Blade and Soul CBT3 Beta Keys

I wanted a key, but in my country it was morning and I was sleeping. You can still get a key. This site has 2500 keys left as of this writing. Go for it. (note, lots of people are accessing, so you will get a lot of load errors, just keep trying and it will work): can i have a key on drrivo80@gmail.com Blade and Soul Gold ?  Where are the keys ??? We are waiting for info about that. when do we get keys for beta are do u half get some where else.  What about CBT3 Beta Keys? If the staff is not going to give away or will be "Region Locked" like it's seems to be the case with Germany, better let us know, i spent almost all day on computer because you guys said today there would be giving Keys via newsletters and from partners...and til now nothing...At least keep us up to date about Keys, you guys must know that not everyone can afford founder pack even if it's $25 bucks...

Cbt keys are given out randomly, they don't give them out to everyone. Even if you are subscribed to emails and what not, they are always given out randomly. Giving away a acc with closed beta acces for cs:go gift on steam if any1 is intrested. Can i Have a Beta key for this beta test? Much appreciated I hope i can get a key to test out Blade&Soul. supose to mean that u have to wait a few hours to connect ... to be more specifically about 8 hours until servers OPEN !! Servers open November 24th at 10:00AM PST. So you just friggin wait! 10AM? whats your location? Buy Blade and Soul Gold im from philippines. can anyone make a timer, when the game goes up (i mean the cbt3) or about how much hours left for it to start.

nice to know ty for this post...now we know how to trust or not nsoft. i've got a beta key, don't know if you can give it away but i wont have time to play,, msg me if you want the code.  i just got an e-mail with the key just like the 1st time (i got one key at the 1st weekend too). i have my founders pack but im still tryin to get atleast 1key for my friend to be able to play with me smile emoticon.but i should remind people that, they will give away beta keys at the stream time, so just download OR update BnS and watch the event vs jaesung.im sure it will be more then just 1key per fight and same time there will be other site that will give keys, but to get more chance to win, just watch the stream all. The Force Master uses their deadly control of the elements to freeze their enemies in place, and then burn then to ashes. Let the Fire and Ice rain down!


What about CBT3 Beta Keys

Don't miss the Blade & Soul Arena Invitational event where invitees from both Europe and North America will take on Jaesung—one of the best Blade & Soul pro players in the world.where are the giveaways for cbt3 :c we are dying waiting for them t.t. I just wish i could play the beta. Only tomorrow will be able to play? Where are the keys ??? We are waiting for info about that What about CBT3 Beta Keys? If the staff is not going to give away or will be "Region Locked" like it's seems to be the case with Germany, better let us know, i spent almost all day on computer because you guys said today there would be giving Keys via newsletters and Blade and Soul Gold from partners...and til now nothing...At least keep us up to date about Keys, you guys must know that not everyone can afford founder pack even if it's $25 bucks...

Is North America having the uncensored version? i've got a beta key, don't know if you can give it away but i wont have time to play,, msg me if you want the code.  i just got an e-mail with the key just like the 1st time (i got one key at the 1st weekend too)
Too bad you cant make force master pure fire xD. Sad thing is, i′d rather deal with that ping than deal with the community SA servers spawn. Subpar servers with no stability on ping, no staff support.. full of racism and xenophobia between people on the same region.. no thanks.  acho que mesmo com 20.000 esse server nao sai.  its a interesting play style and with my exp playing mages or casters in other games I would have Buy Blade and Soul Gold expected me jumping into the FM and enjoying it but it was the opposite really. I by far prefer some of the other classes just for the fact some of the others flow alot smother imo. Love the game thou. will this game globally open or there will be some blockade for certain country? I love Warlock to, but when they give him to us it will be 1-2 years. Warlock will probably be here around June-July next year. Black friday is here put some sale on master pack !

I think you should give two extra keys to those who bought the founder pack, those keys are totally free,they don't have the features of the founder packs, but it will totally make our friends happy ^^ nice marketing tho tongue emoticon.


why Pastore and Agüero used it instead of Tevez.

 You only score if the game lets you. Stop crying, game is great you just need to learn to play! Why my matchmaking never find a rival in my ultimate team ?  Fiffa is shyt wrelly.why every jrk can goal g.most shyt poor luck notjhing with u.shyt.Brazil has good individual players but as a team I don't think they are Good. Well Brazil defence was so bad because Thiago Silva wasnt there, they need someone to lead it, just like Barca's defence needed Puyol for example... Remember that Garay is out too and he is a damn good defender.

Brazil has Oscar and buy FIFA 16 coins stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. Brazil win because argentina don't have messi and aguero.  I think now is the time of Neymar to show his talent( BRZIL 3 vs ARGNTN 2).  I think Brazil wins this match because neymar play for him. Argentina because Messi,di maria,aguero and other are really good. Argentina lost the world cup because di maria wasn't there. Argentina gonna win. As a Chelsea supporter I hope he isn't, an injury to him will kill me.

Vamos Argentina!! Hope martino quits anyway.  Brazil will win there's a reason they have more world cups. All they need is Costa Neymar and Willian or Lucas. History doesn't make up for what happens with today's squad. Get your logic straight before you pick one team. Personally, I would love to see Brazil win. Messi is not in Argentina but Neymar will play so Brazil.Brazil will win this match. Keap supporting boys FIFA 16 coins . We are always with you. Argentina and the number #10 ... Di Maria is using it now? My god... I didn't understand why Pastore and Agüero used it instead of Tevez. I prefer Lamela using that number... or no one haha. True. But please, don't be ridiculous. Neymar's absence is not an excuse for that ridiculous semi-final. Brazil is a team, and not a one man army. No one, who says that if he's not injured, the 7-1 never happens, can be really serious. About Argentina, they had luck against Belgium and Netherlands, and they were never worthy to be in the finals, let alone win the cup. Worst team makes the final?? Oh yeah your hungary u dont know anything about football hahha your garbage country didnt even qualify lol losers.


Aion PvPers

I created an account and got locked out of the game for cheating even though I never got to log into the game. and didn't get i reply from them when sent I email. please NC speed up cast speed on cleric, i love my cleric but cast speed is to slow, could mean death and usually does, result angry group, so for quite awhile i have not played my cleric, and switching from staff to mace and shield doesnt make much of a difference, please please help with this, ty. It's over with bots and hackers, they are dead. This game ins dead for now!!! Better places is gone Aion Kinah :((.. Danaria and Katalam places :(

 4.7.5 Private server.. i just start to play in there, very nice server.. maybe someone wants to join? I have problems to log in aion after an update. Hopefully lots of the PvPers will be in the abyss so I can finally do something in Cygnea which is not very nice either. I miss Katalam/Danaria/Sarpan and even Tiamaranta! There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM Central Time.  How many still playing aion 100??200??dead gameee.

You say its a dead game and you still like the page. i think you are bad at this game that why you are reacting like that well all game has its haters you are just one of them you dont like the page just unlike the page a go do something else instead on commenting what aion staff are doing. & Aion Gold; bots are gone,they dont spam LFG anymore,theres only a really FEW bots running around,Hackers are far less as well as they cant use hacks since Aion is 64-bit forced and u need 32 bit to hack,hacks that work for 64 bit are costly thus only a lifeless retard would pay for...all in all Aion is a sinking ship but ppl still play and so am I,4,9 and 5.0 may give it some life...theres over 1000 players playing everyday..help, will continue giving curator weapons after maintenance ?n.n. aion players, guys help me im a newbie in this game and i'm n0t yet familiar with it. what is the best item set for assasin? and where is the best place for looting items. by the way my character name in aion siel server is Manger. 4.7.5 Private server.. i just start to play in there, verry nice server.. maybe someone wants to join? Whats that in GMT or UTC (same thing almost) and much more useful than some strange time in a little knwon country.

I was wondering, since the games population has slightly decreased, is there any hopes that there could be a name wipe for those who don't play anymore to open up names for new players? Thanks! i forgot my pin code and i did not remember date to reset it. so more bots and more hackers return?


I'm trying to log into the 14 day trial of FFXIV

Anyone notice in the picture iroha has her hair is shorter. Shantatto. That's the name I was trying to remember. Thanks for the info. Learn about Verminion Challenge mode and other tips for starting Lord of Verminion in the latest Developers’ Blog, "Who Wants to be a Minionaire?"! Thordan Weapons are Crit/Det/SS, 2 of those. None of them have acc, I just made you hyped more. Except Drk/Sch are the only ones that got screwed over. we get an day refund because maintain take's an full day ? Trying to log in to update keep Cheap FFXIV Gil getting unable to complete version check any one else getting this?

so, I'm a bit confused/annoyed/frustrated. I'm trying to log into the 14 day trial of FFXIV, and everytime it says I've got the wrong Square enix ID or password. I've changed tha password like 3 times so I know its not that.. any help? Game is down for maintenance right now, so if you just created an account I'm going to assume it's not loaded as the the game isn't online to accept the info FFXIV Gil. It's case sensitive also if that helps, was your ID capitalize?  I created it yesterday... and got so frustrated I gave up for the night.. The game is down bro yesterday the game went down for maintenance that is why you cannot log in right now they are adding new patch lmfao.

err shouldn't be getting an invalid login or password... I really have to get back into this game, it just looks so amazing! damnit hurry up i want to play LoV i got 102 minion waiting to put a beat down on everyone. People on here moaning about the maintenance, how do you think the update is applied to the servers. void ark was was so much fun! had an amazing group and with only 2 wipes 😀.  and after update this game works like crap... it locks at 600MB of ram(i have 16GB) usage and fps is terrible(drop from stable 60 to 20)...


some Maguuma Jungle creatures from Guild Wars 1

 Please add the HoT Soundtrack, it is fantastic and surely many people will buy! Check out Guild Chat 21, with a behind the scene on the design and animation of Heart of Thorns creatures! Will we be seeing some Maguuma Jungle creatures from Guild Wars 1, only a little more enhanced from Modramoths powers? animations? well... please fix the wyvern then? it literally teleports when taking to the air, spawns on the ground, then a second wyvern im guessing its the same one flies through while we are fighting the other not glitched wyvern, '' minblown''GW2 is a Global game Guild Wars 2 Gold '' We got a 64 bit client and I like it. Now how's about some dx12 or even 11 love. Even though imo 12 is the way to go now especially considering how long you guys like to take implementing these things...by the time we get it 11 will be long dead like 9 and the failed 10 are.

And dx12 would be only for a small group, those who upgraded to win10. Pretty pointless going that route and it would be a terrible decision business wise Buy GW2 Gold . Seeing win 10 is free..for owners of 7 and 8...and system specs didn't increase much at all..if any ..and if you are still using xp and locked to dx9 or 32bit then ...well it's way past time to upgrade lol. this is SUPER interesting and i'm sure alot of us would love to see more! it gives aspiring character designers and character animators alot of insight of how animations are tackled and built! Very interesting! But I must say I feel players would rather hear more about the status of known bugs and their eta on repairs. There are numerous bugs preventing some progressions as it currently stands. I think you'd get much more player support and attention if your addressing those first and foremost. They restrict them because of international sweepstakes laws. Each country has its own laws regarding contests like this, and for ANet to open it up to every country would cost 1000 times more than the promotion is worth, not to mention all of the legal red tape they would have to go through. Don't blame ANet, blame your government.

Pretty sure they could offer a gem giveaway internationally... Though some other much smaller companies seem to have no problem with having worldwide sweeptakes (so US and everywhere else in the world). I'd like to know why Anet, and alot of other big companies, can't do the same. US only-- crap!! I guess they jut can't be bothered, many US companies their contest in Can. The how stuff works is just lame way to to excuse them not trying. But doesn't facebook have a feature to let pages post only to specific regions? oh yeah an european ppl can just support: The eu has no such law that prevents prizes from being sent.... nice job failing to be an international company. A lot of other companies don't have that problems... Strange.... only there are very few that are U.S only, most are open to the world.


Tiamat server is back up

Tiamat server is back up but the npcs mobs teleport statues are all gone. just blank maps. I aion please have a error APPCRASH not let me be in pandemonium ... I play well on all maps. But when he took the scroll to pandemonium, I skip a window that says "not responding aion online search solution" or "close program". I give online solution. But when I was last buy Aion Gold logged on, it becomes to label me and repeat the process because I appear pulled me right where I am in the server support beritra pls. Yeah so I got back on right after the update and there are no NPC's and nothing to interact with either other people on my server are having the same problem. The problem only just started after the update Aion Please see what's going on with it.

I have some problem of my other account. Since Aion Online had
a Verification Code before playing the game now i can't access my
account because i can't remember my Gmail Account. Any suggestion and
reply.  how to download this cool game\ u guys can help me? send me a private message (about prestige pack) wtf.......just got dc'd and now cant even get the game launcher to start up..... Can you guys Flash sale Wonder Girls Emote? pretty please. Cannot connect with the server (IS) Somebody knows wtf happened? or NCsoft answer in tickets..

Have to include the daylight savings time! clock goes back an hour so it would be 1 hour and 45 minutes! ahh yes that makes sense dorry lol im south african we dont have tht here lol. never the less its past 3am so it should be up buy now.. buy Aion Kinah . Steven Blandy Never expect an Aion maintenance to be finished on time XD.  Aion my account is 2 years old but when i create a new char i have no returning user icon? why is that? pls help/ RETURNING player that mean u have no RELOG ingame on that account for more then 30 days... if u log in aion 1 time in this 30 days u lose the returning status !!


more for world comp

10, 3 of which have mastery now, the hero points to get to the elite spec were not hard, not sure why people needed the elite specs to come down. I spent the better part of a day on some characters running around the original areas/then a little bit in HoT when I decided I didn't want to grind out ~70-80 more for world comp. Getting 400 would have been easy. So, what Colin just told me is to not bother with Fractals until, at the earliest, 2016. Um, ok. Speaking as someone that has played many hours in fractals (I've lost track of how much time I've spent playing them), I think the dungeon is in the best state it has ever been in. That isn't an exaggeration. It's actually fairly rewarding now. It's fun Cheap GW2 Gold . It gets rather brutal when you get deep into it but that's kind of the point.

The balance needs fine tuning of course but that will come in time. If fractals interest you at all, they're easier to get into now than they've ever been. And the rewards are better too. And that legendary fractal backpack!  Will the legendary light armor set require gossamer to build? I hope so... I have some GW2 Gold .... 16 or so thousand sitting in my guild bank I bought with the price so low. o_o  I find the story a bit overboard in fact i stopped doing it. The grenade part was pain ,really trying to lob a grenade on someone on the run. Meanwhile he this Champ has a umbilical cord to keep him alive. Then the NPC's just stop helping you and wanna hit vines instead. End of story for me.

 "near" no ideas, but definitively yes in the future.I really like the feeling of playing a unique profession, and having so many choices . Same, that what makes HoT so good in my opinion, more diversity. They've already said that the new mastery and elite specialization systems are intended to be the framework for how they'll be expanding character progression in the future. So while there is no ETA on new elite specializations or masteries, it's really just a matter of when and not if. smile emoticon

Of course, plans could change based on extensive feedback and other factors but that's my understanding of their current long term plans.