASS especially WEAPON.Can't expand inventory using money->silver BUT HAVE TO BUY NCOINS *sigh* Why can't spin draw till every1 get the last item after that no more spin rather have deadline..

Game keeps disconnecting is there server maintenance today cheap Blade & Soul Gold ? Thanks for reply smile emoticon. I'll probably join aswell although im very bad haha.

I'd go as far as saying Kung Fu is probably the least strongest, The have great defensive abilities but that's all they have their attacking strength is null plus I feel there should be more than one defensive stance ability due to there class being oriented about blocking attacks and countering people.


Blade and Soul summoner play

32 wins vs 54 loses lv 37,lol asassin just has good dmg,but he is stunned way too easy.Destro/bd got infinite spin+ stun.Bd/bm got 2x knock up which can take u 20% hp at once,kfm got 3-4 knock down/grapple etc skills with pretty low kd,up to 20 sec summoner is too op ,lol what to do,when they will balance more.

Is there a reason why my Emotes and chat will not work on one character that I have ..I'm a premium member and nothing chat wise will work on one toon that I have! Who do I contact for this to be fixed. So I decided to open up the Marketplace in-game, only to see this gray window with no x at the upper right corner saying Buy Blade and Soul Gold "Temporarily Unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." in the middle of the window. Is this a bug or is it something I'm doing wrong? unsure emoticon It did work before... I don't know what to do. Server: Starfall Crater.

I am a summoner in the game and passed by my pet without noticing frown emoticon I am no longer at heavens reach and cannot get back there, please tell me theirs a way! Please tell me i don't have to restart the character. I just want my cat. I can swim there from bamboo coast so how do i get to heavens reach BNS Gold? We want stable servers not new hongmoon store items squint emoticon ( also change the maintenance time for EU )

To everyone moaning about not being able to log in, Like this up so people can be educated on the issue.


ccessories to the BnS Hongmoon Store

We’ve added an array of new costumes and accessories to the Hongmoon Store! Idk what's wrong but after to this maintenance I can't enter to the game :c . Just show me BnS crash Report, i never get this error before.  We've received reports of this and are investigating. Please submit a ticket to Support so we can get more info.

We are actively investigating this, but we need as much info as possible. Please submit tickets, and let us know what region/server you are on, what exactly is taking place when it happens Blade and Soul Gold, any error messages you receive, etc. Even screenshots help. Blade & Soul I give all the information in the ticket and they say me for the second time about the msconfig , then they don't re-write anything for me , i'm bored to wait and i want to play now.

 I've been trying to buy Blade and Soul Coins for some time but with no success. I tried both with paypal and with my credit card, in the game client and on the website, but it just doesn't work. Whatever I try it always says "Payment Autorization Failed". Will it be fixed automatically over time, or do I have to do somthing about it? to me, I've already turned everything off on Msconfig due to previous gameguard errors. Buy Blade and Soul Gold GET RID OF GAMEGUARD ALREADY. im bored about this fking game...always crash, i solved the razer problem but now boom again crash, and this time before i can insert my pin...U better fix this sht soon or a lot of players gonna leave.

Laura M?ntynen You're not leaving, you're not playing in the first place.  Eduardo Schlegel Gameguard prevents loads of people logging in, the botters are still playing. Working correctly I assume? Unable to connect to server.. This is getting very annoying, NCsoft. I've paid Premium to play, not to sit there and wait till servers work. 3rd time today I cant play. Repair the client and if it still gives a error, restart your pc. After that it just worked fine for me.


Blade & Soul Soha server

 Blade & Soul we all regularly do this but it just gets ten times worse. as i type this my block list is full and i am reporting over 40 on Soha server, faction chat cant even be used to hold a conversation.

QUES are instant just get membership and don't be on the most populated server . i think it'll still be a few days before theyre down to something reasonable. Suddenly can't login anymore to an Error, Error 4049 anyone that can help me? Waiting more than 3 hours and still didn't log in.

Blade & Soul How to report someone in the chat? I tried to find out how before but couldn't figure it out... ^^" Sorry I'm a little dumb sometimes haha Ga?l Lindemann Ur not dumb, you are new as almost everyone else here. I found out when u hover and right click their name, there is a report cheap Blade & Soul Gold . u can pick bot or spammer. then, choose to block them. Erika Olivarez not sure where you are playing but on yahera since this morning there have been well over 300 bots in faction chat, they stop, then more come it. New bots constantly.

Moderators would help, as would phrase banning and expanded blocklist, it would be really nice if banning them removed their text they already spammed as well but hey anything would be an improvement, U feel like people have never played a mmorpg, just like what Kasper said. Make a new tab. Make it how you want it. Ga?l Lindemann right click on there name. Select report for spamming and block that way. You know, in another game when you spawn a % of your HP is taking away, and after the HP is almost gone you cant spawn for about 10 mins and so on. Game is great but the spams is out of control Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  Neale Mcintosh im also on the Soha server x.x I do agree that the bot are a bit to much. How do you report them? When I right click, it only gives the option to block, and I can't anymore, my list is full. All I can see is goldspammers in chat, they've even taken over Faction chat. I am only lvl 9, is this the reason? Thank you. Blade & Soul any chance of giving people options other than just reporting to get rid of known gold farming bots? Would like to be able to attack them and prevent them from continuely farming. They lack the ability to prevent player interactions. Would slow down the people that use the bots quite a lot and could reduce the current numbers but they all wear the same Hongmoon armor and nothing is currently able to attack it.


founder pack check your NCsoft account

So, in few weeks when all the servers be fine, ppl will start QQing coz they get kicked from a dungeon when they are afk waiting the others bind for an item or anything. ppl never is happy wtf. knowing there would be hours of traffic jam but you still decided to go watch a movie with a friend. Why wouldn't you blame government for not building for yourself your own lane so that you don't have to deal with traffic jam? (assuming you do pay taxes) lol.

Nice i buy the pass, and im not premium member Blade and Soul Gold , and i cant enter in 2 days. Yesterday at night error with loggin, and now im waiting 6 fucking hours for enter. I want my money. No, the spanish ppl its here. I dont want transfer other server.

Estan en Mushin y en Yehara recientemente x el problema con mushin.  Thats why we pro gamers wait 19th we know it .what happen.  This doesn't look good we the broke people are waiting in lines here xD. LOL shouldn't have gone on mushin? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Plus there was an error last night and they fixed it. If you bought founder pack check your NCsoft account under the code section for your code to your prem.

You get premium rank 2 once the game launches on the 19th if you spent the 25 to get early access so I'll have premium for a while once the game launches. Every game has its hiccups upon launch, you think it's bad now just wait till it launches.. progamers done brag about it... They just are.. I'm on JiWan and haven't really had any issues other than crashing out while loading areas no different then in the beta. Don't get hung up on it just roll with it.


Does anyone have extra BNS beta key

Does anyone have extra beta key?  I tried playing but when i put my pin it say failed to connect to server. Christian V. Soriano game goes live on January 19th. Will be free to play. Got my main reserve name and altered my second a bit to get it, i'm all set c: Good thing I did not buy the disciple & master packs with name reservation BNS Gold.

Why what happened? I was about to read a comment about it and it literally vanished from here as I was going to read it. Looks like someone inside NCSoft reserved 7 names for 3 people a few days BEFORE the name reservation, and the person did that for money. Mário Whaaat that's crazy. Thanks for the reply though.  Yea mine was gone within about 8 minutes too, I spent the next one and half hour feeling bad for myself and still didn't think of a new one! Getting Error (106) (6) its been an hour since the name reservation began and i cant log in. I have master pack. whats going on? if i experiment on looks on the EU server will i be able 2 use my name reservations when NA reserve opens or will it use up 1 of my char slots? ok thank you i assumed it was like that but i couldnt have a clear cut answer anywhere.

You do realize the Disciple and Masters pack is MORE THAN just name reservations, right..? It's 7 names, they were most-likely going to be taken anyway, chill.  What time are the servers gonna go up on the 15th? I'm from east coast of the USA. Can't find any info on this anywhere. Still won't let me apply my founders pack tho Blade & Soul Gold ..kinda worried I won't get me headstart at this point. What time can I play on the 19 th or can I play eany time.I put 120 euros in my wallet PAYPAL. But your site Does not allow me to use my paypal wallet .(Upgrading Master Pack =92,50 EU) It just want credit card registered in Paypal . Please Help me . I also sent a ticket. With more INFO

Yes you can play from the Philippines their is no IP block for your region but expect to play with a lot of lag.  Joel Teodoro done all that my only work around is to run a vpn to a US IP address but downloading at 10kb/s is really inefficient. Guys my B&S got cant connect server. Then game auto closed. What i will do ? Me with in the first 5 minutes of the Name Reservation...... "types name".. name taken... dangit.... "types different name" .....name taken..Dangit!...."types another different name" name taken...... *rage quits*.


How many character spaces will be available 4 BNS character creation

I upgraded my desktop to play GW2 and Blade and Soul! B&S is mostly CPU. A good i7 or i5 is best. AMD will work but there were some issues in the CBT. Any recent GPU should be fine. well its should play on a i3 as well since the game as almost as old as aion!

After all these years waiting for this game in NA it is nearly here thanks Blade & Soul. is there a way to change server after create character ? There are no character server transfers. Yes there is. But there is one requirement BNS Gold: having a Master's pack. You'll need two slots to pull this out: delete your character and use the 5 minutes before actual deletion to start recreating the character in the server you want to go to. As soon as the "(1)" [which refers to the number of characters you have in a given server] goes away, finish the creation and you're good to go.

About server transfers, it's true that there won't be any at first but we'll have them later on, as well as nickname changers. Don't worry about it. The games not even out yet and ur already talking about changing servers. blade and soul didnt even make this vote public and they won.

So excited I been waiting a few years for this! By the beta gameplay it seemed well worth the wait smile emoticon Good job on the western version guys! I have a BIG QUESTION : How many character spaces will be available 4 character creation Blade & Soul Gold ? 2 as a free user, 4 if you bought the Disciple Pack and 7 if you bought the Master pack which I think its the max. Of course at any point you can buy Extra Character Slots from cash shop.


Blade and Soul Summoners hit pretty hard

Blade and Soul will start its Open Beta to the EU and NA players'' ????? Looks liek the site is not up to date lol. We aren't having an open beta period. Head Start for Founder's Packs will start Jan 15, and official launch is Jan 19. I know, it's just that the site is not really up to date, this emote is more of a facepalm aimed at the site. I quoted the article you just linked. and dowload link? send it in email for founder's?

Adriano Trévor. U would not need to download again. ... if u have the cbt client u r good... on the 15th u just will need yo update thats all. this is the league of legends facepalm one. woops lol I,ve failed to see that one. so how does the name reservation work? Do we need to download a new client for it, or will the closed beta client be updated?  I know when the name reservation starts, Jan 11th 6PM Pacific, but how do we go about reserving? Will we reserve a link to the website in the email, or will we have to log in via the game client to do it Blade and Soul Buy Gold ?

As far as I know from the official B&S streams, you will be able to go in-game and create a character, but you can not play. It is like you will be stuck in the character creation until the 15th of January, but the created character will remain. Doesn't it launch on the 19th? That's what this post says. Summoners hit pretty hard, esp with their tank cat. Can solo lots of shit or provide healing support (summoner) in groups as well as dps (summoner and cat) and a tank Blade and Soul Gold (cat).

"15 days until launch", that being 15+4(due to it being the 4th) = 19 (IE the 19th) Dude, I've seen the videos of each class on the web page, and all of them look awesome, except 2 of them: the force master (mage) could control some other element apart from fire and ice... I mean, it looks like... too simple. But the worst of them all is definitely the summoner. I mean... a fkin childish big cat that walks on 2 foots?, and having no choice of any other summon, cuz you can have ONLY that stupid cat??? I usually love playing the summoner class in games, and I love how B&S looks, but I won't play the summoner this time, that's for sure. I just hope u guys can improve the class in some future patch, cuz I'll be looking forward to play with a decent summoner in B&S.