Blade & Soul greatful legendary weapon

p2w is when u can get items only through cash shop,i am sure u can see such items,right?Dont tell me spend gold,couse ppl buy with real cash,couse its the same. That's not Pay2Win, Pay2Win is literally a system that the more Real World Currency you spend the more advantage you have over those who do not, which in the case of this game paying more money into it will not give you any clear cut advantage over others. The definition's interpretation does not change the definition itself. Lol it does, the more u pay the bigger chance of getting best gems is, Blade and Soul Buy Gold u also get tons of upgrade materials that u would have to farm otherwise. I have seen people with 480 AP and one day after event started they were over 600! So tell me more about it not being p2w.

And i'll go back to the point where it doesn't help you in Arena or get you a spot in dungeons any faster, thus where is the advantage? If we are going off anecdotal scenario's I know people who have also sunk a few hundred into the game and not seen but maybe 1 gem from the trove. So again it's not Pay2Win as you gain nothing more than personal satisfaction from having nicer things.

What you guys winning? its just a game lol stop treating it like life. Company needs to make money to keep game running, they keep a lot of stuff to a minimum where the player who buys key don't have too much advantage over others, farming blackwyrn can get u really good gems and crafting /cheap Blade & Soul Gold knowing the market right can make you more rich than players spending thousands of dollar on keys, doing daily + making more alts and grinding can get u the things u need too. People always have something to cry about .. life is not perfect get over it lol every game has something that is paid or they won't beable to keep running for those of you who don't pay for shiit to support the company(outfit). Not that im stating a fact that u have to, just saying if you don't support the people who created the game for u maybe u shouldnt cry about pay to win.

Be greatful legendary weapon is not out on the shop for instant purchase thats when you can cry lol. End of statement anyone else that reply to this with something toxic is retarded.Progressing isn't the same as Winning. Pay2Shortcut is far different than Pay2Win.


Blade and Soul pvp/pve

It's a nice one along with travelers outfit. I've seen worst. Though I would love pants...But well, actually I guess it is considering now a days people like to just wear scraps of clothing covering just tits and body openings but what ever.  You can even check in wardrobe to see if it suits your character Blade and Soul Gold (even non premium members) Oh, I didn't know that. I never pay attention to it a lot because it will make me throw money to buy these *nice* outfits. lol bring different server's like oceanic for people in Australia and take out the hackers/bots and all the spammers.

Is the outfit out already? I never when these type of contest so I was just going to use ncoin to get from shop. Lol if those bamboo outfits are part of the rewards then its not worth it...they are ugly as hell. 3 weeks no cant play cuz of that skill delay bravo blade and soul keep the hard work up. Well in was just dissapointed to see that they had picked that outfit there are some real nice designs made for EU,NA and Japan whom i had rather seen as part of the rewards, buy Blade and Soul Gold No one is begging you to join the free giveaway. Keep in mind this is a fellow player's own design, I do encourage you to try and do better.

Ncsoft please sell this game to webzen they are better management then u and they have good server. pls do something to that bots in game just go looking on map and ban them i think its not to difficult to you? That's just you that is making the game boring. Go play something else that isn't boring to you lmao  but what makes the game so boring to you tho? story? grind? pvp/pve to pvp? i dont see whats so boring about it .


Blade & Soul update

 Which is why no one ever buys from it. Bots sell for 10% of the price players do, so why would players ever use it?  You guys Are idiotes ofcurs the five US lot pacht so fast we are going to join esport in Korea so we need same class and skill to learn to fight at there lv so if you don't like it play som think els so yah. More update faster plz. I understand u, bro. But even with that in my mind i really hate rush (also i dont have enough time)... So ppl like me shouldn't sleep, because we need farm a lot of gold?

Enjoyed this game quite a bit. But with no oceanic servers i had to quit. Who cares if they streamline content?! Better than maxing and quitting it's on the table for you cheap Blade & Soul Gold when you get there. I can't get mats because I can't do enough dmg!!..... I can't do dmg because because I don't have enough mats ( for upgrade)!! lol BNS logic. some people complaining why it's so fast, It's because they are using the same game files, they only translating it in english.

how can i cant enter correct pin and also they gave me wrong birth of date cant play my character again how sad where i cant get some support cant email the game support. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Funny that they keep pumping out content but they refuse to fix the absurd progression system. The economy has been completely fucked do to all the bots and gold sellers. This game would have nearly the problems that it does if they only would have made the game a sub model. This would removed all the massive grinding and gold walls in the progression system. Would have helped a great deal with the gold sellers and bots. Would have likely made the community be a bit less awful. And would have just made the whole game better for everyone.

I hope pvp is worked on. I would love to see factions worked on a lot more.  Fix serwer lag and bots+cheaters, another patch will not save game before ppl leave for good!  2.1. more bots and more difficult dungeons for newest players, perfect! I'm waiting for version 3.0, would like change the appearance of dragoncall magic.


FF11 you could have powerful alts

Lol um you do realize Stevow Johnson that I didn't start this. There are others actually in agreement with me. It's called freedom of speech. Well no grind in any game is perfect. But I can proudly say in 11 I felt accomplished when I got a new piece of gear. Making salvage gear and Cheap FFXIV Gil obtaining my Bloody Cuisses and obtaining my rdm hat from Dynamis & my th4 hands where my best accomplishments.

This game, while fun, does not hold a candle to FFXI. It feels like the open world is a weird lobby (still no fc or group open world content) and yeah not digging the whole vertical content. A mix of horizontal and vertical would be ideal...like 1.23. Everything is so pointless now that I'm not raiding.

Alex is garbage compared to coil.Why bother grinding gear or relic for so many many hours when it will just be made 10x easier to obtain 3 months down the road.The way they release the story.I barely remember what's going on because there's such a massive lapse in between story being released.Game was great at launch with flaws and just turned into casual garbage. The only way to play this game is casual, anything else is pointless.

On top of the stupid caps and pointless gear grind... I can't even decently gear my alts with this crappy progression system that supposedly encourages multiple jobs.Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil Your alts are always gimped.In FF11 you could have powerful alts... Because your gear wasn't completely worthless after three months. Some gear was used for years!Even back in world of Warcraft my gear lasted longer. Legendary weapons lasted longer.

You have no idea what mmos are about the gear grind is the funnest part of them it would be boring if i could do new xpan end game by just using gear from old content this from a vanilla wow player. And no legendary weapons in wow lasted till the next expansion then you traded off for green items. Jeff Johnson actually I love the grind in mmo, but not 14s compared to 11 you have no idea what a good mmo was. Go back to your carebear mode mmo life.